The history of the creation of the statue of Jesus Christ in Vung Tau and interesting facts

In the small resort town of Vung Tau, eighty kilometers from Ho Chi Minh, in addition to the sea, there are other attractions that are definitely worth seeing. One of them is a huge statue of Jesus Christ.


Giant god

The monument is an analogue of the sculpture of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and only slightly inferior in size. The height of the famous Vietnamese construction is 32, Brazilian – 38 meters.

A huge memorial is located on a hill 170 meters above sea level. The monument of Jesus towers over the coast with open arms, as if it is sheltering the city from troubles and hardships. Swing raised hands – 18 meters. To climb to the foot of the statue, you need to overcome almost 900 steps. Inside the figure itself there are steps. In total there are 133. Having passed the hard way, you can actually visit the shoulder of Jesus Christ, where there are small viewing platforms in the form of balconies on both sides of the arms. Before the view opens the panorama of the South China Sea and its coast.

Despite the fact that the size of the Vietnamese statue of Christ is not the most huge in the world, its scale will impress everyone. The 32-meter structure of the Savior stands on the basis of a height of 4 meters. In general, the size of the monument can be compared with a house of 12 floors. So that too courageous guests would not dare to take a silly risk – to climb into the hands of the monument, Jesus’ forearms were equipped with sharp spikes. The view of the Catholic giant Christ is directed to the small Buddhist House of the Virgin. The island with the temple can be reached at low tide, which occurs periodically throughout the year. But not everyone can catch this time.

Hall Museum inside the monument

Upon entering the statue, guests will see a small museum, whose walls are decorated with paintings, icons, sculptures. And then – a steep staircase leading to the top of the structure. A narrow staircase does not allow two visitors to pass at once. Therefore, reaching the top and bottom to miss each other, must miss each other. At the very top, on both sides of the shoulders, there are viewing platforms. Depending on the size of the guests, no more than six people can fit on one balcony.

Staircase to the statue
Staircase to the statue

What objects are found on the way to the famous sculpture?

The path to the statue of Jesus Christ begins with a gate, on both sides of which there are stones. Crossing the fence, you immediately get to the stairs.

Before the entrance works a photographer who immediately prints the pictures.

The staircase with 811 steps is interrupted several times by observation platforms and a colorful public garden. On the way to the giant sculpture travelers will see:

  • gift shop. Everyone will have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs for themselves and friends;
  • Cafe. In a cozy place they offer a snack and admire the sculptures of biblical characters;
  • cage with monkeys. Small animals will help not to dwell on fatigue and a little cheer travelers;
  • benches for rest. A lot of them. For everyone who wants to, there is a place to sit;

Mother of God

In Vietnam, benches are set in parks on donations offered by foreigners and local citizens. On such benches indicate the names of the donors, thereby perpetuating them.
  • playing angels. Many small messengers of God are engraved in sculptures;
  • 12 apostles, located on the territory, decorated with greenery and flowers;
  • Jesus meeting with a Samaritan woman at a well, where God tells the girl about the living water;
  • Sermon on the Mount of Christ;
  • paintings of the Savior;
12 apostles
12 Apostles
They say if you touch the footsteps of Jesus and make a wish, it will come true.
  • Virgin Mary, holding her son, taken from the cross;
  • a huge number of beautiful flowers with a wonderful aroma. And this means that the path is covered and you have come to the foot of the statue of the Savior.
Virgin Mary holding Christ taken from the cross
Virgin Mary holding Christ removed from the cross

In addition to the presented characters, during the ascent of the stairs, there are other biblical heroes. Behind the sculpture is a small garden, in the center of which, near the water, Mary holds little Jesus.

Who installed the statue of Christ the Savior?

Undoubtedly, the construction of the sculpture of Jesus creators inspired by the famous monument of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. But at the same time the Vietnamese used white marble, mined in the area, as well as national ornaments.

Today a huge monument is under threat. Not far from the foot of the monument, locals mine natural resources (stone, sand), thereby reducing the mountain slope. With a strong typhoon, the huge figure of the Savior can fall into the sea.

In the 70s, the Americans began to create a giant monument, but they abandoned construction when they left Vietnamese territory. In 1974, the Vietnamese Catholic Association began to build a giant figure. The works were completed only in 1993.

Statue of jesus christ
Virgin Mary holding Christ taken from the cross on the background of the statue
The main custodians of the statue and the adjacent observation deck are members of the Christian community.

Where is the famous monument?

The location of the majestic stone figure of Jesus Christ was Mount Nui-Ne, which is located on the southern side of Vung Tau.

How to get there?

  1. If you are located in the southern part of the Rear Beach, you can walk to the sculpture of Christ the Savior. The road will take no more than 15 minutes.
  2. You can order a taxi. The fare is paid by the meter.
  3. Rent a bike and leave it for a paid parking.
  4. Book a tour.

Visit Schedule

Entrance to the main attractions of Vung Tau is free.

The gates of the park are open from 6-30. But it is allowed to enter inside the monument in the morning from 7-30 to 11-30 and after lunch from 13-30 to 16-30. You can stay on the premises until 17-00. On Friday, a visit is possible until 16-00. No weekend.

Rise to the statue of Christ the giant is better in the morning. Otherwise, the entire staircase, with the exception of areas for recreation, you will go under the scorching sun.

It is also forbidden to climb in bad weather conditions (rain, strong wind).

Culture of behavior and appearance of visitors

When visiting holy places there are a number of rules that should be followed. Guests of the sculpture of Jesus Christ need to know that the following are prohibited on the territory of the monument:

  • walk in short skirts and pants, as well as with bare shoulders;
  • to smoke;
  • litter;
  • visit a place in a drunken state or drug intoxication;
  • come with animals;
  • To talk loudly;
  • bring weapons;
  • run.

Before entering the structure, you must remove your shoes. You can walk in your socks. Bags and bags are left at the entrance.

Tourists, who had the opportunity to see the sculpture of Jesus Christ and visit the giant Savior’s shoulder, will remember this trip for a long time. To travel left only pleasant memories, it is worth viewing the recommendations of people who have visited there.

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