Vung Tau Restaurants: Top 10 Places to Discover Vietnamese Cuisine

Before choosing where to eat well and tasty, let’s decide on the average prices and understand what is considered expensive and what is almost for nothing. Dinner for one person on average in the restaurant Vungtau will cost seven dollars, if you do not allow yourself anything supernatural. Dinner for two with beer and stronger alcohol – a little less than thirty dollars. For comparison, the Big Mac set at McDonald’s costs $ 2.7.


Blue Corner Restaurant Cafe Shop

The restaurant is located at the hotel near the sea, the place is clean and well maintained, there is a gazebo, you can also stay in it.

Blue Corner Restaurant Cafe Shop is easy to call a pretty good sport bar. Products use fresh, the staff is pleasant. It is worth noting that the portions are huge, and you can make a big mistake by ordering a lot of dishes. You just can not eat them at once.

Fish and seafood you can bring it with you, and cook it right there. In addition to fish dishes, it serves scrambled eggs for breakfast, roasts and desserts.


“Matilda” – a bar-restaurant with an atmosphere vietnam war, located near the beach.

Phrases of veterans with transcripts on the walls, the interior is decorated in the spirit of those times – this is a very unusual place. In the institution there are many Vietnamese, and on the screens broadcast sports events. Service is fast. It is good to drop in here to drink a beer and watch a sporting event, it is really cheap and good. Beer is always available and bottled and bottled.


To eat, it is better to choose one of the neighboring restaurants. In Matildas, the food is expensive, simple and can be slightly stale.

Ganh hao

If you truly love Asian cuisine, the restaurant “Ganh Hao” will be satisfied. The dishes are really tasty, especially seafood. All kinds of fish, sea snakes in their own juice, boiled crabs with gravy and shark soup. And this is not even half the menu. But prices bite, it is quite an expensive place and by local standards, and by Russian.

Of the minuses, we note the dirt, even the rats were noticed, the waiters poorly understand English and sometimes bring the wrong dish you ordered.

The restaurant has a beautiful interior with a waterfall inside the institution, the room itself is elongated with a beautiful view of the rocky coast of the bay.

Taj Grill Indian Restaurant

For those who are tired of Vietnamese cuisine, the restaurant “Taj Grill Indian Restaurant” was created.

Indian cuisine, very sparing in terms of spices, all the staff are English-speaking Indians, the entire menu is duplicated on the walls with pictures and inscriptions in English. Something supernatural from the dishes should not be expected, they are good and prepared from high-quality fresh ingredients.

Taj Grill Indian Restaurant

The interior of the institution has not been updated for a long time, and fresh repair would not prevent it, it is located sufficiently far from the center of Vung Tau.

Van Chai Seafood Restaurant

The family-owned restaurant “Van Chai Seafood” is located opposite the Malibu Hotel. This is not a cozy quiet place, but rather a lively institution. In the evening there are no places, because dinner, many hotel guests. But the day is almost empty.

The portions are small, the cost is average. In addition to seafood, they serve good meat dishes. It is worth noting fried beef with blanched vegetables and fried noodles with seafood, they are unmatched here.

The menu is translated into English, there are no problems with orders, all the waiters also understand English. Cook quickly, food quality is good.

Van Chai Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Restaurant

This is one of the favorite institutions of the local population, restaurant-market.

The principle of the market is that all seafood is laid out, you can touch it, smell it, take a picture with them and give it to the cook – let it cook. Himself at this time to take drinks and sit down at a table. As soon as the dishes are prepared, they are brought.

The place is absolutely not focused on Europeans, it is very difficult to explain with the waiters and chefs, but if it works out, they will prepare exactly what you want. There are a lot of locals, they are littering, they put the bottles under the table, they put dirty dishes in the same place. The local flavor.

The main advantages are extremely low prices and delicious fresh seafood, cooked with selected specimens for you.

Lam Duong Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant on the beach with two rooms. One overlooking the sea with fishing boats and the other in an air-conditioned room if you want to cool.

The menu is rich, about eighty percent of seafood, prices are reasonable. The menu is in English, the staff is friendly and responsive, but the language is poorly understood.

Lam Duong Seafood Restaurant

You can also order vegetarian dishes, they are not on the menu, but the chefs will gladly meet you and cook deliciously.

Thanh phat

Restaurant “Tan Fat” is a twenty minute drive from Vung Tau, in a small fishing village by the sea.

The place is truly atmospheric, right next to the entrance of visitors meet aquariums with fish, crabs, clams and sea snakes.

Prices are democratic, lower than in similar institutions in the city center. Also in the restaurant is convenient to buy fresh seafood from the aquarium and cook them at home.

Thanh phat

Fresh catch is brought at seven in the evening or a little earlier, if the weather is good. It was at this time that the locals visit “Thanh Phat” to feast on fresh fish in deep fat, lobsters and shrimps in garlic sauce. In order not to crowd, you need to visit this place at another time, but seafood will not be so fresh.

Song Rach Hao Seafood Restaurant

Simple, clean and comfortable place in the center of Vung Tau.

The menu is simple, the food is of sufficient quality, mostly seafood and additives to them, there are dishes for vegetarians.

Vietnamese food

Also here you can drink beer. Prices are quite high, when compared with neighboring establishments, but not exorbitant. The terrace offers a beautiful view of the coastal strip and the bay of the South China Sea.

Salsa Mexicana Restaurant

Restaurant Mexican cuisine. The cook tries very hard to convey its nuances, but it still turns out with a Vietnamese touch. It turns out in a peculiar way.

The prices are high, especially for alcohol, but it is worth visiting the establishment at least because of the atmosphere, freshly prepared drinks and very good service.

In the city of Vung Tau there are still many good places, we talked about the ten most deserving attention. Some stand out for their local unique flavor and low prices, like Seafood Restaurant, others understand English well and have a European menu (Van Chai Seafood Restaurant), while others indulge in Indian or Mexican cuisine (Taj Grill Indian Restaurant and Salsa Mexicana Restaurant). One thing unites them – everyone finds his client, who will like it here. But, of course, seafood – they are in every restaurant and cafe, in every shop, and the Vietnamese are able and love to cook them.

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