Beaches Vung Tau: how to choose the beach to your taste and preferences?

Vietnam attracts tourists not only with its special color and exotic, but also with its clean wild beaches. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, somewhere there is good sand, somewhere smaller than the local population, and somewhere it attracts the proximity of hotels and the opportunity to ride kites. Let’s take a closer look at the main Vietnamese beaches.


Beaches “Long High”

Not too far from the resort town of Vung Tau are the beaches of Long Hai. Ride on your own transport for about fifty minutes in good weather. Vung Tau is an industrial city, but not so much so that its pollution reaches the leisure areas and the Long Hai beach. Therefore, the locals also love to relax here, and for good reason. The coast is well maintained, it is clear that the garbage is collected and valued by tourists and their income.

In this place you can not only sunbathe and swim in the clear water, but also enjoy the atmosphere of the former colony of France, seeing the local sights. On the same territory there is a pier where fishermen unload their catch, mainly crabs, fish and others. local seafood. Tired of the sun, you can look into the cherry orchards and enjoy the scent of flowering trees.

If you choose the time of year to visit the beaches of “Long Hai”, then this is October and November, it is then that the good weather is combined with the ideal water temperature. Consider this when planning a vacation.

Silky Beach

Silky Beach (Bai Zou, or Black Beach) is one of the smallest, undeveloped and inaccessible beaches of Vung Tau.

This has its pros and cons. Of the minuses: to get far, Silky Beach is located at the foot of the Big Mountain, on the shores of the bay. To the coast, public transport does not go, the road is narrow, and to get here, considerable efforts are required.

But if you want to take a break from people and enjoy a wild, clean, calm and very atmospheric place, it’s worth it.

Silky Beach

Bai Sao Beach (Back Beach Vung Tau)

Bai Sao – the longest (eight kilometers) and the most famous beach of Vung Tau. It is also called Rear (Back Beach), Bai Sao is translated as Vietnamese. He is also called Thuy Van.

Bai Sao is known for its snow-white, sand crunching under the feet and turquoise pure water. People like to come here families, the slope is gentle, to get to the depth, you need to swim a hundred meters, you can not be afraid of children.

The southern part of the territory is not so popular because of the relatively large and not so white sand, but there are much fewer people there. In the southern part there is only one cafe and few sun loungers, but the views are more colorful. The only drawback is that they clean up here less often and you can see trash and waste, which is not on the north side.

Beaches Vung Tau: how to choose the beach to your taste and preferences?

The northern part of the cultivated, many cafes, water rides, kayaks, jet skis and boards for surfing for rent. Midday heat can be sat out in a cafe or under the shade of an umbrella taken, which they rent for quite reasonable prices. Gazebos and hammocks are also provided for tourists and travelers. Vendors offer seafood snacks and other Vietnamese goodies. At prices Bai Sao – not the cheapest place Vung Tau, because is close enough to the city, and it is important to consider.

In order not to get into windy weather with rain, it is better to come to rest on the coast of Bai Sao from the beginning of October to mid-April. Dry and warm weather will be provided almost one hundred percent.

Bai Choyk Beach

The front beach (Bai Choyk, or Thuy Duong) is very close to the city center. Among the features of this place is worth noting a huge amount of vegetation and coconut palms. Tired of the constant sun and wanting to hide in the shade and coolness, there is simply no way to find a better place, the shadow is almost always there.

The sunsets and views of the sea from the Bai Chyok coast are magnificent, and it is worth taking a camera to capture the play of light and reflected in the water of the Great Mountain and Little Mountain, in the bay between which there is this wonderful place.

Visiting Bai Chyok in the early morning, you can watch the work of local fishermen who prepare gear and go for the day’s catch. Not far from the coast there are shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as the Bai Choyok beach park.

Bai Choik

Ho Kok Beach, Vietnam

One of the most secluded places on the coast of the South China Sea is Ho Ho Kok Beach in the province of Vung Tau, in South Vietnam.

On the territory there are areas of white and slightly golden sand, the length of the coast is one and a half kilometers, the water is not blue, but closer to the gently turquoise. The sea is clean, quiet and friendly, the slope is moderately gentle, and then the sea is deep.

If you dreamed of being a little Vietnamese fisherman and catching fish and oysters, then it is here that you can fulfill this dream by renting a boat and tackle.

Ho kok

On the beach of Ho Kok, you will not be distracted from the enjoyment of nature by numerous merchants and noisy cafes, as well as crowds of tourists, which are much more on other beaches.

Ho Kok is located near the small town of Long Hai, a little further twenty kilometers to the northeast.

Also the advantage of this beach is that right on the wide sandy line you can put up a tent and enjoy a wild holiday, not thinking about returning to the hotel in the evening.

Pineapple Beach

Pineapple Beach (Bai Dua) ​​is also called the Middle Beach, because it is located between the Front (Bai Choyok) and Back (Bai Sao) beaches.

Bai Dua is divided into the South and North sides, the North side is abandoned, the South has a well-developed infrastructure.

Pineapple Beach

The water is clean and well suited for swimming, many vacationers call this small beach their favorite place.

Just fifty meters from the sea, there is a public transport stop, which makes its location very pleasant and convenient for everyday visits.

The beaches of Vung Tau are varied, and you can get exactly the impressions that are planned, by choosing the right place to rest. If you want complete unity with nature and less contact with people, choose the beach “Ho Kok” and the Silky Beach, you want local color in the form of cafes, attractions and merchants – you can go to the beaches “Bai Sao” (Back Beach Vung Tau) and “Long Hai” , and you can take a break from the sun after swimming on the Bai Chok beach. But Vungtau is not the only coastline that is beautiful, pay attention to local sights, nature and local flavor, and then your rest will be truly complete.

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