Thermal springs of Binh Chau near Vung Tau: mud treatment and crocodile farm

Binh Chau in the south of Vietnam (the place where the water is smoked, crocodiles live and you can see a lot of giant eggs) – a health complex with mud baths and hot mineral springs, not empty even in January.


There is an unmistakable sign of a good place to stay in any country, you just need to take a closer look: do the natives relax at this resort? In Bin Chau you can always meet Vietnamese holidaymakers!

How to get there?

If you are not traveling with a tour group, then you can get to the complex on your own by driving from Saigon to Vung Tau. From here, buses go here, it’s only 55 km, it takes about an hour. Another way to get from both Vung Tau and Phan Thiet (it is located a little further from Binh Chau, 70 km) is to take a taxi (cost – as agreed, from 50 to $ 100 per car).

What is a resort?

Gray basalt rocks and stormy tropical flora, swimming pools, sports and playgrounds, restaurants. In Bin Chau there is where to spend time.

It is better to select the whole day for the “development” of Binh Chau – there are several hotels of different price categories, and low-cost rooms look decent and comfortable. You can live, to choose from, in a building with rooms or in a separate house.

Attention! The entrance to the complex is fairly inexpensive – $ 2.

There are three pools with mineral water and different temperatures – starting from +37 degrees. The hottest spring of Binh Chau is 82 degrees.

Thermal pool

If you don’t want to swim, you can sit by the special shallow pools and warm only your feet (however, these are also excellent frogs for the little ones, who happily splash around in them).

Under the massage treatments, a beautiful white building with a pink tile roof is highlighted. Massage is performed both indoors and outdoors. Sun beds are inside linen “tents” that protect from the sun.

Massage building

The mud procedure is interesting: you do everything yourself, choosing one of the special huts covered with branches. You can relax and heal in perfect privacy, you can – with your family or company, no one will interfere.

You are given a bag of dirt and a bottle of aromatic oil. In the hut you will find a bath (fill it with water yourself) and a bucket for mixing the substances released. Every house has a clock – to mark the time of procedures.

Mud bath

But the riches of the park are not limited to pools and mud. It is nice to just walk here – very beautiful, calm and unusual. Exotic vegetation of unimaginable forms, an abundance of gazebos for recreation, many sculptures in the most unexpected places: you look – a shaven-headed Vietnamese guy sits under a tree with a blissful physiognomy, come closer – and he is wooden!

It is ideal to come here with children – they will be interested not only in the amusement rides. The kids are entranced by a charming plot with giant sculptures of eggs – the children willingly climb into them and on them. What is curious, next to the huge nests – sculptures of chickens in full size.

Egg shaped sculptures

Well, the Vietnamese have a special attitude towards the eggs – according to a famous legend, they came from them – that is, from the clutch removed by the mountain fairy from the sea dragon Lac Long Quan. Perhaps they are embodied in the design of the sculptor.

On the “egg” ground there is a shop where you can buy a basket of eggs and cook them, letting them down on a rope in the hottest source of Binh Chau. And then eat – at least in nature, at least in the hotel!

Next – entertainment for children who do not like active games: clay figurines for painting with colors. Children love the park, where the Chinese zodiac animals Sheng Xiao “live” – ​​the sculpture of the “owner” of the year is always located in the center.

Who should visit the resort?

Binh Chau mineral springs will give relief to people suffering from:

  • poor performance of the cardiovascular system;
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system, musculoskeletal diseases;
  • breathing problems;
  • chronic disorders of the digestive system;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • diseases and disorders of the nervous system;
  • skin diseases;
  • intoxication of the organism of different origin.

Thermal Spa Park

It is better to linger, staying in one of the local hotels, and to undergo a course (this is from 7 to 10 procedures) – then the effect will be much more noticeable.

IMPORTANT! If you have chronic or infectious, viral, inflammatory diseases in the acute stage, oncology and acute heart failure are diagnosed, it is strongly not recommended to swim in hot springs in order to avoid a sharp deterioration of the condition.

What is the use? Indications for treatment in Binh Chau

In addition to these painful conditions, an indication for visiting Bin Chau can be a general decrease in vitality, chronic fatigue syndrome.

If you managed to escape to Bin Chau just for a day, do not worry: you can still feel the feeling of renewal of the body and a surge of vitality. Already some thermal baths raise the tone, and smearing with therapeutic mud with mineral elements gives a very invigorating effect.

Mud should be allowed to dry on the skin, and these 20 minutes are a source of positive emotions, which also perfectly affects the body. Any man turns into Othello, the lady turns into a beautiful native woman from adventure novels, and the company turns into “four little black plague imps”. Traditionally made photo shoot in this form. Ten minutes of healthy laughter prolong life!

The dried mud needs to be washed off in the mineral bath, and then go for a massage so that the body warms up further and the skin is soaked with essential oils (after that you will feel as if you have discarded the old skin and put on a completely new skin). Then experts advise to go to the beach and swim in the sea. But if you relax too much during the procedures and there is no desire or strength for sea bathing, it is better to refrain.

IMPORTANT! Know the measure – do not stay up in the hot mineral waters longer than 15 minutes, and in the mud bath – 45 minutes, it is harmful. In order not to spoil your pleasure, try not to get burnt in the sun before visiting Bin Chau, so that the water does not bring painful sensations. Take towels, preferably darker (they are not given out here) – and do not wear light bathing accessories, the healing mud will remain on them forever.

Crocodile farm in Binh Chau

It is simply impossible to visit Binh Chau and not to visit the “Lake of a hundred crocodiles”. It would seem that there to watch – who has not seen a crocodile at least on TV? Handsome reptile can not be called. And, nevertheless – go: you just did not see so many crocodiles at once! Those who wish are even allowed to feed them from a fishing pole, standing on the bridges.

Crocodiles meditate by spreading their paws and opening their mouths – the smile turns out to be that. And if food falls from above, acrobatics begin. They climb over each other and try so hard to grab at least something that often turns out to be the nose of a colleague who managed to grab a piece a moment earlier. There are some lazy disassembly – there is enough food for everyone. The one who is smaller, simply retires, dragging a weighty tail melancholically, and the “winner” grins menacingly after. = SuCqOR_FqbA

But this is not a zoo at all, but a completely commercial enterprise. Here, not crocodiles eat people – on the contrary: in a restaurant you can try dishes from reptile meat. If visiting the farm in your plans – save money: you can buy a unique crocodile souvenir, they are sold in the shops on the farm. And be sure to read the rules for visiting the “Lake of a hundred crocodiles” on the fence!

Crocodile Farm Visit Rules

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