Paragon Beach in Nha Trang – the perfect place to relax with children

Planning a family vacation with young children in Nha Trang and choosing a beach holiday? The choice is obvious – this is the beach “Paragon”. Its main advantages are the sea, where waves and storms never happen, as well as soft and fine sand.

What is the beach “Paragon”?

Private beach Paragon in Nha Trang
Private beach Paragon – no waves in complete safety

This beach belongs to the three-star hotel of the same name, located in the southern part of the city (the territory of the elite village of An Vien, built up with expensive housing, approximately 6 km from the center of “Nyachang). Almost next door is the longest cable car in the world (3.3 thousand meters long) leading to the island of fantastically interesting entertainment. Winperl. So, having a swim in the sea, you can then visit the park of exciting games. Since the beach is specially designed for hotel guests, entrance and sun beds are free for them. The rest will have to pay $ 1 for entry and $ 3 for a luxury class lounger – with incredibly soft, comfortable mattresses. However, you can get by with your beach mat, especially since during the active season there may not be enough sun loungers for everyone. Beach “Paragon” is a safe and comfortable place for families with children. Its “advantages”:

  • calm
  • shallow entrance to the sea
  • smooth, without stones, bottom
  • lack of waves and dangerous currents
  • water is warm and clear

The beach is located in the bay, surrounded by an artificial mound of stones, and breakwaters, which protect against storms, so the impression is swimming in the pool. But the pool loses, because on the beach “Paragon” there is real sea water and pleasant warm coastal sand. Although this surprisingly soft sand is not natural, but imported. The beach is perfectly clean, as the hotel staff takes care of this with amazing thoroughness.

How to get there

Since the beach is located in the center of the village of An Vien, it is convenient to get to it from any part of Nha Trang. It can be done:

  1. By public transport (in the direction of the beach there is a comfortable bus number 4 (bus routes), runs from 5.30 to 18.30, periodicity – every 20 minutes, the cost of 7 thousand dong);
  2. By taxi (cost about $ 5, or 80-100 thousand dong);
  3. On the bike, which can to rent at a price of 100 thousand dong per day.

Getting on public transport, you need to get off at the final stop. Entrance to the village of An Vien – free. The beach is approximately 800m from the entrance.

Food, accommodation, entertainment

View of the beach from the hill
This beach is not very popular and sometimes it is deserted here

It’s better to take some food and some water with you; you can also eat in the hotel restaurant or in a cafe 5 minutes walk from the beach. The sphere of catering establishments on the territory of the village is not very developed, as well as other infrastructure. Since the beach is small, there is no special entertainment here. But lovers of water bikes will not get bored. The vast territory of the embankment is surrounded by luxury apartments and luxury villas, which are mainly rented for different periods. In the village there are several hotels. In addition, the beach belongs to, there is also a hotel Verano located nearby, and Praywish is 5 minutes away. Evening time at the “Paragon” beach can be devoted to a romantic walk, enjoying the beauty of the sea and coconut palms.

Paragon Beach is located 10 km from the center of Nha Trang
Paragon Beach is located 10 km from the center of Nha Trang

Potential tourist note

If you are going to Vietnam, then we think that you will be interested to know:

  • Swimming season in Nha Trang – from February to August (it may be raining the rest of the time)
  • Nha Trang – among the 30 most beautiful bays on the planet
  • Vietnam is one of the safest countries in the world.

There are also some generally accepted tips that will allow you to rest well and avoid unnecessary hassle and worries associated with visiting hot countries:

  • Go to the beach in the morning to 12, and after 16 hours – this will reduce the risk of sunburn and excess UV rays (which is not very useful for the skin);
  • Bring sunscreen with you. It is better to start using the maximum protection in the first days – let your skin get used to the sun rays;
  • Protect your eyes with sunglasses;
  • Bring a towel with you or buy a new one – do not rent a towel;
  • Avoid lying on the sand and walking through the grass on the beach. Sandy midges bite very painfully, and a rash may appear from their bites.

That’s all, we hope that your vacation will take place at the highest level and you will be happy to remember visiting Vietnam.

Наш отзыв

  • Расположение
  • Стоимость (1 - очень дорого, 10 - бесплатно)
  • Отсутствие людей (1 - не протолкнуться, 10 - пусто)
  • Инфраструктура рядом
  • Наличие волн (1 - огромные, 10 - без волн)

Отличный пляж для спокойного отдыха с детьми. Из-за искусственного ограждения здесь не бывает волн, вода теплее, чем в самом море и сюда вряд ли заплывут какие-нибудь морские гады, если они вдруг окажутся поблизости.

Также, большим плюсом является то, что пляж находится недалеко от центра Нячанга, добраться сюда не составит труда.

Минус заключается в том, что тут плохо развита инфраструктура и иногда бывает довольно тесно.

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