Water Puppet Theater in Nha Trang: the Domestication of the Vietnamese Pinocchio

Water Puppet Theater in Nyachang is a place that can hardly be called popular. But if you come to relax with children or are interested in the history and folklore of Vietnam, then you will definitely be interested. If you are just in search of idle entertainment, then, most likely, the “wow effect” will not be achieved. Full hall is rarely assembled here.

Where to Find a Puppet Theater on the Water

The water puppet theater in Nha Trang is very easy to find. It is located near the “Lotus”, immediately on the first line, that is, in the heart of the tourist quarter.

Interesting and Wet

The Water Puppet Theater (Nha Trang) is a wet affair, but not for visitors, but for actors — that is, dolls and those who “lead” them. As a rule, 11 people who were trained to “liven up” dolls for three years correctly, stand behind a bamboo screen and cannot be seen. So, being up to the waist in the water, they control their puppets.

Wooden Puppets

The main action takes place in the pool, where all kinds of characters – people, animals (foxes, ducks, etc.) and mythical creatures (Phoenix bird, dragons) play their roles. The representation of wooden puppets is like a fairy tale about Buratino, but with a special Vietnamese flavor. Dolls are mounted on long bamboo poles, which are controlled with ropes. In the dark, it looks impressive – as if the figures actually walk on water.

As a rule, 15-20 scenes with various finished plots are included in the performances. All of them are associated with Vietnamese legends.

On the water you can see how they plant rice, go fishing, catch foxes, train ducks. The moment when dragons come into action looks spectacular – they swim in the water, engage in battles among themselves, and the fireworks burst from their mouths. Children are usually delighted with such turns in the plot!

Performance in the theater

What Is Worth Considering

There are not many Russian tourists here, but the show is popular with the Chinese, who literally rejoice like children at every new turn of the plot during the performance.

Tickets will cost 170,000 VND for an adult and 110,000 VND for children. Places in them are not indicated, so you should take care and come early to take the most comfortable. But you need to take into account one thing – in the first row you can easily get wet.

Little pleasantness that awaits before the start – you will be given booklets in Russian with a description of the production. The translator at the performance itself, of course, is not needed, since the action takes place without words. But the brochure still helps to understand what a theater on the water in Nha Trang is and what awaits you at the show.

Pool in the theater

And one more thing: the water puppet theater involves live music, but in Nha Trang it does not exist. The whole performance goes under the recorded music. Therefore, if there is no desire to go after the presentation, not only with positive impressions, but also slightly deafened, it is better not to choose the places that are next to the speakers.

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