6 main cinemas in Nha Trang: Platinum Cineplex, Lotte Cinema, CGV

In gloomy, rainy days in Russia they prefer to sit with the whole family at home watching television. If this weather is on vacation, it is not necessary to give up this habit. There are many places in Nha Trang where you can spend your time watching movies.


Features of Vietnam cinemas

Vietnamese movies are shown with original voice acting and subtitles in Vietnamese. Russian films in large cinemas yet.

Interesting! Vietnamese, like the Chinese, watch foreign films with the original soundtrack, accompanied by subtitles!

Cinema Nha Trang

According to reviews of tourists, it is more pleasant to be in a Vietnamese cinema than in Russian:

  • in large cinemas, polite employees with a smile greeted every spectator and escorted to a place in the hall;
  • Vietnamese often go to the movies, so the majority of viewers are calm and restrained locals;
  • For the convenience, in the first row, for convenience, there are bedside tables on which the viewer can put stretched legs.

Attention! When buying tickets, pay attention to the marks. Sub means that the movie is in the original language (in most cases it is English)!

Session prices are very affordable, about $ 2.5 or 150 rubles.

Cinema Nha Trang

We have marked all the cinemas in Nha Trang on the map:

1. Cinema at Nha Trang Center

Location: look at the map
Official website of the cinema: https://platinumcineplex.vn

“Nha Trang Center”- the most popular shopping and entertainment complex. The secret of popularity – in the location. It is located in the very center of the city, on the first coastline, which means in the very center of tourist life. Across the road is the Central Beach. You can get to the mall on buses number 1, 2, 6.

Platinum Cineplex Grand Cinema is located on the 4th floor of the mall. In the evening there you can watch movies in English. As a bonus, there are often 50% shares for coke and popcorn. And when there is no stock, it is better to buy sliced ​​fruit. Movie categories: from 3D to 5D.

Cinema at Nha Trang Center

2. Cinema in VinCom (Maximark)

Location: look at the map
Official website of the cinema: www.lottecinemavn.com

Vincom – Another major shopping center in Nha Trang. The previous name – “Maximark” – he changed in 2017. Located in the city center next to Cathedral and Pagoda with the White Buddha. You can reach it by bus number 4. Attentive conductors always prompt stop “Maximark”.

Cinema in VinCom (Maximark)

Lotte Cinema Nha Trang is Nha Trang’s largest cinema. Total capacity – more than 700 seats. Equipped with a 4-way audio system, comfortable seats for adults and children, and the most advanced film projection system. All this, together with the luxurious design of the halls, will bring customers the pleasure of watching new movies in English.

Located on the 5th floor of the VinCom shopping center. Opening hours: 09: 00–22: 00.

Interesting! The main slogan of the cinema Lotte Cinema Nha Trang: “Khách hàng luôn là thượng đế” (in the literal translation: “The customer is always god”).

3. Cinema at BigC

Location: look at the map
Official website of the cinema: www.cgv.vn

Bigc“- shopping supermarket, located 10 minutes from the center of Nha Trang. From there you can get to the mall bus number 2, having warned the conductor about stopping at Big C.

Cinema at BigC

After shopping in the hypermarket you can go down to the first floor, to the entertainment zone, where the BigC cinema is located.

4. Cinema at VinCom Plaza

Location: look at the map
Official website of the cinema: www.lottecinemavn.com

VinCom Plaza is located in the same building with the hotel Vinperl Condotel Beachfront 5 *, on the first coastline, near the Central Beach.

In addition to stores of leading brands of clothing, restaurants, entertainment areas, the shopping center has a cinema Lotte cinema. A modern cinema with four halls is located on the 4th floor of the shopping center.

5. Cinema in Gorky Park

Location: look at the map

Gorky Park located in the southern part of the Central beach. You can spend time in the park for free to everyone.

Beach Park is different from others in that there is an open-air cinema. To hide from the rain, it does not fit, but is the only cinema in which you can see Russian films. On the wall of the Crazy Frog bar taut the screen. Sitting on chairs or lying on a lounger, tourists enjoy movie screening to the sound of the sea. Sessions go from 18:00 to 23:00. Usually, they first show a cartoon, then Russian cinema and an American blockbuster.

Gorky Park Cinema

6. Cinema on the island of Vinpearl

Vinpearl – a whole island of entertainment. You can get to the island by sea by boat or by cable car.

Just for the sake of watching the movie on VinPearl nobody goes. Most often there tourists come to spend the whole day. In this case, a visit to the cinema will allow you to relax with pleasure after active entertainment in the heat. Watching a 4D movie with the effects of motion, rain and wind will give tourists the illusion of full presence in the plot.


Spending time in Vietnam cinema stands, if you need to rest comfortably from the heat of the street, wait out the rain or see the long-awaited movie premiere.

Since it makes no sense to go to a Vietnamese film, it remains to watch a movie in English. Plus to the pleasure of the movie will be the opportunity for watching to improve the knowledge of the language of international communication.

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