Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang is the most popular tourist attraction

Long Son pagoda is not only one of the most famous sights of the whole city, but also the main Buddha temple in Nha Trang itself, in Khanh Hoa territory, whose capital is Nha Trang.

Long Shaun Pagoda view from the street
It is impossible to pass the pagoda.

The temple was built in 1886 with the hands of monk Ngo Chi, he gave him the name Dan Long Tu (which means “slow dragon”). In early 1900, this pagoda was destroyed by a merciless hurricane, which left only minor insinuations about its existence. What was left, was transported to the modern location of the temple and restored. The second name of the shrine was the name White Buddha. In the center of Nha Trang is the modern temple of Long Son.

How to get to Long Son

The exact location of the Long Son pagoda is as follows. It is not in the center, but a little further from the hypermarket “MaximMart”, along the same street. Only half an hour on foot, and you are already near the Buddha. If you boarded the bus number 2, then navigate through the hotel Galina and the night market. A good conductor will tell you where to get out. Be careful , there is a stop, not reaching 100 meters to the temple, and if you pass it, then the next will be after 300 meters.

Not so long ago the pagoda was partially closed for restoration, in August of this year access to it was opened. Now the sculpture is even more beautiful.

At the entrance to the pagoda zone towering majestic gates, which are difficult not to notice. Do not forget to cover your shoulders and knees, because there is a dress code. The place is sacred and requires respect and respect. At the entrance to the room you need to take off your shoes.

Built on the mountain Trai Thuy the pagoda not only will please you with its splendor, but also will open a breathtaking view of the beautiful lotus flower – a pedestal for the Buddha. Pray inside, breathing in the scent of spicy sticks. Buddhist temple in the province of Khanh Hoa – the most beautiful place in the district.

It’s interesting to know that the original name of the pagoda adorning the mountain of Trachyu was “Dan Long Tu” – “the dragon slowly hovering in the clouds”. The name has changed along with the restoration.

You can see the magnificent temple:

  • having reached it on foot from the coastline. It can take from 25 minutes to half an hour (the distance from “Lotus” to the pagoda is 2.5 km). On the road you can admire the pretty square with fountains, look into the Cathedral of St. Mary and enjoy shopping in MaxiMart – one of the six shopping centers in Nha Trang;
  • taking a taxi at a very affordable cost. The price of the trip can vary within 50 thousand VND;
  • on a motorcycle (an excellent option for those who are afraid of long stairs) you can drive up to Long Son Pagoda by a short road.
  • buses № 4 and № 6, the cost of tickets to both directions – 7 thousand dong.

A statue of the White Buddha can be seen from different parts of Nha Trang, as it towers above the city on a platform 14 meters high.

Several tests before you see near the pagoda Long Sean

The main temple in the pagoda is Long Sean
At the entrance you will see a temple and a vase with incense
  1. First thing tourists have to wade through a swarm of swindlers (in the hope of causing pity from visitors, local people can use children). Young deceivers may try to sell a postcard for fabulous money, giving it away for an admission ticket. Be attentive – admission is free!
  2. Local people can also demand payment for frankincense sticks, which are actually absolutely free.
  3. You will be obsessively offered the services of a guide, the account for which at the end of the tour will be very decent.
  4. Well, the most important test – you are expected to lead up a ladder of 150 steps.

Lying Buddha in Nha Trang will fulfill any desire!

There is another pleasant surprise that lurks in the Long Son pagoda on the territory of Nha Trang. It is a miracle statue of a sleeping Buddha. There are rumors that, having rubbed the elbow of a sleeping sage and making a wish, it will necessarily be fulfilled. Today, the elbow of snow-white sculpture looks pretty darkened. Each new tourist adds this shade of depth, believing in miracles.

Note also that a swastika-like symbol can be seen in a variety of places in the area of ​​the Long Son pagoda. Alas, most of the newcomers swastika strongly associated with Nazi Hitlerite Germany, with fascism. You will be surprised, but the swastika is the oldest symbol – a sign meaning in the religion of Buddhism perfection, which has the alternative name “Seal of the Heart”.

Long Shaun Pagoda Reclining Buddha
A recumbent Buddha can make a wish

You can make a wish in one place – at the bell. Do not worry, it’s hard to overlook it. Both the bell and the sleeping Buddha are located near the stairs. You can see both sights as you climb. To perform a ritual with a desire, it is necessary to climb inside the bell itself and beat it at the hour when a monk or a servant will be busy reading the prayer. Do not be afraid to deafen, the sound of the bell is deaf and quiet.

There are several ways to make a wish: by saying it aloud or in your mind, and also writing it on a sticker or a piece of paper and attaching it to the inner wall of the bell. At the end of the action at its discretion, you can thank the monk or the clerk financially, because he directs his mantra to your spiritual purification.

Journey to the main Buddha sculpture in Nha Trang

The White Buddha is surrounded around the perimeter by portraits of outstanding monks enclosed in fire frames. The first portrait adorned the structure in 1963 in the center of Saigon, when one of the monks for the first time made a self-immolation. It was a protest against discrimination against other religions, the event shocked the whole world at that time. Rolling around the country, the wave affected the Long Son pagoda in the territory of Nha Trang. At this very place, the monks organized a terrible act of self-immolation, united in a group.

Long Shaun Pagoda Figurines of the Buddha
Figurines in the Temple

It is believed that they in this way protested against the policy of the United States and participation in hostilities. Please note that you will not be able to take a photo, as it is strictly prohibited to photograph inside the temple. But there is an opportunity to see everything with your own eyes. Near the statue was formed a cemetery, completely unusual for our eyes, where the ashes of monks are buried.

Long Shaun Pagoda
Here lies the ashes of the monks of the pagoda

From this place, a magical view of Nha Trang opens. In order not to spoil your mood, plan a visit to the temple in the unsatisfied weather, then the scorching heat can not prevent you. You can see the majestic statue of a snow-white Buddha in Nha Trang daily.

Open hours: from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Address: Thai Nguyen Street, Nha Trang.

Buddha statue

The Buddha’s height is approximately 24 meters. Inside the temple there are always living, well-groomed flowers. This place is decorated very beautifully. The symbol of the swastika is depicted on the ceilings, the Buddha and T-shirts, which are sold nearby as souvenirs. The Buddha’s view is peaceful and serene, he does not care about the sight of tourists. The statue carries faith and strength. The walls show worn faces.

Long Sean Pagoda Statue of a Seated Buddha
Buddha statue height of 24 meters

Long Son Temple Style

The temple’s architecture is executed in the oriental style, with mosaic ornaments from colorful ceramic tiles in the form of magnificent dragons. Monks live here today. Inside the structure there is also a mini statue of Buddha, carved from natural bronze. Its height is only 1.6 meters.

The temple is surrounded by a marvelous garden, dotted with exotic flowers, artificial ponds with live decorative fish, picturesque shady trees. The walk here is similar to visiting the Garden of Eden. Panoramic views of the surroundings are simply unforgettable. The mountainous terrain, fresh air and the sounding mantra sounds will really give the sensation of a full-fledged spiritual cleansing and enlightenment, comprehension of profound wisdom, pacification.

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