The Southern Islands near Nha Trang: Hon Tam, Hon Mun, and Hon Mieu

The Southern Islands of Nha Trang are 19 islands situated not far from the town. The three closest of them are the most visited.

Tours to these three islands have become the most popular trips among tourist. The northern islands are more suitable for entertainment but the southern ones are a territory for the soul to have a rest.

Cove and ship on the island of Hon Tam

The most convenient method of visiting the southern islands is an excursion. It can be booked at one of the local companies such as “Sinh Tourist”, for example. It’ll cost you about 7 – 8 US dollars, though firms that can offer a Russian-speaking guide are used to having higher rates (more than 30% higher). In fact, anyone with even modest knowledge of English will be quite satisfied with an English-speaking guide.

Hot to get to the southern islands?

It is also not difficult at all to visit the islands by oneself. Near the station of the cableway leading to one of the islands, there are piers with ticket offices selling tickets.

Hon Mieu Island

Aquarium in the form of a sailboat on the island of Hon Mieu
An aquarium in the shape of a sailing ship on Hon Mieu island.

The aquarium Tri Nguen, having the shape of a sailing ship, is situated on this island. It’s possible to visit the aquarium for 4 dollars. The aquarium is spectacular and looks like the “Flying Dutchman” ship. It also resembles the Hang Nga or “Crazy House” in Da Lat, but what’s inside isn’t too impressive, especially compared to the aquarium on Vinpearl Land.

View of Nha Trang with Hon Mieu
A view on Nha Trang from Hon Mieu.

Children may get interested in an opportunity of feeding predatory fish by themselves. The fish in a pool are up to 2 meters long. For feeding the fish, a piece of meat is tied to a fishing rod and then is put into the water. When the fish pluck the delicacy, a sharp pop is heard.

Hon Mun Island

A motorboat Nha Trang – Hon Mun
Boat to Hong Moon Island from Nha Trang

Cutters go to the island from Vietnam.

Hong Moon Island
The bay on the Hon Mun island.

Hon Mun island attracts visitors by its picturesque landscapes, calmness, and an absence of city noise. Comfy sunbeds are prepared for tourists and local cafes offer typical Vietnamese dishes: boiled rice, soup with seaweed, tofu, and grilled chicken.

Hon Tam Island

This island, situated after Hon Mieu at the distance of 4 kilometers from Nha Trang, is considered to be an ideal place for a calm vacation and this is reflected in numerous reviews and photos left by tourists. The island has one more name: “Silky” and the reason for this name are the silky sands on the beaches and a very gentle sea slope.

Beach, sea, sand, water rides
The beach on the Hon Tam island.

The Vietnamese island Hon Tam is known for its high service standards. Every beach is equipped to give maximum comfort: there are sun umbrellas, sunbeds, and braided straw pavilions. A good beach and warm, very clear water are the advantages of the island.

Lots of different entertainment facilities are available, such as multilevel pools, golf, tennis, restaurants and all kind of water leisure time activities.

Golf course
Leisure time activities for any taste.

Not far from the pier there is a series of pools where tourist can rest and have some refreshments.

Bar, pool, music. Holiday on the island of Hon Tam
Бар, бассейн, музыка – все что нужно для спокойного отдыха

Don’t miss it. Here you can see a performance of the Russian dancing group “The more”.

Vacationers from Nha Trang and some other Vietnam resorts come to Hon Tam island striving for privacy, purity, and calmness, as the main beach in Nha Trang stretches along the main street and is neither calm nor clean for that reason.

In winter, when cyclones with cold sea wind and waves reach even Vietnam, water in the bay of the island remain calm and is warmer than the water of the main beach of Nha Trang.


A high price of one day’s visit, some inadequacy of the staff, and the fact that the beaches are not always clean could be considered as the disadvantages of the island. Sometimes the garbage, which visiting the southern islands of Vietnam tourist throw into the water from the shore of Nha Trang or from motorboats, comes into the bay.

One more “fly in the ointment” is the fact that the island’s administration actively promotes the island to the Chinese, an endless stream of which go to Vietnam in any season. The majority of the Chinese tourists are not particularly cultural in their behavior and it may cause some discomfort to other visitors to the island.

How to get to the island?

Motorboats go periodically from the pier of Nha Trang, heading to the island. It’s possible to get to the pier by taxi, the №4 bus from Nha Trang (more details in the article about bus routes in Nha Trang), and using a rented motorbike.

Boat in Vietnam
Motorboats go all day long from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Motorboats connecting Hon Tam island and Nha Trang go all day long in both directions from 8.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. They leave the pier every hour. Some of them bring tourist directly to the situated on the island hotel, bearing the same name “Hon Tam”. The water trip takes 20 minutes. The last motorboat from Hon Tam to Nha Trang departs at 16.20 and not having caught it for some reasons you may have to stay at the hotel for the night and see a spectacular sundown.

Beautiful sunset
There’s something to stay for a night.

The cost

Buying a ticket for a motorboat to Hon Tam it’s necessary to pay for a particular time of staying on the island and a chosen entertainment package.

There are four kinds of such tickets:

Option 1

Includes transfer to the island and back and permits to stay on the island from 8.00 in the morning until 17.00 in the evening. An adult ticket (up to 14 years old) costs 600 000 dongs, a child ticket (younger than 14 years old) – 420 000 dongs. The price includes water transfers in both directions, moving on the beach without any restrictions, and a possibility to use all the facilities, including pools, kayak hire, playing golf and tennis, taking part in contests and games, a musical program, a buffet lunch, a visit to a traditional Vietnamese settlement (not a real one but you can touch anything with hands), and a child club.

Option 2

Doesn’t include the transfers. The price will imply the above-mentioned service package but without the payment for getting to the island and back. The cost of an adult ticket is 450 000 dongs, child tickets are 320 000 dongs.

Option 3

Without a buffet lunch but with fruit. The entertainment package is the same but a buffet lunch is not included. An adult ticket is 370 000 dongs, a child ticket – 255 000 dongs.

Option 4

Without lunch and transfers. An adult ticket is 220 000 dongs, a child ticket – 200 000 dongs.

Going to the island you are not recommended to save on the ticket price choosing cheaper tickets without lunch, as the food in the island’s restaurants is very expensive, though also very tasty, fresh and diverse. As a result, you may spend more money than on the most expensive tickets.


If you prefer calm and relaxed seashore rest, you’ll definitely like the southern islands of Nha Trang. They have everything for you to regain your strength after wearing out raids to the Nha Trang’s markets and shopping centers or a tourist trip to the Mountain resort Dalat. Relax, have a rest and don’t forget to see a performance of “The more”.

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