Moringa Snake Farm: a Fascinating Show and Vodka With a Snake Heart

Many tour operators offer an excursion to the snake farm in Nyachang, or rather, 12 kilometers from the city. It’s nice that the tour is free. And each guide will seduce you, almost like an adder, saying that there visitors will see the only thing in Nha Trang and a unique show with a tailed amphibian caster. And they do not lie.


On the Way to the Farm

The tour will be very interesting for tourists who are just starting their acquaintance with Vietnam, or rather, with its tourist center – Nha Trang. And all because, before you get to the serpent farm, will have to drive through the whole city. From the windows of the bus you will taste all the authenticity of a non-tourist city that opens on the streets beyond the third coastline. And this in itself is interesting – to find out that Nha Trang is not only rich in entertainment places, but also in poor neighborhoods.

If you take this excursion from “ANEX TOUR” or “PEGAS TOURISTIC”, then before coming to the snake farm you will most likely be taken to several more places – for a coffee tasting, a jewelry salon, a latex factory. And the goods there, according to the guides, are sold, of course, at wholesale prices. Although this fact is very doubtful.

Not superfluous here advice for beginners, only discovering a holiday in Vietnam – keep yourself in hand! No need to immediately buy everything if a huge discount is announced. Wait a couple of days. After all, if you really need the goods, then you can go on a free tour again and buy it. And if the desire burns out, then you will be delighted that you have not spent the money, and you will have the opportunity to buy yourself a couple more excursions that will bring new impressions.

Snake Show With Real Poison

When you get to the serpent farm, first, the guides will show a small zoo, which is located in the lobby of the building. In the terrariums there are snakes, iguanas, lizards. Separately, we can say about the palm marten, which also lives on the territory of Moringa. It is this little animal in its stomach that ferments coffee beans, turning it into first-class and the most expensive coffee in the world – luwak.

Palm civet

And after that the tour group is already waiting for the presentation with snakes. The guide leads everyone to the hall, where the seats are placed in a circle, and in the center there is a round corral-scene, where the snake-tamer stands with his wards. The spectacle is very interesting!

A curious fact – about a dozen varieties of snakes, including poisonous ones, are involved in the presentation. During the show, you can get a lot of impressions and even a little scared.

For example, when the serpent master puts a couple of tails in his pants or when the snake begins to spit venom (the glands of reptiles are not neutralized – that is, they actually release poisonous saliva). Indifferent also will not leave a moment when the master allegedly throws a snake at the audience. And then it turns out that this is a rope. Snake Farm Nha Trang is therefore worth a visit. But this tour does not end there.

Snake Handler Show

Moringa as a Pharmaceutical Company

After an extreme show, when everyone is impressed by the performance, the guides invite you to the conference room to listen to a presentation about the pharmaceutical company Moringa Nyachan and the means it offers – various homeopathic medicines, noni juice concentrate, powder from the moringi plant and so on. Here, all these tools can be purchased. In the store after the lecture must bring. And here it is necessary to decide, rejecting emotions, and whether you really need a concentrate of mushrooms lingzhi and stuff …

Rice Vodka with Snake Heart

At the end of your stay at the Moringa serpentine farm, guests can stay for another performance – at your request, for $ 100 (you can drop by the company), right in front of you, the cobra will be killed. She will be beheaded, and then she will have a heart. And the staff will put it in a transparent glass, so that everyone can see how long it still beats. After that, rice vodka is poured into a glass and offered to drink. Also of the snake will cook the soup in front of the assembled “gourmets.”

Rice Vodka with Snake Heart

As a rule, guides of tour operators to this action no longer remain and leave with the group. Therefore, if you want to try the heart of a snake, you should think about a taxi that will take you back to the hotel.

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