Hon Chong Stone Garden – the Shortest Tour

Cape Hon Chong is also known as the Nha Trang Rock Garden. This is one of the attractions that is included in all tourist excursions that pass through this city. However, the park is not difficult to visit on their own.


How to get there

For convenience, we have marked the Hon Chong rock garden on the map:

Name in Vietnamese: Khu danh thắng Hòn Chồng
: Vĩnh Phước, Thành phố Nha Trang
Entry cost: 22,000 dong ($ 1).
Opening hours: the garden is open to the public from 8:00 to 18.00.

The rock garden is located in the north of Nha Trang and is easily accessible by any means of transport.


A taxi ride takes about 10 minutes and will cost 50-60 thousand dong. You can catch any of the local taxis (we usually choose green), or use the app. Grab (local Uber), which is much easier and, more often, cheaper.

Please note that in addition to taxi cars, you can order moto taxis in Grab, which will be twice as cheap (about 30 thousand vnd). This is a convenient way if you are traveling alone and want to save money.

Bike rental

In Asia, we consider this the most convenient way to travel. Rent a bike It is relatively inexpensive, and the convenience of movement increases significantly.

Upon arrival in Nha Trang, we first bought one bike, but soon realized that it was not enough for two of them: after all, sometimes different things require additional movements. So 1 bike per person has become the norm.

Do not be afraid of the Vietnamese movement, you quickly get used to it. You just need to be careful not to press the gas all the way, be careful and everything will be fine.

By the way, There is free parking for motorbikes near the entrance to the park.

Parking for bikes


The cheapest option, but the most time-consuming is to travel to Hon Chong bus number 4. Read more about his route and where he stops in the article about Bus routes Nha Trang.

The fare is only 7000 dong (~ 15 rubles), but there is one big minus in this type of transportation – buses run quite rarely (every 20-30 minutes).

On foot

And the final way to get to the Nha Trang rock garden is to walk. This is the best way that will undoubtedly benefit after a lot of food eaten and drunk for the holidays. Just go 4.2 kilometers, which takes about 50-60 minutes from Lotus.

Follow the first line along the sea towards the north (the lotus will be on the right) by shopping center Nha Trang Center and further, across the bridge, until you see a large number of buses in the parking lot.

Tourist bus parking near the park

Turn right and follow the stone with the inscription Hòn Chồng.

Stone with the inscription Hòn Chng

You need to go a little further to the entrance to the park.

Gate at the entrance to the rock garden

What does a rock garden look like

Park Hon Chong has a rather modest territory in which there are several objects.

To enter the park, you must purchase tickets at the box office.

But do not rush to immediately advance into the park. Near the gate there is a stand with an image and a description of all the stones located in the park. You might be interested in their story.

In the garden, there are cafes and several souvenir shops. After passing them, you will be taken to the platform from which the surrounding landscape opens and where you can always meet a crowd of Chinese people, having fun and enthusiastically photographing each other.

Chinese tourists at Cape Hon Chong

To get to the cape itself to the stones, symbolizing the heroes of the legend (about it just below), you need to go along a small path to the sea. Be careful, after the rain the stones can be skolskim.

Stone Cape Hon Chong

Some stones surprise with their unusual location.

Legend Hon Chong

One interesting legend is connected with the cape Hon Chong and the rock garden.

Once upon a time a beautiful fairy walked around the cape. A large red dragon, flying past, accidentally saw her and fell in love at first sight. He looked at her so much that he plopped onto the stones, leaving an imprint on them.

The fairy also loved the dragon and they would be happy, but the local gods didn’t like it very much, they were angry and banished the dragon far, far away.

The fairy cried for a long time and grieved for her lover, until one day she turned into a stone. The dragon who returned from exile found out what had happened to his beloved and also became a stone mountain.

So there are two stones at Cape Hon Chong: the dragon and his beloved, who were forcibly separated, but could not live without each other.

Now the Hon Chong rock garden is a popular meeting place for lovers. They love to do their wedding photo shoot newlyweds.


That’s basically it.

The stone garden Hon Chong as a whole is quite an interesting natural attraction of Nha Trang, but it takes very little time to inspect it. It was the shortest tour in the history of our travels. We took 10-15 photos, recorded 1 video and everything took about 15 minutes.

In order not to lose the rest of the day, the excursion there is best combined with a visit to other attractive places in Nha Trang.

Yes, and do not choose the end of the day to visit. Since at this time, most likely, the tourists ends sightseeing tour of the city and all of them are driven here.

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