Beaches of Nha Trang and its surroundings

The beaches of Nha Trang, recognized by the tourists of the Vietnamese resort, are very multifaceted. Among the choices in the city: and noisy large beaches with excellent organization of marine entertainment, and quiet secluded places for family holidays. Want something unusual? There is an interesting alternative: you can visit colorful authentic beaches in the vicinity or spend a unique holiday in the fabulous corners of the wondrous pristine nature on the islands.


In the city

Central beach


The palm in the latitude of the site, the number of large hotels around, the variety of beach attractions offered by the attractions takes the Central beach Nha Trang. The landmark of this coastal bathing and rest place is Lotus building. The beach area is directed to the north of the specified structure. Due to the large area, there is always a place: either on a lounge chair, which can be rented for $ 2-3, or on a natural “lounger” – soft sand, which is generally free. For visitors to the coastal hotel for the use of sun loungers do not need to pay, because they have a special beach area with all the amenities.

Not only guests, but also locals love to relax on the Central Beach. But the townspeople prefer the morning. Their time is from 05.00 to 08.00. Then they go about their business, leaving the beach at the disposal of many tourists. Then the local appear on the territory in the evening to relieve the stress of the working day. In addition, urban youth entertain themselves, playing football or volleyball. And the elderly citizens are also big supporters of an active lifestyle. They prefer to ride bicycles through the park, physical workout, classes on outdoor exercise machines, which, by the way, are free near the beach.

For tourists, everything is offered: shower, toilets, cafes and bars. Also here are provided mobile snack bars with a large assortment of inexpensive dishes.

Being in the central part of the city, you can become a spectator of various festive events and concert programs.

The central beach is an ideal place for lovers of water entertainment. It offers tourists: boating, jet skis, diving, surfing, boat trips snorkeling, other interesting types of active leisure.

In the evening, the embankment is illuminated, which allows you to be up to the sea until late. You can also sit in one of several restaurants, located on the beach.

Dream beach

Dream Beach (& quot; Dream Beach & quot;)
Dream Beach (“Dream Beach”)

Vacationers who like to change their locations can easily get from Central Beach to Dream Beach (in translation – “Dream Beach”), which is very close. Dream Beach – a very popular holiday destination. Its main feature is that it is located near central park Nha Trang. Interestingly, the main city park bears the name of the classic Russian and world literature – Maxim Gorky. And the second name is used much more often than the first.

Both the park and the beach evoke rave reviews from guests. The park has entertainment attractions for children, cultural and sports events for adults.

The beach is divided into zones:

  • “Economy”;
  • “Standard”;
  • VIP”.

Being in each of them differs by the level of comfort provided and the price of services.

In the first variant, an economical tourist is given a sunbed for 30 thousand dong, in the second, free Wi-Fi and access to the swimming pool are attached to it (the standard set costs 60 thousand dong). VIP-Customers, in addition to this package of services, receive a towel, paying an additional 40 thousand dong.

A white sandy beach, a cozy granite embankment is a great place for beach activities.


Private beach Paragon in Nha Trang
Private beach – no waves in complete safety

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Lovers of secluded family holidays, especially with small children, note the advantages of the Paragon beach. This refined territory by the sea is owned by the hotel of the same name with three stars of comfort in the southern part Nha Trang. Belongs to the elite village of An Vien, which is 6 km from the city center.

Important advantages of the beach “Paragon”:

  • closed area that guarantees safety;
  • small area, eliminating unnecessary noise and providing a calm atmosphere of secluded relaxation;
  • gently sloping shore, even, without sharp stones and pools, the bottom (a great option for children’s bathing);
  • the sea is warm, clear and transparent;
  • soft, fine sand on the shore.

But the main feature of the beach “Paragon” is a calm sea, without waves, without storms and treacherous currents.

Beach in the north of Nha Trang

The beach in the northern part is also distinguished by silence and few people Nha Trang. There are not many waves, because the place is in a “niche” between the mountains. The length of the North Beach is about 2.5 km. It starts over the cape Hon Chong, where both tourists and locals like to be photographed.

Sites of the sandy beach, a narrow embankment, hotels, shops and a few cafes – that’s North Beach. The infrastructure of life and entertainment here is less developed than in the city center, but given that you can get to the beach in just 10 minutes and for 7 Dong at the municipal bus number 4, then this option of a place of sea leisure is quite acceptable.

In addition to the above places, one should not forget about hotels with a private beach. Most hotels 4 * and all five-star have their own beaches, free for guests, with the maximum amount of amenities and a minimum of people. For example, a good beach Amiana Resort and Diamond Bay.

Beaches in the vicinity

Bai Dai

Bai Dai Beach
The rest of the beach area is practically non-existent.

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25 km to the south from the city there is an unusual beach “Bai Dai” (in original Bai Dai Beach). Only recently military bases were located on its territory, and ordinary visitors were denied access to this coastal zone. Echoes of the military past contribute to the fact that here you can still enjoy the silence, without a noisy crowd of tourists.

The name itself, translated from the native language for local residents, means “long beach”, which is quite appropriate for it, since the length of the section is about 15 km. Beach infrastructure has not yet covered the entire territory. Closer to the Cam Ranh Airport the beach appears in pristine, wild beauty.

“Bai Dai attracts tourists with clean sea water, playing in the sun hues from turquoise to aquamarine, white sand and almost always calm sea (in the dry period). But in the rainy season “Bai Zai will delight fans of water sports, especially kitesurfers, cheerfulness of sea waves.

Doc Let

Shadow of trees on Doclet beach
There is a lot of natural shade from the trees on the beach, it’s easy to hide from the sun

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Moving in the opposite direction from “Bai Dai (north of Nha Trang), breaking 50 km, you will be taken to the beach “Doc Let (Doc Let Beach). He, too, is not distinguished by the abundance of sun loungers and crowds of vacationers. Still affects the distance from the city. But those who do not stop fifty kilometers, will see a truly beautiful beach in all of Vietnam.

The nature here is very colorful, bright. Therefore, the photos taken in this place are not inferior in beauty to advertising images from elite resorts.

The coastal area is 6 km long, the coast is shallow. Numerous vegetation along the beach creates a natural shade, protecting it from the scorching sun.

Delightful sunsets are a godsend for romantic lovers. Actually Doc Let Beach love couples and newlyweds.

The disadvantage in the winter season is a stormy wind, raising fine sand in the air. Therefore, owners of expensive photographic equipment should take care of its protection from clogging with flying grains of sand.

Jungle beach

Jungle Beach near Nha Trang
Beach Jungle Beach

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Another diamond in necklace beaches Nha Trang – Jungle Beach (“Jungle Beach “) and his twin brother – Wild Beach (immediately after the first). Calm, cozy beach located on the peninsula Heo, in the eastern part of it. With the city it is divided 60 km.

The main advantage of this place is pristine exotic beauty, wealth of local vegetation. Fans of “sea, palm trees and sand” will enjoy them fully.

Not far from the beach and from nearby hotels there is a beautiful market where you can buy local fruits. Visiting him early in the morning, you can buy culinary creations of national cuisine.

The water temperature in the sea rarely overcomes the mark below 24 degrees, even in the rainy season, so it is always comfortable to swim here.

Although hotels near the beachJungle Beach “only two, prices for living in them are moderate. In the package of services that provides one of them – Homestay Jungle beach for 600 thousand dongs – includes, in addition to accommodation, three meals a day and the use of sun beds and sports equipment.

Pearl Beach

Pearl Beach

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Those who not only love to bask on the beach, but also enjoy the architectural sights, you can go to Pearl Beach. Drive to it 80 km towards the city Kamran, but the journey is worth it. The enchanting mountain scenery and the exotic vegetation.

The peculiarity of the Pearl Beach is that not far (20 km) from it are the legendary Tu Van Sagan Pagoda (Tu Van) and a unique tunnel – “Dragon’s Labyrinth”.

Entrance to the beach is paid for everyone except visitors to a local hotel. Ngoc Suong, to which he belongs. You can eat in the restaurant on the water.

It’s easy to get to Pearl Beach by yourself, renting bike. It costs 100-150 thousand dong + fuel (22-23 thousand dong for 1 liter). You need to follow it towards the city Kamran on the TL657I highway, and then on AH1, then turn left to Bình Lập. The second option – by taxi (the trip will cost $ 70). The third option is to buy a sightseeing tour, which costs from $ 30 per person, with lunch and visits to local attractions.


Highlight Nha Trang that tourists are offered here not only rest on the beaches in the mainland. Attract visitors and amazingly beautiful coastal areas on the islands.

Island Swallows

It is appropriate to dilute swimming and entertainment on the city’s beaches by visiting nearby islands. First of all, it should be noted this paradise nest for both birds and tourists – Swallow Island. On the island really live these birds. The Vietnamese collect their nests and prepare a gastronomic delicacy from them – tasty, satisfying and wholesome.

In addition to the swallows, the island’s feature is coral reefs, where a huge number of unique fish live. And, of course, clean, warm sea water will cause the desire to swim without fail, and the gentle sun to soak up the beach in its rays.

Southern and Northern Islands

The purest water on Hon Moon
South Islands Nha Trang

Deserve attention southern islands near Nha Trang. A total of 19, but the most popular of them 3: Hon Moon, Hon There and Hon Mieu, which are located at the closest distance to the city. The southern islands are chosen by lovers of quiet, quiet rest.

But fans of active marine leisure prefer northern islands. The most beloved by tourists of the islands of Monkeys and Orchids.

Getting to these delightful vacation spots is not difficult. Every hour boats depart from the port to the two most famous northern islands.

On the main advantages of these areas say their names. Staying on one will bring a lot of pleasant impressions from the show with the participation of monkeys, on the second one it will allow you to enjoy the colorful blooming of orchids. Moreover, this spectacle can be seen here at any time of the year, due to the abundance of plant varieties that bloom non-simultaneously.


Beach on Winperl Island
Beach Vinperl

A real firework of emotions for visitors to provide the beach on Vinperl Island. The main “treasure” is an amusement park, where a huge number of bright attractions are concentrated:

  • water park with amazing water slides;
  • oceanarium with the richest underwater world;
  • slot machines and cinemas;
  • “Singing Fountains.

And after the time actively spent in the park, it’s nice to relax at the local beach. White as snow, sand is imported from the mainland. And the sea is special and charming, which is inherent in all resort areas of fabulous Vietnam.

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