Therapeutic mud bath 100 eggs: how to spend a holiday with benefit for the body and mind

The capital of the province of Khanh Hoa has become famous throughout the world for the unique “100 eggs” mud baths. The name for the SPA complex was not chosen by chance. According to legend, Vietnam appeared thanks to the efforts of one of the sons of the dragon and the magic bird. Initially, they had 100 children, they hatched from eggs. From them originate the people of Vietnam.


The fantastic history of the birth of the country and the people became the basis for the design of the territory of the mud baths. The area of ​​the hospital is huge, about 23 hectares. And everywhere you will find images of eggs. They decorate the area as decorative elements, are part of the architecture of swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

Decorative eggs

Funny monkeys and guinea pigs living in the zoo of the complex, will gladly take the treat right out of your hands, and the deer will show cute horns and faces. The territory is too big to bypass in one day, so the observation deck was built, the complex is visible from a bird’s-eye view.

Mud baths – a favorite vacation spot for indigenous people on weekends. If you like peace and solitude, visit the “100 eggs” on weekdays.

Observation deck


Nha Trang city is quite large. A mud bath is built far from the center. Use the navigator when trying to get to it yourself, otherwise you will easily get lost.

The exact address: Avenue Nguyen Tat Thanh, Phuoc Trung and Phuo.

Take herbal baths, you can walk through the park from 8 am to 7 pm.

How to get there

Walking to the mud baths is unlikely to succeed, unless you are fans of long and exhausting walks in the heat. It is better to use other methods of movement. For example, take a taxi or by bus, rent a bike or book a transfer directly from the treatment complex.

Waterfall in the hospital

A trip by car will probably be the most expensive. One-way fare is about 100,000-150,000 dong. Municipal city bus number 3 will take you to the SPA complex quickly and inexpensively, you will only have to walk about 500-700 meters to the gates of the mud baths.

We recommend to read the article: “Bus routes“.

But there is one drawback – buses do not go very often, well, and comfort in public transport is a relative concept. If you know how to ride a motorcycle, you will independently reach the complex within half an hour from anywhere in Nha Trang. How to rent a motorbike, read our article: “Rent a scooter in Nha Trang“.

The most economical way to get to the complex is by a free shuttle from Diamond Bay. He has a stop next to the mud baths. Alas, the Diamond Bay Hotel itself is not very close to the center.

Cost of services

The staff of the complex will offer visitors various options for spending time and paying for services. Procedures are paid in a complex. We list the most popular packages.

Hospital pool

Prices are in dong. Today, 1000 dong is 2.5 rubles.

Title Ticket Price Services
Package 1 500 000 – adults Mud bath, mineral bath, swimming in 2 pools with mineral water
300 000 – children
Package 2 300 000 – adults Mud bath, mineral water pools
180 000 – children
Package 3 250 000 – adults Mud body mask with essential oils, access to pools
150 000 – children
Package 4 250 000 – adults Group bath with mud, visiting mineral water pools
150 000 – children
Package 5 120 000 – adults Visit to 2 pools with hot and cold mineral water
60 000 – children

Do not forget that the purchase of a package of procedures gives the right to walk around the territory of “100 eggs” until the evening closing of the complex.If you have forgotten swimming accessories, you can easily rent them in a specialized shop along with a towel and shale. After buying a ticket, tourists receive a bracelet and key from an individual locker.

The list of services and the price list are posted at the entrance to the SPA complex, near the cash register.

Additional Services and Entertainment

Tourists, having bathed in pools, fragrant baths, tend to bypass the territory of the complex. And there is something to see. Children will love the mini-zoo, and adults will enjoy the viewing platform.

In the distance from the mud baths and pools built mini-village. In it you can get acquainted with the life of the indigenous people, their traditions.


To go around the whole territory, take pictures of rare plants in a botanical garden, monumental structures made in the form of eggs, huge mushrooms, it will take a long time to visit the temple on the top of the mountain. Some tourists refuse medical procedures and devote a whole day to a walk around the complex. This is no less useful and exciting activity.

Fresh air and new impressions arouse frenetic hunger. Quench it in restaurants, without going beyond the walls of the mud baths. Tourists are offered dishes of European and Vietnamese cuisine for a reasonable fee.

If you are tired, then renting a bungalow for several hours within the complex will be an excellent alternative to returning to the hotel. They have everything for rest and even sleep.

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