Crazy House – crazy house in Dalat

The most famous and visited sight in Dalat (or perhaps all of Vietnam) is a hotel called Crazy House, which will easily give odds to the unusual constructions of the great Gaudi.


Dang Viet Nga – author

Written by Crazy House in Dalat
Madame Dang Viet Nga – author of Crazy House

It is there that an incredible structure is located, most similar to a gigantic knotty stump, overgrown with moss and braided with cobwebs, – “Crazy House”. It was designed by Mrs. Dang Viet Nga, a graduate of the Moscow Architectural Institute. For a long time she lived in the USSR, so in many details, “Crazy House” in Dalat borrows the motives of Russian folk tales.

Her father, Chuong Tin, was the successor of Ho Chi Minh, the second president of Vietnam. Perhaps, this circumstance allowed the architect to realize his creation, because the city authorities were not enthusiastic about the idea. And the residents still do not like this place. It is very much not in accordance with the teachings of feng shui. After all, the building is built in the style of surrealism, it is incredibly mysterious and is still in the process of completion. Crazy House is constantly brought to perfection.

The architect herself says that she conceived this house as a reminder to people about the need to conserve nature, which is mercilessly destroyed.

How to get there

Address: 03 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ward 4, Dalat City 67000, Lam Dong, Vietnam
The address is in Vietnamese: Trần Phú, Phường 4, Tp. Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng, Phường 4, Vietnam, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam
Of. website:
Opening hours: 8:30 am to 7:00 pm.
Entry fee: 40,000 VND per adult and 20,000 VND per child.

The streets in Dalat are rather complicated, so it's not so easy to get to Crazy House yourself, as it seems.

If you rent a bike and get on your own, then safely turn on Google Maps. GPS will sooner or later bring you to the right place. Asking local is useless, since in Vietnam, few speak English.

The easiest way to get to the gate of the “madhouse” is to catch a taxi. “Crazy House” is one of Dalat's most famous attractions, so any taxi driver will quickly and inexpensively take you to the place.

Wonder of light from concrete

View of Crazy House
No flat angle

Although the Vietnamese themselves do not particularly like this house, it constantly attracts many tourists from different countries. And it is understandable why – only one look at Crazy House causes a momentary confusion. And then it gives way to admiring surprise – how could you build such a strange building! And it's no wonder – this “crazy house” entered the top 10 of the most unusual structures in the world. Most of all it looks like a giant fantastic tree with intertwined roots and branches, entangled in cobwebs with giant spiders. In a word, the house, as if released from a fairy tale. It is also surprising that there are practically no straight lines in it, and there are no right angles at all.

Crazy House Entrance
Entrance to a madhouse in Dalat

Miracles begin already from the very entrance – you are met by a charming figure of the Vietnamese in the national headdress.

Money for the construction of Dang was not enough, and she decided to let the curious in the building under construction, taking small sums for it. Those who were interested were surprisingly many. The house continues to be completed under the guidance of Ms. Dang herself. Despite her venerable age, she is full of strength and inspiration and is still working on her brainchild. Now no one tour to Dalat is complete without a visit to Crazy House.

Dang Viet Nga for a long time resisted such a disrespectful name for her creation. After all, she called it unusually beautiful: Hang Nga – “Moon House”. According to the architect, this was to be the place of romantic encounters of lovers. But soon she had to reconcile with the name given by the visitors, and now the building has two names.

This house is an art gallery, a museum, and an unusual hotel. There are many small shops with souvenirs, cozy cafes.

The most impressive impression on visitors is the decoration of the house after sunset, when it gets dark. According to tourists, at this time there comes a feeling of complete “crazy”. After all, in the windows of an unusual, irregular shape through the trunks of trees and leaves, moonlight streams, and the shadows fall on the floor. From this it becomes scary.


The entrance to the hotel is paid, tickets are sometimes sold by the owner herself, she is also an architect. There is a room from 25 to 50 dollars per night.

Hotel Crazy House. Room
The cost of a room in the hotel from 25 to 50 dollars per night

Today it houses a hotel for 10 rooms. They are all different, not at all similar to each other, they are decorated according to subjects. Here is the room of the Tiger, Kangaroo, Ant, Bear, etc. And each of the rooms is decorated to match its name.

For each of the numbers, the named character is the “master” and “hides” in it sometimes so skillfully and carefully that finding it can be difficult. Sometimes only after the fact, when examining photographs, you can find the “main inhabitant” of the hotel room. It is believed that the characters are chosen in accordance with the countries that they should embody. So, Russia is symbolized by the Bear, and Vietnam by the Ant.

Eagle in the room
The Eagle Room

Also in the rooms there are a fireplace, a bathroom and a bathroom with a shower. All of them are made according to unique projects, the entrance to them is disguised as an aspen nest.

There is also the smallest two-level room in the world – the Bamboo room. All its design is stylized as bamboo, but in fact it is concrete.

One of the hotel's home
The hotel consists of four houses made in the form of fairy caves.

The hotel consists of four houses made in the form of fairy caves. The giant architects created giant spiders, mythical animals, tree branches, vines on the walls. At the same time, it is very light here – the sun's rays penetrate through the wide large windows that are everywhere.

Standing apart from the others, the fourth house-web consists of only one room and is intended for newlyweds. To get into it, you need to book the queue a few months before the visit.

Numbers connect among themselves quaint twisting ladders made in the form of penechkov, roots of trees, stylized “dragon's teeth”.

Roof Crazy House

In an amazing hotel and furniture is special. It is designed by designers and everything is done by hand.

Despite its unusualness, this is a very modern hotel with everything necessary for a normal holiday. There is access to Wi-Fi and a minibar.

According to the rules of the hotel, during the day, guests are required to leave the doors open so that visitors can appreciate the interior. However, if the number is busy, they can not enter inside. There are no curtains on the windows, and guests can feel themselves in the room during the day not particularly cozy, as tourists look there every second.

The doors in the rooms are double. If the number is busy, they are closed, but when there are no guests, the upper part of them is open. In free rooms, tourists can enter without restrictions.


In the courtyard of Crazy House it's no wonder and get lost, despite its relatively small size. This is just the case when they say: “in three pines …”, but here instead of them are hidden numerous staircases, passages, labyrinths, and around there are unusually a lot of cobwebs – of course, concrete. Everywhere “grow” huge mushrooms, incredible plants. The stairs are so narrow and steep that it's impossible to go out together.

As everywhere in Vietnam, there are so many flowers, a small pond with fountains is built in the middle of the courtyard. And it is here that most tourists gather to wander around the yard, to wander through the stairs and passages, climb them to the highest peak, from where you can see an excellent view of the whole city.

The stairs themselves are also unusual – they are made in the form of a figure of a giraffe, placer stones, wicker roots. Knowing people advise for excursions in the yard wear comfortable shoes with a low heel.

The Museum

The very history of existence in Dalat Crazy House is so interesting that it formed a small museum. There are dozens of photographs of its founder. And even inside these premises all the “crazy” – as in the whole house, there is not one flat surface! Through the web, you can look at Aunt Dang's personal car, see a small room dedicated to her parents. This place is made with such love and affection that it reminds the altar. The inscriptions are made in different languages, including Russian.


It so happened that of all the attractions of Dalat, its beautiful waterfalls and parks, it was the house of his aunt Dan Viet Nga that became the most popular place of this small mountain town. The most amazing thing is that it really is. It is visiting a crazy home that will become one of the most memorable memories.

For those who do not like such walks and quickly get tired after a large number of steps, there is next to a place where they sell “fresh juice”.

Have a nice holiday!

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