Pongur – the largest and most beautiful waterfall of Dalat

One of the main attractions of Dalat – waterfalls in its vicinity. And the most beautiful and large is undoubtedly Pongur waterfall.

Pongur Falls near Dalat
The largest waterfall in the outskirts of Dalat

To truly appreciate the beauty of nature surrounding a small town in the mountains, which the French once built, you need to visit all the waterfalls:

  • most beautiful – Pongur
  • the most powerful – Elephant
  • the most secluded – Gougah
  • the most extreme – Datanla
  • the most popular – Prenn

Each of them deserves a separate narration, so we start with the waterfall, which is recognized by the Vietnamese themselves and numerous tourists as the most beautiful – from the Pongour Waterfall.


Pongur - the largest and most beautiful waterfall of Dalat

Many waterfalls are pretty typical and do not have any zest. But this can not be said about the waterfall Pongur. Despite the fact that its height is only about 40 m, it is wide enough and reaches 100 m in width. The water that descends along 7 natural terraces is able to bewitch, and the opportunity to sit or stroll through several of them adds special charm to the trip. Due to the proximity of the cascades, there are practically no splashes and the danger of getting wet while walking. But we recommend that you be careful, because slippery stones and the flow of water threaten an awkward traveler.

The greatest impression on tourists Pongur Falls produces rain season, which lasts from October to December. At this time it is the most full-flowing and reaches its maximum size. Many Vietnamese say that he was before the dam was built upstream. But even if you arrived at another time, you still will not regret that you have traveled fifty kilometers and visited the waterfall, as well as the lake located below.

How to get there

Parking cost: 5 000 dong
The cost of entry into the park: 10 000 dong

Pongur Falls is located fifty kilometers from Dalat. Unfortunately or fortunately, local travel companies do not organize group visits to this Vietnamese wonder of nature. However, you can rent a car with a driver or book an individual excursion. On the way to the waterfall you will meet other noteworthy and short-term stopping places, for example, coffee plantations.

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If you are traveling by car or a rented motorcycle, then you have two ways: via the DT 725 motorway or by a circular route – across the road to the most visited of the five – Prenn waterfall. Going along the short route, you need to get to the Thac Ponguor signpost and, after turning, drive about 6 km more. Be careful, as the pointer itself can be skipped because of its not very convenient location. The recently renovated DT 725 motorway from Dalat will please you with low traffic.

A picnic area, several souvenir shops and local coffee houses are located on the shore of the lake. And on the way to the top of the waterfall, which will take about half an hour, the tired traveler will be able to rest in the gazebos built near the road or on the benches. Please note that swimming in the lake itself is prohibited (although the Vietnamese politely violate this ban).

Pongur - the largest and most beautiful waterfall of Dalat
Vietnamese swim freely in the lake near the waterfall.

Note to tourist

The territory of the park where the Pongur waterfall is located is quite large, there are practically no tourists here (since, as we have already said, there are no group excursions here). Therefore, in a typical weekday holiday, there is practically no one at the waterfall, but if you suddenly decide to come to one of Vietnamese holidays, Get ready for the crowds of locals who gather around the waterfall for a picnic, eat and drink in big noisy companies.

Have a good rest and plan your travels correctly and wisely!

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