Valley of Love in Dalat: Paradise for lovers in Vietnamese

Dalat is a city in the central part of mountainous Vietnam, and there is something to see there: several waterfalls, pagodas, Truc Lam Monastery, cable car, Hang Nga Guest House, Xuan Huong Lake and the Valley of Love. We will tell about this cozy romantic place today.


Park “Valley of Love”, or, as it is also called, the Alley of Love, is located about five kilometers from the center of Dalat. You can walk to the valley unhurriedly, it will take about an hour and a half, or take a taxi.

History of creation

The park is artificial, created during the French colonization and bears traces of romance, gentle tranquility. At first he was called Valle d’Amour in French style, and in 1934 it was renamed Valley of Love. The area of ​​the valley is about 140 hectares. Since 1998, the Valley is recognized as the national treasure of the country.

The Vietnamese themselves say that the name “Valley of Love” bears a sense of love for their country and nature, but numerous hearts in various variations, everywhere found on the way in the form of shops, sculptures and architectural structures, tell us about romance and love. At the same time, the nature here is really very beautiful, they take care of the park with love and tenderness.

Valle d'Amura

The air is filled with the scent of pines, small waterfalls are neatly inserted between the trees, long, well-groomed alleys branch out in different directions, and it is difficult to choose a direction. On the way, there are many places where you can stop and make a romantic photoset: a bridge with a pink heart, a gazebo with a red inscription “Love”, a bronze sculpture of the hands of lovers exchanging rings, figurines of cranes and herons and many other pleasant trifles.

Lake Da Thien

The special charm of the place gives the lake Dayan (Da Thien), created in 1972. The river was blocked by a dam, and a pond appeared in the middle of the park, through which you can walk, renting a two- or four-seat catamaran. Double catamarans are made in the form of swans white-blue and white-yellow coloring. They look very romantic, especially when swimming in the middle of the lake.

Lake Da Thien

On the lake there is a unique structure – a crane, hanging in the air, from it a constant stream of water flows directly into the lake. You can watch him standing on the bridge.

You can walk on such a large park on foot, but if your legs are tired, a wooden train on wheels with two covered wagons is available to tourists. Large panoramic windows allow you to see all the beauty of the avenue, without leaving the train. You can also rent a bike or take a ride on horseback or jeep.

Wooden train

The most beautiful places on the Walk of Love

Heart shaped labyrinth

A maze of green hedges with several bridges and two entrances – above and below the heart – a great place to walk together or with children. In the center of the maze there is a table with an umbrella from the sun, where you can take a break and enjoy solitude.

Heart shaped labyrinth

Wong-Kak Hill

If you climb the path, from the hill you can see a picturesque view of the whole park with its avenues and a lake, in the distance you can see a mountain covered with clouds. The view is just wonderful, and many people come up here to capture all this on a camera.

Wong-Kak Hill

Flower garden

All colorful, covered with a blanket, exotic flowers, the garden is fragrant at any time of the year. In the spring, when cherry blossoms bloom, everything becomes pink.

Flower garden

Abandoned park

People who like everything unexplored will surely enjoy the abandoned part of the park. It can be reached only by water transport, because it is on the other side. It is very nice, albeit deserted. Old buildings with inscriptions, overgrown and neglected walkways and steps, and no one around.


Every year on February 14, Valentine’s Day is held in the Valley of Love. On this day, the place becomes a special holiday, trees are decorated with ribbons with wishes, couples walk everywhere, and merchants offer to buy a lot of souvenirs with hearts. Here, guests rent colorful suits for walking and photo shoots.

Park decoration

Service prices

The cost of entry to this theme park is 20 thousand dong, which is about 30 rubles. For the rental of a catamaran will take from 60 to 250 thousand dong, depending on capacity, a horse ride – 70 thousand dong.

In the park, you can buy potted potted flowers from 100 to 200 thousand dongs and orchid bulbs of 50 thousand dongs per seedling.

The Valley of Love is a wonderful island of nature and harmony, which is visited not only by tourists in pursuit of sights, but also by local residents to take a break from the hustle and bustle, breathe in the coniferous air and walk along the long shady alleys.

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