Bao Dai Palace in Dalat: Emperor’s modest summer residence

Visiting Dalat, it is simply impossible to ignore the palace of Bao Dai. Despite the fact that this building looks like a Crimean health resort of Soviet times, there are many interesting things here.


In order to get acquainted with the culture of Vietnam, it is necessary to visit not only the bright sights, but also those associated with the history of the country. Such attractions include the Bao Dai Palace in Dalat.

Summer Palace of Emperor Bao Dai in Dalat

The palace of the former ruler of Vietnam is equipped as a house-museum where the last representative of the imperial house of the country lived, along with his family and servants. The building was erected in the 30s of the 20th century. The interior of that time is still here, which is very interesting.

Bedroom in the palace

The atmosphere inside the palace does not strike with luxury, the imperial family lived quite modestly. Ordinary chairs, beds and other furniture.

There is a yard with a pretty garden and well-kept flowerbeds, beautiful flowers.

Overview of the palace that it has

It is interesting that during vietnam war This palace was used in a variety of qualities, in particular, as a general staff.

There is a reception hall, kitchen, rooms of the emperor and his family members. All interior items are preserved the way they looked under the emperor until 1945. It is a residence on a hill, climbing on which you can admire the city panorama. There is a park around the palace, several gardeners keep it in order.

The emperor, his family and attendants lived in 25 rooms of the palace.

The emperor’s luxurious sauna and ultraviolet tanning machine are impressive. And here there is a glass card, which the Vietnamese students who studied at public expense in France presented to the emperor.



As elsewhere in Vietnam, tourists can buy different souvenirs here. Miniature symbols of the imperial house, figurines of Vietnamese soldiers. On average, for one souvenir you need to lay out 10 dollars.

Nearby hotels

Dalat is a resort town, there are no problems with accommodation. Not far from the palace of Bao Dai there are several hotels where a double room can be rented for 200000-400000 dong. Rooms for 200,000 dongs have balconies with beautiful views of Xuan Hong Lake.

Most popular hotels:

  • “Poang An”;
  • “Nam Juan”;
  • “Thang Loy”.
High price does not always guarantee quality. It is better to bypass more hotels and carefully examine everything.

Nearest sights

  • Not far from the palace of Bao Dai is the museum “Lam Dong”, which is worth a visit for those tourists who want to get acquainted with the history of Vietnam. Entry costs 6,000 dong.
  • Crazy House. There is a cafe, art gallery and hotel. Creative people will love the place. Entry – 8000 dong, you can take pictures for free.
  • The main market of the city, where you can buy cheap souvenirs, tasty tropical fruits, tea from artichokes. Popular with tourists, especially in the evening.
  • Lin Shon Pagoda. On its territory is a statue of a bronze Buddha, which weighs 1,250 kg. Entry here is free.
  • Flower gardens are a vibrant city landmark with a miniature lake in the center. Here you will be offered boats in the form of swans.

Prices, opening hours

Throne room

Entrance to the palace of Bao Dai is inexpensive – only $ 1 (20,000 dong). So even so, it is worth a visit. It works from 7:00 to 16:00, but from 11:00 to 13:00 is closed for a lunch break.

How to get to the palace of Bao Dai

In Dalat there is a lake Xuan Hong, the newlyweds love to rest here. On the shore there are restaurants where weddings are celebrated. Among travelers, this lake is very popular, the scenery fascinates the eye.

You can ride on the water surface on a catamaran, rental of which will cost $ 5.

From Xuan Hong Lake, you can easily get to the palace on foot, but still it is recommended to use the services of a taxi. If you go from the city center, then for a half a dollar (30.000 dong) it is quite realistic to agree. If you want to save time, then immediately after visiting the palace, it is recommended to visit “Crazy House”, it is very close.

Crazy House

Find this Vietnamese landmark is easy, just use the Google map, on which the palace is designated as Bao Dai Summer Palace. Its coordinates are: 11.930308, 108.429372.


Having visited the palace of Bao Dai, one can be sure that the emperor did not live the most luxurious life. And also to see how reverently the Vietnamese treat their history, honor it. Be sure to visit this object. After all, it is not every day that you can visit the Imperial Palace for only 1 dollar.

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