Best Luggage For International Travel

It is not uncommon for people to travel from one country to another, especially today when travel is affordable, planes are common and roads go just about everywhere.

However, your luggage has to go with you one way or another, and to that end people buy a luggage that helps them take their belongings with them.

Best Luggage for International Travel

Best Luggage For International Travel

In this article we will discuss what a travel luggage is used for, why people buy them and how to choose the best one among the great multitude of models present on the market.

What is a travel Luggage?

A travelluggage is a container meant to transport everything you are taking with you on a traveling trip. It is usually a large suitcase with a handle and wheels that you pull around with you.

A travel luggage is a word with many definitions and it can mean many things, but most usually it meansa large case with wheels that can hold all of your belongings.However, a backpack or even a large purse may also be considered a travel luggage, if it is large enough to carry all you need for international travel.

Why do you need one?

You need a case like this if you are going to travel for extended time and want to take a lot of your necessary luggage with you. In that case you can get an international travel luggage, which is usually large and heavy and holds a lot of gear.

When you are traveling you also want to be sure that your luggage is safe and is not going to get damaged. To that end a luggage is built to resist damage. It has a hard shell that prevents it from puncturing damage and impact, and inside it usually has many layers of padding and soft materials that help it stand up to impact and sudden jolts.

A luggage may also be waterproof, and that is actually quite a common feature. There will be many times when you will be exposed to rain, and then you will be glad if you had a waterproof luggage with you – it will shed off the water and prevent your belongings from getting damaged.

What to look for in a good luggage?


Try to find a model that is made from thick, resilient fabric that will resist abrasion and puncturing. Usually fabric like this will be marked as military grade.

Also luggages with a hard shell are a good idea, because they are guaranteed to resist rain and usually provide adequate protection.Some have a hard surface made of ABS plastic that is good at resisting damage and is waterproof. Also it is light, which too is an advantage, as a luggage should help you carry your belongings, not add to the weight.


As we are discussing international travel here, it would be good to have a large luggage with a good volume, because you will have to take a lot with you, if you intend on going abroad for a long while.

A capacity of 40-50 liters is ideal, because that is probably the maximum amount of luggage you would want to carry with you.


Carry restrictions in many countries, especially Europe, prevent you from taking large bags with you, so an especially large luggage might get cut off for being too wide or long. So, first consult local luggage rules, before you start choosing a particular model.


Try to get models with larger wheels, because they are easier to pull and are better at overcoming obstructions. You are probably not going to be dragging your luggage over a bumpy road, but getting it over a high threshold or other barrier will be much easier if your luggage has large wheels.


Try to find a luggage with a good number of internal pockets. They help you stow away smaller items that otherwise would get lost among bigger ones. Think of a pen or USB drive getting lost among your clothes – that would make it very hard to find. Now, if it was in a pocket, you would find it immediately.


A luggage should be helping you get you stuff abroad, not hinder you with its weight. Therefore, try to select a model made from light materials that will not overweigh you.

Carry mode

While in many cases a luggage is a case on wheels, it may also mean a large backpack, that often suits the needs of a person who carries little gear with him. So, if you do not intend to take a lot of gear, you may content yourself with a backpack or even a large purse.

Now that we have discussed the reasons for buying one and reviewed what makes a good luggage, we will see the best models on the market.

1. AmazonBasicsHardside Spinner – STURDIEST MODEL

AmazonBasicsHardside Spinner

This is a small luggage with hard exterior walls. It holds up to 39 liters and weighs only 7.34 pounds, because it is made of a tough but light ABS plastic.

The luggage has a height of only 21 inches.

The shell is covered with a scratch-resistant finishing surface that is much thicker than those on competitor’s models.

The interior has dividers made from a thick 150D fabric. There are three zippered pockets that help you store small items.

The model is expandable, and it can accommodate 15 percent more than it was intended to.

The 4 spinner wheels allow the luggage to travel in any direction.

All the interior separators and zippered pockets are built with good quality and tough zippers
The luggage is very sturdy and tough – it can hold a very heavy weight without breaking
With a volume of 39 liters this is a pretty large luggage
Pretty expensive

2. TravelproMaxlite 5 – BEST LIGHT LUGGAGE

TravelproMaxlite 5

This very light and tough model holds 39 liters and has a height of only 19 inches.

The model is made of tough polyester cloth with special waterproof coating that makes raindrops roll right off of it. The duraguard material repels water and the cloth itself is very tough and resistant.

The handle can be extended to a height of 43.5 inches. This allows people with a tall stature to pull it around.

The zippers, as well as the rest of the bag, are made of a very tough material, and will last you a very long while.

The handle is rubberized, and it is very easy to maneuver the luggage because of the ergonomic construction of the handle.

The model can expand up to 2 inches wider and longer, so that more can be stuffed into it.

The limited warranty is lifetime.

Weighing only 5 pounds this is the lightest luggage for its size
Is made for very resilient cloth that is additionally waterproofed and equipped with tough zippers
Can be purchased in a large variety of different colors and hues
Tips over easily, especially if you stuff it full of clothes or other gear

3. Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside – VERY HARD SHELL

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside

This 28-inch luggage has rather large inside dimensions – 28 by 20 by 12.5 – and this allows it to hold a lot of gear inside.

The luggage is dragged around on 4 large wheels that spin in all direction and allow you to fluidly move it around.

The device has a mounted zipper lock that helps you prevent theft. The lock holds the zipper tongues and only unlocks with a key shipped with the luggage.

The bag can expand 1.5 inches, allowing you to load a little more gear in it.

The customized design on the shell helps hide scratches and lets it look presentable for a very long time.

The ABS plastic shell is very tough and tough, and also looks very nice and presentable
The zipper lock works very well and really does prevent theft in many cases as many reviewers remarked
Has a pretty good price for this high level of quality
You have to be careful when opening it, because your gear might fall out at this moment


WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack


This sturdy canvas backpack is very resilient and able to stand up to a lot of damage. The canvas is reinforced with heavy synthetic leather in places that get the most stress. The multiple carry options make it very comfortable to carry, because it has a handle on the top, a handle on the side and shoulder straps.

The polyester lining is also very sturdy and you can overload the backpack and put sharp things inside it, but it will not break.

The shoulder straps and the back area of this backpack are covered with a permeable mesh that keeps you from overheating. Also the padding on the straps is soft and it helps you walk for a long time without experiencing discomfort.

The bag arrives with a one-year guarantee.

Very nice-looking bag with beautiful leather inserts and overall stylish looks
The combination of canvas on the outside, polyester on the inside and leather inserts makes it very tough
The small size allows it to always meet carry restrictions on European planes
The zipper on the main compartment is too short and it will be hard to stuff large objects in it

5. Hanke Luggage Expandable Suitcase – MOST AFFORDABLE

Hanke Luggage Expandable Suitcase

This model is 14 inches wide, and this makes it possible to fit it in most airplanes, passing the restrictions.

The volume is 90 liters, so it is one of the largest expandable bags. It is made of a light, but very tough cloth, therefore weighing only 5.4 pounds.

The duffle bag has four wheels with a fairly large diameter. Being suspended on swivels, they will turn in any direction and allow free movement.

The main compartment is very large, and it opens from the bottom to the top. The front has a few smaller pockets for various small miscellaneous items.

The zippers, like the rest of the bag, are tough and reliable.

Made from vary sturdy and durable materials – impossible to tear or break
It is compressible, so you can fold it up when it is not being used, so its height will be only 5 inches
The large wheels allow you to maneuver it very well
It is hard to get stuff out of the bottom of the bag once you have it full of luggage

6. Hynes Eagle 38L – BEST LARGE BACKPACK

Hynes Eagle 38L

This is a very robust and reliable polyester backpack with a volume of up to 38 liters. The model has three handles – on the top, on the side and a pair of shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are padded, which makes them very comfortable for extended wear.

The compression straps close to minimize the stress that the zippers are subjected to. The sternum strap transfers part of the weight off your back to your chest, making this model easier to travel with.

The backpack will fit even the strictest restrictions on flight luggage, so you can take this with you even on EURO planes.

90 percent of reviewers said this backpack fit them as they expected and satisfied their needs
The model is available in many different colors and styles, making it the most stylish model here
The tough and reliable material will not sustain damage from wear and will look like new after travel
Many people reported that the zippers on this model get stuck quite often


A luggage for international travel is a very useful investment, allowing you to pack away all you have into one large bag. This helps you take everything with you, and if you have many pockets on the outside, you will have all your most necessary items available on hand right at the moment.

So overall it is a useful thing to buy, because it allows you to keep everything you need near you, and if your luggage is the right size, you can even take it onboard an airplane without difficulty.

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