Fairy Stream: the Grand Canyon in miniature or the magical power of Fairy Stream

Known for its sand dunes and the abundance of kitesurf schools, the fishing village of Mui Ne is also the home of the colorful and pacifying Fei Creek, a fabulous stream of water painted with clay and limestone particles that drain and pass through rocky sand formations in its shores.

For a long time the stream was ignored, and even those who did not visit Mui Ne more than once did not hear a word about the sights.

Nowadays, driving through the sand dunes of Mui Ne, turning off the main road and making its way through bamboo and palm forests, fancifully called “Fey Creek” resembles a miniature version of the Grand Canyon. As stated at the entrance plate, the stream has magical powers, and some even call it a magical river.

Login to Fairy Stream

Admission is free, but local breeders may require a parked bike money if you ventured to rent it.

In order not to get confused, where this place is located, orient yourself to the Hai Au Mui Ne Hotel, having passed it in the direction of the fishing village (not in the direction of the resort area), after 200 meters you will meet a nondescript bridge with the same nondescript nameplate “Fairy Stream” .

An additional reference point is that local grandmothers are trading nearby, banana-coconut pancakes with nut filling in tents. Nuts are not so many, but do not think that because of this sweetness becomes less tasty. Far from it! Believe me, after you try a piece, you will remember them more than once, swallowing saliva. What is attractive about the place is the fact that here you will get to know the nature of Vietnam not from far away, but a little closer.

If you decide to travel around Vietnam and visit more than one city, not one “magic” stream will meet on your way, but unlike the others, “Fairy Stream” has a unique red-orange color.

On the way to the waterfall

The depth of the stream along the path is not above the ankle and only sometimes, in some places, reaches the level of the knee. The bottom itself is sandy with fine, fine sand, so do not be afraid to take off your shoes and walk barefoot, especially as powdered sand, combined with soft, cool flowing water, creates indescribable sensations in a “desert” landscape.

Desert landscape

The Chinese, by the way, went further and walk in their socks. And, for unknown reasons, preference is given to water color.

As a piece of advice, take with you sunglasses and a hat, as the stream is not lost in the woods, but completely open to the sun, and if a strong wind blows, all your hair will be in the sand.

At the very beginning of the way, they can confuse and repel debris and unpleasant smell, but such “beauty” is only at the beginning. Next will be cleaner.

And the little Vietnamese kids will convince that the creek is deep and you need to be accompanied by a guide. Do not get fooled. This is a trivial way to cut down some money from naive tourists. But if their dear company is interesting, bargain for the “services” and head for the exploration of beauty.

On the way, you will find an open-air cage with ostriches living there, which will gladly offer you a ride for an additional fee. It is a pleasure $ 5-7.

Aviary with ostriches

In addition to ostriches, cows are often met. Interestingly, Vietnamese cows differ from Russian ones in that almost all of them are humpback and with a dry udder, since Vietnam does not have a tradition of using dairy products and cows, they simply do not milk. And the milk that is sold in stores, the percentage of 80 cases with sweeteners. And another attraction on the way is a small zoo with a scarce, in our opinion, animal diversity. But not ostriches and cows are the main characters of the way.

The main thing is the beautiful views of the stony-sandy canyons.

This is where beautiful photos are taken, video clips are shot and wedding photo shoots are held. On the canyons themselves, you can easily climb and enjoy the view of the valley from above, and these are other impressions.

Well and, at each way there is an end point, the purpose for which the event was started. In our case, this is a waterfall, which is located where the stream ends, and coolness as a reward. After it is a dead end and there is no passage, so feel free to turn around and step back.

Waterfall in “Fairy Stream”

If we conclude whether to visit the “Fairy Creek” or not, then our opinion is definitely worth it. Blessed by mother nature, Fairy Stream attracts visitors all over the world all year round. Moreover, it will take not a full day for a walk, but only two or three hours maximum, and the pleasure will not be worth the dong (except for parking for bikes), the memories of soft sand and orange-red canyon will warm more than one frosty winter morning.

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