White and red dunes: the grandeur of Lotos Lake in the desert

Mui Ne is a small fishing village in South Vietnam. The resort attracts tourists with a clean beach, pleasant winds that allow you to engage in water sports, and attractions. Places of interest in Mui Ne are red and white dunes, a lake of lotuses and a red canyon. We will tell about them in our article.

Red Dunes

Directly behind the village of Mui Ne, if you go along the main road, the Red Dunes (doi hong) begin. You can reach them by taxi (it is only 5 km) or by city buses No. 1 and No. 9.

If you have never been to the desert, the view will capture you headlong. During the day, the majestic sands acquire different colors: in the morning they are pink, in the afternoon they are orange or yellow, depending on the presence of clouds, and in the evening they turn purple.

On tours, people usually carry at dawn or dusk, they say, so everything looks more beautiful.

But, firstly, at this time there are too many people here, and secondly, by agreeing to the evening excursion, you need to be careful with the guide or guide so that he does not take you into the thick of it. It is very hot here during the day.

Red Dunes

The sandy hills of the Red Dunes reach a height of 50 meters and are constantly changing their outlines because of the wind. Everywhere local kids scurry around, who obsessively offer to ride on an improvised plastic sled through the dunes “only” for 100 thousand dongs from the nose. Be sure to bargain, and children will reduce the price twice or more. Entertainment is fascinating, and if you loved as a child to go down a hill on a sled, you will definitely like it. Lie on the plastic belt with your belly, push off and rush at high speed down the sandy hill.

Red canyon

Everyone who goes to the White Dunes stops at the Red Canyon.

It can be seen from afar, unearthly landscape – a combination of bright red clay sand and green vegetation, which breaks through here and there, cannot be missed. Against the background of this Martian landscape with cacti everyone likes to be photographed, and walking downstairs, you can imagine yourself on another planet.

From the top of the Red Canyon offers a wonderful view of the sea and the village.

Red canyon

White dunes

If you continue to drive from Mui Ne along the main road, then after 24 kilometers the White Dune Territory (doi cat trang) begins. Their total length is more than ten kilometers, and they really impress with their size and radiant whiteness.

There are almost no tourists here, only special excursions, riding on open jeeps, and a few lonely ones who came on bikes. This place seems to be created in order to know the depth and loneliness of the desert. And the photos on the background of the dunes are simply amazing.

White dunes

The entrance to the White Dunes is paid and free. Each has its pros and cons.

  • Free entry is not equipped, and it is risky to leave your transport here; they can pierce tires or twist the wheel.
  • The paid entrance is equipped with tents with food, parking and is located to the south. For 200 thousand dong there you can park your motorcycle and not be afraid for it. At the entrance you can buy a tour of the dunes on quad bikes, it will cost from 200 to 400 thousand dong, depending on how you bargain.

Just below and deep down is the lake.

Lotus lake

In the midst of white, majestic hills, a blue lake is hidden, all covered with lotuses. This pleasant cool place in the sands is especially beautiful when pink lotuses bloom, each of which is up to 35 cm in diameter.

On the lake you can ride on a boat, but you need to negotiate with the locals.

Lotus lake

Recommendations for visiting the dunes

  • Wear a hat that will protect your ears and nose from sand.
  • Wear goggles designed for skiing and snowboarding, they will protect your eyes from small particles of sand and dust.
  • Photo equipment put in a protective case or use cheap soap dishes. From small particles, rising from the wind, the cameras become useless.
  • Take a bottle of water with you, there are dealers at the entrance, but their prices are very high.
  • Shoes in trekking sandals or comfortable closed shoes. Barefoot, you can walk in the desert only in the morning and in the late evening when the temperature of the sand decreases.

The surroundings of Mui Ne are worth visiting. It is quite possible to keep within one day in order to see both the Red Dunes with a canyon and the White Dunes with a lotus lake. You can come here on your own, and order a tour, for example, by jeep or other means of transport. The main thing is to prepare well, put on comfortable clothes and shoes, and also take a supply of water, and, of course, a camera to capture these unusual multi-colored desert landscapes.

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