Baolok Waterfalls: the beauty of the mountain peaks and the tranquility of life

The town of Baolok and its surroundings attract tourists with numerous attractions, among which one of the most significant is Dumbri Falls.

Unique nature and colorful locals

Wildlife lovers will experience real pleasure by visiting the neighborhood of Baolok. The majestic trees occupying dozens of hectares, having survived many generations of people, picturesque chains of green hills, small and fast Daibin and Dumbri rivers – all this is practically untouched by man.

Representatives of the people of Ma living here every few years wander from place to place, minimally affecting the nature with their crafts.

You can visit their settlement as part of the tour.

Residents of cities will be interested to see fishing and hunting gear, traps, snares, darts and crossbows, as if descended from the pages of textbooks on the history of the ancient world. But along with this, the people of Ma widely use weaving machines and a hammer with an anvil, combining Antiquity and the Middle Ages in their everyday life.

Journey to the heights

Most often, tourists visit the Dumbri Ecological Park. A tour of it includes many interesting places, among which is the village of Ma mentioned above. Also, locals recommend everyone to look at the Dumbri Falls, which is associated with a local legend.

Road to waterfall

The name in translation means “waiting.” You can admire the streams of falling water from a height of several tens of meters from a glass elevator-lift. Or approaching the waterfall, after breaking the stone steps on foot, surrounded by huge trees.

Journey to the heights

If you are not tired yet, you can get to the second waterfall – Dasara, located nearby, in the same two ways. It differs from Dumbry in that it is a three-level one. There are many paths around both waterfalls, so you can see them from all sides.

Time for an adrenaline rush!

Reaching the last waterfall, you will find yourself at a considerable height, from where you can quickly and unusually descend. For this purpose, self-driving roller coasters are designed, their length is about one and a half, and the height is more than one kilometer. These numbers are a record for all of Vietnam.

The advantage of the slides is that the passengers themselves regulate the speed of the trip. Therefore, you will have time to consider everything in detail and take a lot of photos. And around there is something to pay attention – mountain landscapes, huge trees and a lot of bright flowers.


Immersion especially local life

The largest contribution to the local economy Baolok makes thanks to the agricultural industry. There are huge plantations of tea and coffee, fruit trees, as well as tea and coffee factories.

Tea plantation

You can visit one of them as part of a tour of the Dumbri Park. They will tell you about how tea is grown, harvested and prepared, as well as give you the chance to try the famous Vietnamese Oolong tea – “turquoise tea”.

Here you can buy tea varieties, many of which are difficult to find in other countries.

The acquisition of spiritual balance

So, here comes the end of a day full of impressions and discoveries. If you chose the pedestrian version of the inspection of the waterfalls, then by this point you will feel noticeable fatigue. And to remove it and feel the spiritual cleansing, visit the Buddhist pagoda, which is part of the Dumbry Park.

Here, high in the mountains, you can relax from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the unity with nature, to become part of it. And also enjoy the panorama of tea plantations and hills covered with lush greenery around it. Thus, for only $ 50, you will visit the mountains, see two waterfalls, considered the most beautiful in all of South Vietnam, visit the tea factory and ride the lifts and roller coasters.

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