Phu Quoc Night Market

The sun, the sea, the beach, a rich excursion program – all this is not the only entertainment in Fukuoka. With the onset of the evening the nightlife of the island is activated, the epicenter of which is located in the area of ​​the night market – Night Market.


Where is?

One of the main attractions of the city of Duong Dong, located on the island of Phu Quoc, is its markets.

The day market is located at: 21 Đường Trần Phú, Khu 2.

Today, let’s talk about the Night Market, which is located in the historical part of the city on Vo Thi Sau Street. In the immediate vicinity of the market are the pier, post office and several local attractions.

Shopping malls occupy several small streets with a length of only 300-400 meters. Each of them is equipped with flashlights, so the Night Market can be seen from afar.

The market is designed primarily for tourists, so it works every day, seven days a week. The first trays are opened already at 17.00. Night Market is closed not earlier than 10 o’clock in the evening, and at the height of the season it works at all until the last buyer.

Night market
Most often it works until the last customer

How to get there?

There are several ways to get to the market. Of course, if you are in Fukuok for the first time and are not at all orientated in the area, it is better to use the services of a taxi. Any driver on the island will take you to your destination literally with your eyes closed. You can order a car through the special online service Grab or simply take it directly outside the hotel. The advantages of this type of transport:

  • fixed fare;
  • possibility of ordering a car at any time of the day.
The price of the trip, depending on the route, will be from 1 to 5 US dollars, or 20–100 thousand Vietnamese dong.

No less convenient way to get on the market is a scooter or a motorcycle. This type of transport is especially popular among locals. It is very fast and convenient to move in narrow trade rows. The range of rented bikes is large, from the simplest to the elite, sports. The cost of rental per day will depend on the brand, purpose and season. An inexpensive bike in low season will cost no less than $ 4 per day. For a sports bike will have to pay up to 10 dollars.

If there is no desire and opportunity to spend money on the vehicle, you can walk to the night market and on your own two. A walk from the center will take no more than half an hour.

What can you buy, prices

The Fukuoka Night Market offers a huge selection of food, souvenirs and other goods to tourists. Despite its modest size, almost everything can be purchased here, from condiments to jewelery.


Night market
Fruits on the shelves of the market

Here everything is aimed at tourists, so exotic fruits have already been pre-cleaned and cut. The standard assortment usually includes pineapple, mango, durian, pomelo, rambutan and dragon eye. The cutting is folded into small containers, which are very convenient to take with you to the hotel or on a tour.

A similar fruit set will cost $ 1–4. Before buying, you should definitely make sure that the product is fresh.

Important! Pineapples and durian at a high temperature spoil first.
Vegetables on the counter
Vegetables on the counter in the daytime


Sea products account for almost half of all products on the market. Seafood is sold mostly fresh. When buying a product for free cleaned and prepared according to the customer.

Pricing policy on the market is different. For example, fish, depending on the variety, will cost from 1.5 to 5 dollars per kilogram. One scallop – 2 dollars, a shell – 65 cents, a kilogram of squid – 10 dollars.

To enjoy the elite seafood in Fukuoka will have to pay a tidy sum. For example, king prawns cost at least $ 15 per kilogram, lobster – at least $ 32.

Small snacks are already on sale. The cost of such treats does not exceed $ 1 per serving.


See also: Seafood in Vietnam.


Not costing the main market of the island and without meat. On the shelves you can see beef, pork, chicken and duck.

Meat prices are moderate. On average, it does not exceed a few dollars per kilo. Buying meat products in Fukuoka, you should be especially careful. The emphasis here is primarily on seafood, which is why meat is often weathered or even spoiled.

Meat should be carefully bought at any time


Having tasted all the local delicacies, it is impossible to ignore the stalls with sweets. Various sweets, cakes and other sweet pastries will not leave indifferent any passerby. Most desserts are made from coconut or coconut milk.

Fried ice cream is in great demand among tourists and locals. It is made in minutes just before your eyes. On request, you can add fruit to the cold treat. But it is worth remembering that it is better to choose from what you can see on the counter. In Vietnam, just like any other country, far from everything is growing, and there is a chance that the usual topping from a bottle will be added to you as a fruit component.

The drinks

Just as in the case of desserts, most drinks and cocktails at the Night Market of Fukuoka are made on the basis of coconut. It is affordable and perfectly quenches thirst on hot days. Also very common fruit and fruit and vegetable juice. The price of the refreshing neck is $ 2. If you wish, of course, you can drink a traditional cup of coffee or tea.

Where to go to eat at the night market in Fukuoka

There are places where you can have a good dinner or just have a bite, at the Night Market of Fukuoka just a dime a dozen. Here and cafe, and restaurants, and snack bars, and mobile shops with fast food.

All local institutions are divided into two types. Some provide a traditional menu with ready meals and drinks. In others, they simply offer a free service for cooking your products purchased on the market. It is worth noting that in the second case, a good marketing ploy is used, as the Vietnamese know that a cooked dish will always want a drink, a dessert or a snack.

Among the sought-after establishments of the Night Market include the restaurant The Oaked Table, the Deli cafe and Hoa Don Ban Le. The cost of dinner in these institutions depends on the selected dishes and the number of people. The average bill for two is 30-40 dollars with drinks and alcohol.

If we are talking about a quick snack, then in mobile eateries you can buy a good sandwich or a burger in the range of only 3-5 dollars.

Snack Bar
To eat in the market should also be cautious

Shopping and souvenirs

Night market on about. Phu Quoc is famous not only for food and restaurants. Here you can also buy many useful things and souvenirs.

The highlight of the market is pearls. Decorations, boxes, various crafts and souvenirs are made with this gem here. Prices on the market are several times lower than in stores.

Pearl threads can be bought in memory of the Night Market
Important! By choosing the pearls should be taken very carefully, as many sellers slip counterfeit.

A beautiful shell, carved box, magnet or Vietnamese cards can also be a good solution for a souvenir. Among the visitors there are special demand for condiments and dried fruit, alcoholic scorpions and snakes, as well as the famous Non hat.

The night market is one of the most visited places in Fukuoka. This is where you can feel the real flavor and spirit of the resort island.

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