Weather in Phu Quoc Island – air temperature and humidity

This route has been recently opened to tourists from the former Soviet Union. Before the trip you should find out about the weather on the island. Turning to a travel agency, you can choose the most attractive month for yourself.


Fukuoka Weather

The island is located in the tropics, so the monsoon tropical winds often blow here, which change direction twice a year. During the wet season, the air masses feed on moisture and move in the direction of the land; in the dry season, the wind blows from the coast towards the sea.

The weather is also determined by the breezes blowing with enviable certainty in one way or the other. They affect the climate locally.

Tropical storm

During the year, the island reigns hot. Significantly softened the heat in the wet season, which continues from April to October. It rains often at this time, and the sun appears occasionally in the sky. The percentage of air humidity is extremely high. Sometimes the rate approaches 90%.

From mid-autumn to early spring here is dry. The percentage of moisture decreases every month. Sometimes the dry season includes the time from October to early summer.

In October – November, in winter and spring (until May), the weather is quiet. A little wind rarely worries. Air masses move at a speed of 7-16 km / h.

July – October – Typhoon Period. At this time, blowing many strong winds, alternating periods of calm. Sometimes its speed exceeds 50 km / h, and sometimes the weather is calm.

The largest flurry was registered in 2006. It exceeded the speed of 64 km / h.

Storm is a strong wind that lasts a long time. With him the sea is worried, the waves rise high. The storm period on the island lasts from July to September. Sometimes it also captures October. At this time, swimming in the sea is not recommended.

Water and air temperature

Throughout the year, the air warms up from 25 to 33 degrees Celsius. More comfortable temperature – from the beginning of autumn to May. Breathing at this time is easy, which can not be said about the period of rain. No wonder tourists do not want to come here at this time.

Ocean waters washing Phu Quoc warm from 21 degrees in winter to 28-30 in summer. You should swim with caution during storms, although the weather at this time is comfortable.

Tropical storm

In the past few years, seawater temperature has increased on average by several degrees every year.

Fukuoka weather forecast

When making plans to go here at the beginning of summer, the tourist should know that it will often rain at this time. The sun’s rays rarely illuminate the earth, but the air is heated to 25-28 degrees.

September is marked by a decrease in the humidity of air masses, so rain will pour less often than in summer. The sea water is turbid in the autumn, as under the influence of stormy weather sand particles rise from the bottom.

In winter, the island can rest comfortably. February is considered the driest, based on meteorological data. During the day, the temperature varies from +30 to +32 degrees. At night, it drops to +22 degrees.

In the spring months the sun shines more, the thermometer exceeds the level of 25-30 degrees. A dry period begins, which ends with the beginning of summer.

The best time to visit the island is spring or late autumn. Going on a trip, do not be lazy to see the weather forecast at the time of rest.

Monthly Weather Comparison

We offer to see how the weather changes by months.


The weather is good, the rain is not frequent, it lasts for several minutes. Then everything again floods with sunlight. Coastal waters are clear, warming up to 27 degrees. You can see the bottom in them. This contributes to the study of the underwater world.

January weather

The air in the daytime is heated to 30 degrees, at night – not less than 27. Sometimes a small breeze blows, which is slightly refreshing. After lunch the weather becomes hot. The air temperature exceeds 35 degrees, so it is better to wait out the intense heat in the shade. In the evenings, tourists try to visit the sights, which are many in Fukuoka.


In comparison with January, the weather does not change. The sun shines brightly. Sometimes during the whole month you can not see a drop of rain. The air temperature exceeds 30 degrees during the day, falling slightly towards night. The sea warms evenly to 29 degrees.

Many tourists rest in Fukuoka in February. Book a place for several months, so the price is extremely high. If you are limited in funds, then transfer the vacation to another month, since the vouchers are cheaper during the drought period and in the monsoon rains.


The air in the first spring month warms up well, up to 33 degrees. At night, the temperature is slightly lower, 27-28 degrees. It sometimes rains after lunch, but it ends a few minutes later. There is a lack of wind, the air is excessively saturated with moisture, it is difficult to breathe.

Arriving tourists can go swimming in the clear waters, sunbathe on the beach, take a walk under a little warm rain.

If you are going to walk, then use a sunscreen, as it is possible to get burnt with a small amount of sunlight.


One can only dream of freshness, since the temperature of air and water is almost equal. It rains a lot. Sometimes they can pour for an hour, but do not bring much anxiety. At this time, nice to walk.

Rain in Fukuoka

The tourists who arrived in the morning sunbathe, and in the evenings they visit cafes and various places of entertainment. The weather is hot, it often rains in the evening, it becomes much easier to breathe. Vacationers often differ by numbers only in the morning.


Torrential rains often pour in late spring. There is an increase in wind, storm. But the sun shines as much as the sky is covered with clouds. Air and water warms up strongly, above 30 degrees.

If you do not tolerate the heat, refrain from booking trips to May. It is not always possible to bathe because of disturbances in the form of a storm and rain.

Vouchers are cheap, so travelers with a moderate budget tend to get here in May.


At the beginning of summer, the sky is covered with clouds, but this does not affect the temperature of water and air. It is high, over 30 degrees. Often stormy, raining rains, so the air is humidified by 80 percent. Weather deterioration occurs in the afternoon, but in the morning you can lie on the beach or swim in the ocean.


The weather is attractive, temperature indicators are the same as at the beginning of summer, despite the heavy showers that go long and intensively. Vacationers do not seek to visit the tourist paradise this month due to high humidity and adverse weather conditions.


The temperature is high, although it often rains. Humidity exceeds 80 percent. During the day, powerful waves hit the shore.

Tropical rain

Important! The eastern regions of Fukuoka in August rain it is not so heavy, especially in the second half. In addition, storms there infrequently. Therefore, vacationers choose this area. In the west of the peninsula, tourists do not seek to visit hotels due to adverse weather conditions.


There is a decrease in heat. If at noon the temperature is more than 30 degrees, then by night it drops to 26. Water warms up to 27 degrees. But swim does not give interference in the form of strong precipitation and waves. The amount of moisture exceeds the permissible values.

Tourists come here, tempted by an attractive price. But then they complain because of adverse weather conditions.


There is an improvement in the weather. It rains less frequently than at the beginning of autumn. Humidity decreases. Most rains occur in early October.

In the middle of autumn, the cost of vouchers is favorable, although the weather is getting much better.


In late autumn, tourists in large numbers come to Phu Quoc. The weather is optimal, the heat is easily transferred, as it is significantly reduced by the breeze blowing from the ocean. At night, there is dryness, so it’s difficult to sleep without turning on the air conditioner.

In the morning and in the evening, vacationers bathe in the warm sea water that attracts cleanliness. Weather conditions are so favorable that hotels arrange events in the evening and at night, continuing until the morning.


December is the best month for a holiday on the island. Dry and warm, easy to breathe. There is a decrease in humidity up to 70 percent.

Good weather

It is better to buy trips to hotels on the coast, because here you can comfortably spend time all day.

Tour operators recommend spending New Year’s holidays here. Every day will bring many impressions. There is entertainment for the elderly and young people.

Warm water. You can swim in it from morning to evening. But first it is necessary to apply sunscreen so as not to burn.

The island is one of the most attractive places to relax. Here you can relax throughout the year. Even in adverse weather conditions, tourists will find a lot of interesting things for themselves.

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