Safari Park in Phu Quoc (Vinpearl Safari Park Phu Quoc)

Wildlife Park “Winperl Safari Phu Quoc” – the main natural reserve of not only the resort island, but the whole of Vietnam. In less than 4 years of its existence, this place has gained unprecedented popularity among tourists who want to get closer acquainted with the world of local flora and fauna.


How to get there

The Winperl Safari Park is located in the northwestern part of the island. You can reach it in several ways. The easiest way is to use the free shuttle service. To do this, it is necessary to purchase an entrance ticket to the park in advance. This can be done directly at your hotel.

The bus to the park leaves the main street every 30–50 minutes. To confuse it with other transport is almost impossible. From all sides it is painted with images of animals. The route to the reserve is direct, without stopping and transfers. The last flight from the park is at 16.30.

Free shuttle to Safari Park Phu Quoc
This bus you can hardly miss

If you do not want to shake in the bus or you decide to visit the park in the evening, you can take a taxi. In just 20 minutes, any taxi driver will take you to your destination. Those who travel in Fukuoka on their own (rented) car or motorbike should drive onto the TL45 road. Then, seeing the sign, turn right and drive another 5 km.

There is also a transport in the safari park itself. The fare is included in the ticket price. Buses run at intervals of 20-30 minutes.

Safari Park in Fukuoka

Those who wish to ride through the park with great comfort can rent a golf cart. The price of VIP services is 40 dollars. Visitors with children are free.

Bus schedule in the picture:

Bus timetable to Safari Park

What to take with you

If you are going on an excursion to a safari park on Phu Quoc island, you should definitely take with you a certain list of necessary things, namely:

  • Water. In a country with such a hot climate as in Vietnam, this is the first thing that should be with you during your walk. Of course, you can buy water in the park itself, but here the usual bottle is 3 times more expensive than in the city.
  • Sun Protection Products. Umbrella, panama, closed clothes, cream and glasses – just a necessary arsenal that will help avoid overheating and sunstroke.
  • Vegetables and fruits. In case you want to feed the animals.


Opening hours and ticket prices

The park is open daily, seven days a week, from 9.00 am to 16.30 pm.

The cost of admission is different and depends not on the age of visitors, but on their growth. Upon request, you can buy an entrance ticket only in the safari park or a comprehensive pass to all areas.

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The price includes transfer to the park, transportation within the territory and excursion. Meals, souvenirs, photos and other services are extra paid.

Outdoor zoo

The natural park “Vinpearl” on the island of Phu Quoc is a whole entertainment and educational complex. It is divided into several zones, each of which has its own special character and atmosphere.

Safari Park in Phu Quoc (Vinpearl Safari Park Phu Quoc)

First of all, you should visit the zoo itself.

Its official name is Wildlife Conservation Park. This vast territory has become home to more than 660 animals belonging to 45 species. Here you can see Bengal tigers, bears, foxes, Asian elephants, several species of monkeys, African boar warthogs and various reptiles. Birds include parrots, peacocks, storks, swans, ducks and flamingos.

In the zoo for each animal created special conditions, as close as possible to the natural. All zones are surrounded by special hedges and water trenches.

Safari Park

This is the only natural reserve of its kind in all of Vietnam. He became a real discovery of his country. The best foreign specialists worked on its creation.

The total number of the park is 1500 animals. All of them live in the most natural conditions. Visitors get acquainted with their life in the wild.

For the convenience and safety of guests, walks through the safari park are carried out only on the bus. Through the huge windows you can well look all around.

During the tour, tourists will be able to watch sleeping lions, hippopotamuses standing in muddy water, and giraffes, leisurely eating trees from the trees. Also here you can meet buffaloes, antelopes, camels, rhinos and deer.

Park animals

The tour lasts up to half an hour. The safari park is open daily from 9.00 to 15.50. The last tourist bus leaves at 15.20.

Contact Zoo and Submissions

The entertainment program in the park “Vinpearl” is very diverse. In addition to the traditional acquaintance with animals and their habitat, various performances are presented to the guests. Also, everyone has the opportunity to visit “Winperl land“- an unforgettable amusement park for the whole family.

Animal appearances

Performances with the participation of residents of the park are held daily. On weekdays – once a day, from 10.00 to 10.30. On weekends and friday there is an additional performance at 14.00. Show the show on a small stage near Flamingo Lake.

The main stars are buffaloes, elephants and monkeys. Depending on the season, “artists” and the program may vary.

Performances with elephants

Photographing with animals

At the end of the performance, guests are offered to take a photo. This will keep bright impressions not only in the heart and memory, but also on paper. You can take a picture with any animal participating in the show. Especially popular photos with monkeys, python-albino and monitor lizard.

Zulu dancing

In order to interest even the most spoiled tourist, they decided to present traditional dances of the Zulu people for general viewing in the Vinperl Park. Before it was not shown anywhere except Africa, but for “Vinperl” nothing is impossible.

Zulu dancing
Zulu dancing

Zulu dance is considered a symbol of fun, well-being, something positive. As a rule, it is performed at important family celebrations, such as the birth of a child, a wedding or the coming of age.

Photography with Safari Mascot

To visit the Vinperl safari park and confine ourselves to photos of animals is simply a crime. To capture the brightest moments of the tour, you must take a photo with the park’s talismans.

Every weekend from 9.00 am to 10.00 am on the basis of the park are funny animators, dressed in costumes of animal mascots “Vinperl”. One photo will cost only $ 2, and impressions will be stored in your archive for many years.

Making figurines with masters

For those who want to not only watch what is happening, but also to take a direct part in it, a workshop on making traditional Tokhe toys was organized in Vinperl.

It is a figure made of rice and rice flour and painted with natural dyes. According to villagers, Toch brings home happiness, fun and fills it with cleanliness. At will, the figure can personify any animal, fruit or vegetable.

Park animals

Face painting / body art

No cost on holidays in a safari park and without the most popular body art. The youngest visitors line up to the masters of the brush and face painting to visually turn into their favorite animals.

Within minutes, the new “tigers,” “lions,” and “pandas” run around the Vinperl Park, mewing and roaring in attempts to copy their favorites.

Where to eat?

If you came to the park and did not take any snack with you, you can please your stomach in local restaurants. In total, the park has three main catering establishments in which they offer to taste dishes of both Asian and European cuisine.

Restaurant “Rhino”

The institution is located on the so-called Swan Lake. Here, as a rule, tourists have breakfast or lunch before a safari tour. In the immediate vicinity are ticket offices.

The morning meal at the restaurant “Rhino” is accompanied by a Zulu dance performance. The menu offers a variety of dishes, from traditional Vietnamese to European. The institution is open daily at 9.00 to 16.00.

Park animals

Restaurant “Flamingo”

The institution is located on the territory of the lake of the same name near the stage where performances with animals are held. The highlight of the restaurant is the unrivaled views of the wild jungle and the colorful flamingos that do not spawn on the lakeside.

Externally, the institution is a few wooden arbors with thatched roofs. The restaurant menu is varied. It works, like other cafes, every day from 9 am to 16 pm.

Restaurant “Giraffe”

This restaurant is located in the safari park. The name of the institution received thanks to an interesting location. It is surrounded on all sides by tall trees and, like a giraffe, stands in their arms.

Lunch here is like a picnic in the forest. Enjoying delicious dishes, you can watch the animals and birds, enjoy the views and scents of nature. The best place for a romantic date is not found.

Cafe Giraffe

Fast food kiosks

If there is no opportunity or desire to sit in a restaurant, you can satisfy your hunger in the kiosks with fast food. Friendly sellers will offer a variety of snacks, sandwiches, ice cream and soft drinks. There are several similar kiosks in the park, and they all operate on a standard schedule from 9.00 to 16.00.

The shops

There will be things to do in the park and shopping fans. In search of souvenirs should go to the shopping street, where all the shops and stores are located. The first thing that catches your eye is the appearance of outlets. All of them are made in the traditional Vietnamese style with the use of eco-friendly materials.

The range is very large. Various statuettes and animal figurines, park symbols, decorations, clothing, dishes and other household items. In these stores, everyone can find something for themselves.

The Winperl Safari Park in Phu Quoc is an unforgettable place to relax. Here, in the lap of nature, it is equally good to have time alone, with family or the other half.

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