Long beach Phu Quoc beach – location, description, prices

The center of the tourist universe of Phu Quoc and the place with the most developed infrastructure on the island is considered to be Long Beach (Long beach Phu Quoc). There are many hotels and bungalows on the shore, dozens of cafes and restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.


Location and Description

Long Beach (Long Beach) is located along the west coast of. Phu Quoc, its length is more than 20 km. Just 10 minutes from the international airport. This is the most visited beach on the island. Thanks to the vast territory, even at the height of the season you can find secluded corners where there are few tourists. Sunset in the sea flat. The bottom is fine sand, which is very convenient for tourists with children. In the high season there are almost no waves. Here are the most beautiful and picturesque sunsets.

Conventionally, “Long Beach” can be divided into three parts:

  1. North in close proximity to the city of Duong Dong.
  2. Central part.
  3. South, closest to the airport.

Parts of the beach on the map

How to get to the beach and infrastructure

If you stay in the center of the city of Duong Dong, then the northern part of the beach will be the nearest. You can walk on foot. But the water in this place is not very clean, since there is a port in the city with all the ensuing consequences.

There are areas where the water will have to go down the stairs. If you walk a little along the beach, it will become cleaner, but the coastline is quite small and most often belongs to some hotel. In this case, you can take a paid beach chair (within 100 thousand dongs) and relax in the place you like. Additionally, the price includes a drink to choose from and a beach towel.

In hotels on the outskirts of the city there is no beach nearby. You will have to either use the pool or get to the sea by transport.

The central part of the “Long Beach” can either be reached on foot in about 40 minutes from the city center, or by taxi within $ 2 or by bike (average rental price from 150 thousand dong). There is no public transport in Fukuoka.

In Vietnam, there are signs of “Private”, “No trespassing” everywhere, so it can be difficult to drive or walk to the beach. The entire coast, in close proximity to the sea, is built up by hotels. The guards will not let outsiders into their territory. Therefore, tourists are forced to seek outlets to the sea. Near the restaurant Phuong Binh there is a road that you can ride on a bike directly to the place of rest.

Lounges on Long Beach

In the central part of the “Long Beach” many shops and cafes. Here is also the majority of hotels in different price categories. Each of them has its own stretch of beach, equipped with sun loungers and parasols. Workers regularly treat sand from sandy fleas, provide a clean and comfortable rest. Various water entertainments are at guests’ service: skiing, kayaking, snorkeling and SUP-surfing.

Life in the central part boils day and night.

To the south, along the seashore, the beach is no longer so well maintained. There are a lot of huge stones, because of what he seems wild. But you can make great photos and alone with nature to enjoy the sunsets. From here, conditionally, begins the southern part of the beach “Long Beach”. Next to the hotels are fishing villages and pearl farms.

Just behind the stones is a long section of a beautiful, well-kept beach. In this place are expensive hotels on the first line. The infrastructure is almost undeveloped. Along the sea there is a nice promenade where you can walk. The southern part of the “Long Beach” is suitable for a more relaxed, measured and secluded recreation.

Beach vendors and beach service

Street vendors walk along the beach, offering fruit, seafood and cold drinks. Prices are very affordable 20-30 thousand dong. Sellers are not particularly annoying, you can simply not respond to their proposals, and they will go further. Masseurs and beach catering workers also do not actively invite anyone. Massage is much cheaper than in urban salons, and will cost 50-60 thousand dong.

In the ranking of the most expensive beaches in the world, Long Beach Phu Quoc is in the penultimate place. You can meet the $ 20, almost without refusing anything:

  • Sunbed for the whole day $ 5;
  • towel $ 3;
  • full meal $ 9 (rice with seafood and salad);
  • fresh or smoothie $ 2.5;
  • fruit $ 5.


Cafes and restaurants

In the central part of the “Long Beach” a huge selection of cafes and restaurants. In the afternoon you can have lunch and drink a cup of aromatic coffee. In the evening, admire the beautiful sunsets, the best in Vietnam, with a glass of excellent Dalat wine.

When choosing a cafe is better to focus on local. If there are a lot of bikes in front of the entrance, it means there are no tourists from the bus inside. It will be tasty and at reasonable prices. Of the minuses – there are children beggars and “errors” in the bills for tourists. It is necessary to check everything carefully. English is poorly understood, all Vietnamese checks.

To understand, an expensive restaurant or not, you can see the prices on the menu at the entrance. If the dishes cost from 100 thousand dong – it is expensive. In a good budget restaurant Fukuoka you can meet together in 150-200 thousand dong with drinks.

Hotels on “Long Beach”

Hotel Long Beach Resort

Where better to stay in Fukuoka, everyone can choose according to their budget, level of service and location. There are many options. The main part of the hotel is focused on the coast, right by the sea and has its own stretch of beach. If walking is not a problem for you or you plan to ride a bike, you can take a budget option on the second line.

Hotels in the south of “Long Beach” have their own vast territory. This compensates for the lack of a developed infrastructure outside.

When choosing a place to stay, be sure to read reviews, everything you find. Phu Quoc is being rapidly built up lately. And next to yours, even if it is excellent, a hotel may be a building.

A selection of excellent hotels:

Beach “Long Beach”, reviews

Summing up reviews of Long Beach Phu Quoc from various forums and travel sites, one can see conflicting ratings. How many people – so many opinions. Someone, chasing cheap, arrives out of season (summer or autumn). He sees garbage on the beaches, the ebb and flow of large waves, closed cafes, lack of entertainment. And you can get on the heavy rains that go for days. Hence the negative and spoiled vacation.

Season in Fukuoka from December to March. Beautiful weather and almost complete calm sea provided. Here is a video with a real review of tourists.

The one who has approached competently to the organization of his travel will receive a lot of positive emotions and impressions from the island and from the rest in general.


Attractions, what to see nearby

Safari Zoo and Amusement Park Vinpearl Land

Be sure to visit, even if you relax without children. You can get on a rented bike or on a free bus from Duong Dong several times a day. A ticket to the park costs 850 thousand dong per person per day.

It is better to plan a visit to the zoo due to the heat in the morning hours, and then move to the Vinperl amusement park.

Pearl Factory

Vietnam is one of the leading manufacturers of the gemstone. If you want to buy quality jewelry, you can go. The choice is huge, although prices are significantly higher than in the markets and in the shops.

Fish Sauce Factory

Fish sauce “Nyok Mom” ​​can be called a national treasure. Millions of liters of it are sold annually around the world.

There are about a hundred sauce factories. But not all produce a product suitable for international standards. The largest plant for the production of sauce Nuoc mam is located in the city of Duong Dong. It is also a local landmark, where you can go on a tour and see the process of making sauce from beginning to end.

Read more in the article: “Phu Quoc Fish Sauce Factory“.

Night market

This market is made entirely for tourists. Located in the city of Duong Dong. There is dubious pleasure to eat food there, but it’s worth visiting. There is everything your heart desires. From ordinary souvenir magnets and T-shirts with the inscription “Vietnam” to the best varieties of coffee and excellent Vietnamese ointments for many ailments.

Range of night market

It is better not to take pearls in the market, it is possible to buy expensive goods of low quality.

  1. The pagoda in Duong Dong is not the most colorful in Asia, but it deserves attention.
  2. On the west coast about. Phu Quoc can watch magnificent sunsets.

Sit on the big stones in the southern part of the “Long Beach” and enjoy the beautiful spectacle.

Sunset in Fukuoka

Read more in the article: “Night market on about. Phu Quoc“.

Fukuoka Holiday Tips

  • Hotel is better to book in advance. All good things end quickly. Especially a lot of tourists in Vietnam on the New Year, at this time there is high season.
  • There is no public transport. The maximum that can be expected is a taxi, prices are affordable. If desired, rent a bike or scooter. Rules of the road for the Vietnamese do not exist, if in doubt – it is better not to risk.
  • A lot of mosquitoes. We advise you to bring a fumigator with you, and you can buy repellents on the spot.
  • Sand flea bites also cause a lot of problems. Therefore, we suggest using a lounger and having antihistamine ointments and tablets in the first-aid kit. If the bites could not be avoided, local salves will help you.
  • You can withdraw money without commission only at MB (Militari Bank) ATMs.
  • Getting from Phu Quoc Airport is only possible by taxi. No buses. When booking a hotel, ask if they have a transfer.
  • If you have free time, visit places of interest outside the island. Vietnam is rich in historical and cultural landmarks.
  • Shopping in Fukuoka is almost absent. There are no big supermarkets. Grocery stores have a very limited range of products, mostly chips, crackers and soda. For large purchases worth going to Ho Chi Minh City.
  • There are certain difficulties with cartography. The location of hotels and cafes does not always correspond to maps Googl, Maps, Booking. Information should be rechecked and use the services of taxi drivers.

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