Ong Lang Beach on Phu Quoc Island

Ong Lang is not a tourist place, but the local beach is undoubtedly the cleanest and most tranquil on Phu Quoc Island. Here, local color is vividly felt and you can fully enjoy untouched nature. At the same time there is no need to leave very far from the central resorts, climbing into the very wilds of the island.


Where is

Phu Quoc Island has its own mini-capital – the city of Duong Dong. Moving from it to the north, literally after a couple of kilometers the traveler finds himself in blissful seclusion. Tropical paradise is close to noisy tourist places. But on the beach there is peace and tranquility.

On Ong Lang there is no such noisy get-together as on the island’s most popular beach, Long Beach. But it was already appreciated by the picky tourists. The place is considered the second most popular beach on the island of Phu Quoc. There are still few tourists here, but for them all the infrastructure necessary for a good holiday has already been created and continues to expand its borders.

Location of the beach on the map by GPS coordinates: 10.270474,103.926836.

How to get there

For the desire to bask in the scorching southern sun on a calm, secluded beach will have to pay. And in the literal sense of the word. You can get here only by taxi or rented transport. At the same time, the entrance to the beach is still free for all categories of visitors.

Ong Lang Beach

Let’s try to calculate how much one trip to Ong Lang’s beach can take by taxi, say, from the airport. The distance from the place where the planes bring thousands of tourists daily, to the beach – 21 kilometers. The average cost of a taxi is 11,000 dong per kilometer, the landing is also paid — about 7,000. So, the taxi driver will have to pay about 240,000 for travel to the destination Vietnamese currency.

Important! Using taxi services, you should pay attention to the counter. Even better, if you build a route on your own smartphone. This ensures that you will not be taken in circles, and you can not understand anything.

Also, there is no well-maintained road directly to the beach and hotels located on its territory. Taxi drivers stop where the asphalt ends and the gravel path among the jungle begins. Own rented transport is also left in the parking lot. If you come on a moped or motorcycle, you can safely drive straight to the point of destination.


It has already been mentioned above that to this day entrance fee is not charged. It is worth paying attention to this information, as local people often begin to collect donations to keep the place clean, parking, and so on. This is pure fraud, so feel free to pass by.

Ong Lang Beach

The sand is mostly yellow and fine. The waters of the Gulf of Siam are calm here, only sometimes there are very small waves. The color is bluish-green, and the water is very clear.

At first glance, it becomes clear that the territory is carefully tended: level the sand, clean the shore from algae and debris, remove fallen coconuts from the ground. It is worth noting that the width of the coastline, suitable for recreation, is quite small – about 4 meters. Therefore, during especially strong tides, the beach is completely hidden under water. After such natural phenomena should very carefully go into the sea. Under the feet may be the inhabitants of the seabed – hedgehogs, jellyfish or shells. You can seriously hurt about them, which is not what you want during a paradise holiday in a hot country. Always on a trip you need to make out a good insurance in case of such situations.

A variety of trees and bushes lined the beach perimeter. Protect the place from winds and dirt from the outside world of palm trees, poplars, oaks and banyan trees. Coconuts fall periodically from the palm trees. This should not be frightened, although being careful and being alert will not hurt.

For tourists on the beach there are cafes, small restaurants and even souvenir shops with traditional Vietnamese goods. Of the amenities – umbrellas and deck chairs, for which you have to pay their owners.


The first and most important advantage of the Ong Lang beach is its pristine nature and virginal purity. It is in order to quietly lie under the sun and enjoy the light breeze, the sound of waves, tourists come to this place. There is no garbage here, as the wind mostly blows from the beach – to the east.

Complement the picture may mention the safety of swimming. The entrance to the water is absolutely gentle. On the way there are no unexpected pits, stones, corals and dangerous inhabitants of the seabed. It is because of this factor that families relaxing with children love to stay here. But it is worth remembering that at the very beginning of the swimming season in the Gulf of Thailand you can meet jellyfish, including on the beach. If you are not lucky and the jellyfish still stung you – you should immediately treat the place of the burn with lemon. This proven method immediately removes all the discomfort.

See also: “Sharks, jellyfish, snakes and other hazards in Vietnam“.


First of all, it is worth noting that the infrastructure of Ong Lang beach is currently not developed to receive mass tourist groups. There are not so many umbrellas and deck chairs as on Long Beach. There are no standard water activities, such as banana skiing or water skiing.

The second disadvantage most travelers necessarily indicate the need to walk on foot and to the beach, and to the hotel if it is in this place. The road here will definitely not be superfluous.

The beach itself is long and narrow, but hotel complexes under construction have already bought part of the coastline. Therefore, in certain areas, you can stumble upon a guard, who will warn you that this is already a private territory and it is forbidden to be here.

A restaurant

Things to do?

On the beach you can have a great time lying on a deck chair with a book in hand. Swim in the affectionate warm waters. Drink coffee and snack light salad in one of the coastal establishments.

In addition to the standard beach holiday, tourists are offered the following services:

  • Out in the sea on a boat with a local guide. In addition to looking at the scenery, from the boat you can cool diving. For fishing enthusiasts, this service is available while renting a boat. All necessary accessories for catching exotic fish should be asked in advance from the owner of the boat. Such skating will cost about 200,000 local money.
  • Diving. More expensive pleasure. The cost of two or three hours of immersion in the waters of the Gulf of Siam costs about 1,200,000. But this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the amazing underwater world and its brisk inhabitants. There is a chance to even meet huge turtles, which is a symbol of great luck.
  • Karting in the nearest entertainment center Bobstar Racing. 12 minutes of driving on the go-karting site will cost 400,000. You can use this service from 8 to 18 hours.

Where to eat – cafes and restaurants

Right at the entrance to the beach you can see small local cafes. It serves traditional Vietnamese cuisine – pho-bo soup, rice, noodles, fruits and vegetables. A good way to save money and not be disappointed in the food – read the reviews. There is a good signal on the beach, so getting on the Internet and reading on the most popular sites the opinion of tourists about a particular institution will not be difficult.

Mango Bay Resort

On the coastline of the beach there are already several hotels, each of which has a bar and a restaurant, where anyone can go. The most popular of them – Mango Bay Restaurant, located in the eponymous hotel. The menu is varied – appetizers, desserts, soups, salads and hot dishes of local and European cuisine. But the prices are appropriate – much higher than in places on the beach where street food is served.

From the small local eateries you can select some of the most pleasant and interesting:

  • So true restaurant – a cozy cafe with peppercorn in the literal sense of the word, since here they love to add hot chili peppers to dishes. Many positions that will suit opponents of meat consumption.
  • Thu phuong restaurant – The lowest prices in the area. However, visitors place high marks on the site and write positive reviews.
  • Noname BBQ – in this cafe they eat local, which is a guarantee of quality. The portions are huge, and the prices are very reasonable. If you do not want to try very spicy Vietnamese food, be sure to warn about this when you accept an order.


There are not many hotels in the beach area, but almost every one of them has a high rating on the accommodation booking portals.

Mango Bay Resort

Great hotel right on the Gulf of Siam. As mentioned above, there is a restaurant with amazing cuisine and a large selection of various dishes.

Mango Bay Resort

Interestingly, the “Mango Bay” is made of wood. The interiors also used a lot of natural materials. The place is suitable for eco-friendly rest in a relaxed atmosphere.

Each room has its own access to the terrace, where you can sunbathe, looking at the sea surface. There is also a small spa complex with massage services.

Chen Sea Resort & Spa phu quoc

No doubt – the hotel rightfully has the status of a four star. In addition to high-quality accommodation with all the necessary options such as powerful Wi-Fi and air conditioning in the room, there is just an amazing spa area. To relax and recover from hard work at home, just a day or two is enough in this luxurious complex, where you will get a massage and many more excellent beauty treatments.

Chen Sea Resort & amp; Spa phu quoc
Chen Sea Resort & Spa Phu Quoc
There are also terraces and a swimming pool overlooking the sea.

For the entertainment of guests there is a rental equipment for diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and kayaking. The children’s room works, there are various animatorsky programs so that the kid does not miss.

MayFair Valley

This guest house is a more modest option. For tourists here there is a great clean room with a private bathroom. Each room has a TV, air conditioning and wireless internet.

MayFair Valley
MayFair Valley

According to the reviews of those who lived here, this is a great place for solitude and romance in the area of ​​the beach. Especially since this type of accommodation does not afford a pocket, and for entertainment you can look into the nearest hotels or get to Duong Dong.

For those who appreciate the beauty of nature and want to completely relax, a direct path to Ong Lang beach on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam. There are not many places in this country where thousands of tourists have not yet settled down. There is no intrusive service, sellers of trifles and souvenirs. The staff of hotels and local cafes are extremely friendly and will try to make the travelers’ rest comfortable and enjoyable. In addition, from here hand to the bustling city of Duong Dong, where the nightlife is full.

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