Phu Quoc Island Bai Sao Beach

Resting in Fukuoka, you should definitely visit a local celebrity – Bai Sao. “Star Beach”, namely the name of this place in translation, attracts vacationers with exotic species, white sand and azure sea.


Bai Sao on the map

Bai Sao is located in the southern part of Phu Quoc Island. It stretches for 1.5 kilometers along a small bay, curved by a crescent.

How to get to Bai Sao

The beach is located in the southern part of the island. Locally, it refers to the territory of the village of An Thou. From the center of the island only microbuses go here to the village. Then you have another 20-30 minutes to walk to the coast. You can get to Bai Sao either by taxi or by yourself, renting a car or a bike.

Bike rental

And if you prefer an active holiday, almost every hotel has a rental bike.

Distances to the beach from some of Fukuoka’s iconic places:

  • from the airport – 16.5 km;
  • from Long Beach – 23 km;
  • from the city of Duong Dong (or Duong Dong) – 26.5 km;
  • from the amusement park Vinpearl – 42 km;
  • from the beach Rach Wem – 44 km.

Alone on a bike or car

Those who wish to visit the beach can independently rent a car or a moped (bike). The second option is cheaper and more convenient. On the island car rent is not widespread, and it is necessary to reserve a car in advance.

Rent a Car

Management requires internationally recognized rights. Their absence threatens with serious punishment, even criminal liability.

The approximate cost of rent in terms of Russian money: from 2,600 to 4,000 rubles a day per day, from 1,300 to 2,600 rubles a day per month.

Rent a bike will cost 150 thousand dong (420 rubles) per day. Roads, excluding cities, are fairly free, but you have to adjust to the driving style of the Vietnamese. Although the rules of the road here are respected, the priority on the road is always a larger car.

If you go to the beach on your own, for example, from Duong Dong, the main city of the island, you can move along DT 46 road. It passes by the airport, through the whole village of An Thou and ends at the southern outskirts of Fukuoka. There is a new highway passing through the western outskirts of Fukuoka and crossing DT 46.

By taxi and minibus

The price of a taxi ride will depend on the class of the car and the number of passengers. It happens that a small machine for 2-3 people will cost as much as a car is more impressive for a large company. Some tourists, ordering a taxi to the beach, agree immediately and on the way back.

Taxi in Fukuoka
Taxi near one of the hotels

Approximate cost of a trip to the beach (in dong):

  • by taxi from the airport – 300 thousand;
  • by taxi from Duong Dong – 400 thousand;
  • Mototaxi – 150 thousand;
  • Minibus – 40 thousand.
According to reviews of tourists, minibuses go infrequently, and they are always filled with locals. So it’s hard to get into them. They stop near the village of An Thoui, from here to the beach you have to walk for 20 minutes. Therefore, it is easier to get by taxi.

Excursion to the Bai Sao beach

You can also get to Bai Sao as part of a tour group, which are brought from other places in Fukuoka by bus for several hours in the morning. Often the visit is limited to 1–2 hours. This time is enough for a walk on the white sand, swimming in the azure sea and a series of photos amid all this beauty.

Beach photo
Azure water and bright greens

There are special tours to the south of the island with visits to attractions and lunch in restaurants on the coast. Vacationers are shown the Coco Prison and myrtle winery, a pearl factory and an ecopark with waterfalls, other places of interest. Tourists are also brought to the most famous beach of Fukuoka. There are usually planned lunch and rest by the sea.

Bai Sao Phu Quoc Beach Overview

Describing local beauty, vacationers often use the word “very” in their reviews. Indeed, here is the whitest sand in all of Vietnam. It is shallow, looks like flour and squeaks weakly when walking. It is even called “singing” sand.

White sand beach
White and clean singing sand

On Bai Sao is the most beautiful water, which absorbs all shades of blue sky. The farther from the coast, the richer its color becomes. And the brightest greens, and some palm trees grow almost near the water as on the famous advertising Bounty.

The beach stretches a narrow, 10 m strip along the sea. You can stroll slowly from one end to the other in 15 minutes. Along the way, it will be nice to admire the palms leaning over the water, watch the few fauna and at the same time explore the local infrastructure. Along the coast there are several restaurants and cafes, in front of which there are sun beds with umbrellas, there are guest bungalows.

Cafe and bungalow on the beach

On the shore there is solid white sand, which is why the beach is so famous. The sea is warm and calm. The descent into the water is shallow, without stones. The coast is shallow, in some places it takes a long time to find a decent depth. During the high season, there are numerous trampolines near the coast, where the kids enjoy themselves with pleasure.

White sand and azure sea are the perfect backdrop for photos. Therefore, they come here for luxury wedding photo shoots.

But with all the beauties Bai Sao is still far from the title of the cleanest beach in Vietnam. The virgin beauty of nature is spoiled by billboards placed horizontally, sun beds and debris.

Bai Sao

Left side of the beach

There is no special division of the beach into half. But the area next to the Paradiso restaurant is considered the center. Here and in the northern part of the beach is crowded. Open restaurants and bars, there are companies that offer skating on bananas, rental of jet skis, canoes.

Right side of the beach

This part of the coast is somewhat deserted. The place here looks like a wild beach. But as many tourists point out, the wonderful landscape is spoiled by trash heaps. Of course, there are cleaners here who care about the cleanliness of Bai Sao. But the garbage manages to accumulate faster than they work.

Things to do?

The most important entertainment on Bai Sao is the beach: white sand, azure sea and bright greens. But for those who will be little ordinary water procedures and getting a tan on sunbeds, there is an opportunity to take an active rest.

Local hotels offer a variety of excursions: boat trips to neighboring islands or along the coast of Fukuoka, sightseeing tours, fishing on a boat. You can hire a personal speed boat for walking.

Activities include jet skis and skis, kayaks and more. The approximate price tag for entertainment is:

  • Water bikes, 10 minutes – 600 thousand dong.
  • Water skiing, 600 thousand dong.
  • Kayaks, 100 thousand dong.
  • Inflatable trampoline, 80 thousand per child.
  • Diving, snorkeling, 1 million dong per dive plus rental accessories.

Even rope swings on a palm tree here are paid. And for a photo in the middle of exotic will have to lay out 120 thousand dong.

Photo swing

How much is a lounger on the Bai Sao beach?

If you do not want to roast on hot Vietnamese sand, then you can rent a sunbed and an umbrella next to one of the restaurants. The price of such convenience is 50 thousand dongs per day (150 rubles). Need a mattress – pay 30 thousand more, and it is yours for the whole day. Here the ordered meals can also be served to the place of rest. The menu is usually written in two languages: Vietnamese and English. For not owning a foreign language there are pictures.

Prices for drinks and fast food are the same as in the neighboring village. Therefore, do not drag snacks on the beach, they can be purchased here.

Cafe, restaurants

There are several restaurants on the beach. The menu is quite extensive, you can order dishes of Vietnamese, European and Western cuisines. But as many travelers point out, prices are high when compared with other food outlets in Fukuoka. So, a typical dinner for two can cost about 800 thousand dong (2200 rubles).

Briefly about several restaurants Bai Sao:

  • Paradiso restaurant. Located in the center of the beach. It is possible to order Asian, European and Russian food. When buying a drink, sun loungers and showers are provided for free.
  • Long beach restaurant, center. They also prepare a variety of dishes from several cuisines of the world. Sun beds and shower charge.
  • My Lan resort. Works at the hotel with the same name. But everyone can order food. It serves national Vietnamese cuisine and seafood.
Paradiso restaurant
Paradiso restaurant
Traditionally, each restaurant or cafe puts its umbrellas and deck chairs on the beach. You can use them for a fee or order food and drinks right there. They offer snacks, fruit and drinks and local hawkers. They also can buy trinkets from local artisans and products of hardworking Chinese.

What to take with you?

Experienced tourists recommend visiting the beach in the afternoon. Then it is calmer here. In the morning, many tourists come to the coast to see the best beach in Fukuoka. Sometimes it is even difficult to find free sun beds.

You take a traditional set of guests with you to the beach: be sure to wear hats, sunscreen and, if you wish, glasses. You can grab a bottle of water. Local merchants have the price for everything you need to be tall. It is worth recalling that by 6 o’clock in the evening it is getting dark.

Strange, but there are no shops around the beach. For shopping, go to the village of An Thu. It also has two pharmacy kiosks. The nearest hospital is located in the southern part of the village. Near the beach there are no ATMs, they pay for everything in cash. But in hotels you can pay cards.

Bai Sao

Attractions nearby

There are many interesting sights in Fukuoka. But if we keep in mind the places that are located not far from Bai Sao, then we can distinguish the Coconut Prison, the Military Monument, fish sauce factory. Yes, and the village of An Thoi (An Thoi), where all this is located, is quite interesting in terms of exploring local life.

Military Museum (better known as Coconut prison) built in the middle of the last century by the French colonialists. First, the Vietnamese rebels were kept here, then ordinary criminals lived. The prison received its notoriety because of the cruel treatment of prisoners during the Civil War.

Military Museum (better known as Coconut Prison)
Military monument. Across the road from this place is a monument dedicated to the Vietnamese who died in the dungeons. The sculpture is a cut-out man’s contour of a man breaking chains.

Fish sauce factory. One of its workshops is located opposite the Coconut Prison. The product, which is produced here, is considered the pride of the island and is prohibited for export. The sauce is made from small fish anchovies and is sold nearby in a small shop. Be prepared for an indescribable amber in the shops of the factory.

Hotels on Bai Sao beach

The infrastructure on the beach is poorly developed. Therefore, many vacationers come here to admire the local coast, swim and sunbathe. And then return to their hotels on the island. There are no large hotels near Bai Sao, there are only a few bungalows near the coast. Prices for living in them are quite high, and the level of comfort and service is average. But if you really want to live in this place, you should consider these proposals.

My lan guest house
My Lan Guest House
My Lan Guest House is located on the first line. It has large rooms with air conditioning, shower, TV. There is also a restaurant offering many dishes with fresh seafood.

On the way to the beach and in the village there are several small hotels. The place is more lively, there are various restaurants and cafes, and the sea is 20-30 minutes on foot. Here are some types of accommodation:

  • Phu Nam House. Small inexpensive houses for 1-2 people overlooking the garden. There is a common kitchen and free Wi-Fi.
  • Hạnh Mai Hotel. Nice hotel, located between the highway and the coast. Large bright rooms with private bathroom. On the territory there is a swimming pool.
  • Dung Phuong Phu Quoc Guesthouse. To the coast just half a kilometer. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning and TV, there is a shared bathroom in several rooms.
  • Hong Chau Guesthouse. 2 km from the sea. Large spacious rooms with shower, air conditioning, TV. There is no free internet.
  • Vien Duong Guesthouse. Guest house, located on the highway. To the beach 20 minutes walk. The rooms have air conditioning, bathroom, TV, free internet.
Vien Duong Guesthouse
Vien Duong Guesthouse
Prices for accommodation start from 600 rubles per person. In a season for a decent number you can pay 2-3 thousand rubles.

The coast in this part of Fukuoka really stands out for the exotic beauty that we can see in the travel booklets of travel companies. And they come here because of the white sand, azure sea, national Vietnamese cuisine and a relaxed holiday against the backdrop of fantastic landscapes.

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