Ke Ga: wild virgin beach and the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam

This resort is unlikely to be heard by many. And surely among those who have repeatedly visited Vietnam, Cape Ke Ga is not associated with a popular tourist destination. The cape and the homonymous village will not be pleased with the abundance of all the charms of a noisy and inexpensive beach holiday (for this, for example, they follow in Nha Trang). They do not go to Ke Ga at all.

Who cares about vacation in Ke Ga?

The town is located south of Phan Thiet, about 40 kilometers from it. The distance to Ho Chi Minh City is 180 kilometers. The place is a cape with little sandy beaches and located on an island near a lighthouse. A few hotels and shops will provide holidaymakers with the minimum necessary infrastructure. There are practically no noisy bars, discos, bright attractions. On the contrary, they come here to rest from the noise and be alone with themselves.

Rest in Ke Ha is perfect for loving couples, newly made spouses on a honeymoon. Noisy companies are unlikely to be interesting here, although they come here and families with children. As a rule, such companies are populated in expensive hotels, where everything is included and beyond which you can basically not go out. Actually, the whole civilization is felt only within the hotel complexes.

Local residents

Cape will like and lovers of wild recreation, who prefer to plan their vacation on their own, without the involvement of animators and guides. Ke Ga is clean beaches, virgin nature, clear sea and a real, non-tourist South Vietnam. In a nearby village live ordinary Vietnamese. Trustful and benevolent, they happily go on contact with tourists. Therefore, it is not superfluous to learn a little Vietnamese .

As for the weather, it is about the same as the rest of the south of Vietnam. Subequatorial climate allows you to rest here all year round. The suffocating heat is not present, but almost every day there are short downpours which, however, do not spoil impressions. Strong winds and waves do not happen, the water is most comfortable in summer, and the air temperature lasts around 26-32 ° C.

Where to live here?

A regular bus runs from Ho Chi Minh City to Ke Ga. The trip takes about 6 hours – this time should be taken into account when planning a holiday in Ke Ga. To choose the option of accommodation is also worth taking seriously, because local hotels are very different in quality of service. Let’s note the five most popular accommodation options:

  • Princess D’Annam Resort & Spa;
  • Eco Spa Village;
  • Peaceful Resort;
  • The Pegasus Resort;
  • Saigon Suoi Nhum.

Princess D'Annam Resort

Of course, the leader in terms of comfort is the five-star complex Princess D’Annam Resort. Judging by the reviews on the service, this option is in the lead among Russian-speaking tourists. The most significant drawback is its price. Therefore, it is chosen mainly by those who are going to be inside the hotel all their time, who are not particularly interested in wild beaches and fishing in the village, who want to recoup the money spent in full.

The opposite of this hotel is the Eco Spa Village bungalow complex.

The level of this complex is 3 stars. It consists of separate villas and bungalows, located near the beach, in close proximity to the lighthouse – the most notable tourist site in this area. The resort was originally designed in the form of a Vietnamese village, and according to it the reviews are no longer so partial. Visitors complain that over the past few years, this hotel complex is significantly launched.

Eco Spa Village

The whole territory of the adjacent park is overgrown with vegetation, which is not specially cared for. Houses where they offer various wellness procedures, too, are not in the best condition, and breakfast has to go to a nearby hotel. It is hoped that reviews on such major services as tripadvisor and will finally be taken into account by the hotel owners and the situation will begin to be corrected. However, there are those who like it and such a half-savage rest. After all, this is one of the cheapest options, and go here, as mentioned above, not so much for comfort, as for privacy.

Sai Gon Suoi Nhum

The rest of the hotels have 3-4 stars and on average they satisfy the Russian-speaking tourist. Sai Gon Suoi Nhum 4 * is in good demand. It is also located near the lighthouse, as well as from the local golf club. On average for the price of the accommodation option, the standard double room will cost about 2000 rubles per night. The room has everything you need: shower, toilet, refrigerator, free wireless internet, TV. Also in the complex there are 2 swimming pools.

It should be noted that the Vietnamese “stars” may not coincide with the standards adopted in Europe. Most often, the “star” of the hotel in terms of quality does not reach a similar European level. On this parameter it is necessary to compare only local hotels.

The oldest lighthouse in Vietnam

The lighthouse mentioned above really attracts most of the visitors to the cape of Ke-Ga, so let’s take a closer look at it.

The Lighthouse Ke Ga was built during the French occupation, more than 100 years ago, on an island adjacent to the cape. Its construction lasted 2 years. The upper point of the lighthouse is at an altitude of 64 meters, making it the highest point in the country. Until now, this object, whose net height is 35 meters, stands in its original form. It is noteworthy that absolutely all materials, including an electric generator and a searchlight, were transported from France.

Old lighthouse

During low tides the island connects with the coast by a narrow isthmus, and you can walk to the lighthouse. At other times local residents kindly bring tourists to the island by boat. Access to the inside of the lighthouse is free, and everyone can climb the observation deck along a spiral steel staircase and from there admire the dawn. The length of the stairs is 183 steps.

On the island since the time of the French, the age-old vegetation grows, and the path to the lighthouse is made of concrete by the same French builders. Despite the age, the lighthouse is still operational. Its searchlight is visible within a radius of 22 nautical miles (about 40 kilometers).

Some come to Cape Ke Ga from nearby Phan Thiet to inspect the lighthouse. Others go here purposefully for a few days to indulge in loneliness and contemplation of the South Vietnamese nature. Still others generally spend their vacation here, without leaving the territory of expensive hotels.

In a word, Cape Ke Ga gradually becomes a sought after tourist destination, despite some inconveniences that can be attributed to local authentic features.

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