Airport Hanoi Noi Bai – the best in the world according to Skytrax

Noi Bai is the main airport of Hanoi, located about 45 km north of the capital’s center. By the number of passengers served, it ranks third in the country. Most of the Russian tourists who go to Vietnam come to Noi Bai, and from there they get to their hotels by different routes.


General information

IATA Airport Code (IATA): HAN.
Official site:

Noi Bai is located on an area of ​​650 hectares and consists of two passenger terminals: for domestic (T1) and international flights (T2). The latter opened recently – at the end of 2014. It has ten self-service kiosks, 96 check-in counters, 17 landing gates and 283 scoreboards for displaying flight information.

Airport courtyard

The following fly to Hanoi airlines:

  • Vietnam Airlines;
  • Pacific Airlines;
  • AirAsia;
  • Cathay Pacific;
  • Hong Kong Airlines;
  • Thai Airways;
  • Lao Airlines;
  • Tiger Airways;
  • and etc.

Aeroflot makes direct flights from Moscow and Vladivostok.

To get from one terminal to another, you need to use the free shuttle service. Shuttle runs quite often, every 10-15 minutes. The bus runs from six in the morning until midnight. The whole trip takes no more than 20 minutes.

Today, the T1 is capable of letting in about 9 million passengers a year. In connection with the opening of the T2, it is used exclusively for domestic flights. In March 2018, the modernization should be completed, after which it will be able to receive up to 15 million people.

Airport history

Hanoi Airport was originally built for use by the local Air Force. After the reunification of Vietnam in 1975, Noi Bai began to receive passenger aircraft of foreign companies.

Waiting hall

The new international terminal (T2), which was opened at the end of 2014, increased the total airport capacity to 25 million passengers per year. The building was built by Taisei Corporation and cost $ 996 million. T2 was launched simultaneously with the new highway connecting the airport and the center of Hanoi.

In accordance with the plan approved by the government, a third runway will be built in 2020, as well as passenger terminals T3 and T4 to increase passenger traffic to 50 million per year and a payload capacity of up to 500 thousand tons in 2020.

Interesting fact! In 2015, Noah Bai received the award for the best airport in the world from Skytrax and the JICA President Award.


Right at the airport you can find out any information about the flight, buy or exchange a ticket, convert currency, get a tourist avenue and a free city map. One reference office is located on the ground floor, in the middle of the hall, opposite the restaurant. The second is on the third floor, in the departure lounge (on the same line as the toilets).


In the help center you can find out:

  • why the flight is delayed;
  • how to return the ticket, transfer the flight;
  • where is your terminal and how to get there;
  • the location of the medical center, police, restaurant, etc .;
  • what to do if you have lost your baggage;
  • where is the duty free;
  • baggage tracing status;
  • where to find a taxi, mini bass, city bus.

If you can’t find the help center, check with any airport employee or look at the map of the building on the website. Any information in the bureau is free. The official website has a multi-channel telephone number where you can find out if there is a flight delay.

Pointers and landmarks

Online scoreboard

All flight information is on the online scoreboard directly in the Noi Bai building. You can also see it on the Hanoi International Airport (Noi Bai) website and others. Departure time is always local.

On the scoreboard are reflected:

  • flight number and status;
  • destination;
  • departure date;
  • the name of the carrier.

If the flight is delayed or postponed, then this is necessarily indicated on the screen, albeit with a slight delay. On the airport website for information you need to go to the section Flight Status – Arrivals / Departures. If the plane arrives on time, then Scheduled will be indicated; if it is en route, En Route will be displayed. When you delay the inscription will be red Delayed.

Online scoreboard

How to get from the airport to the city

The exact coordinates of Noi Bai: 21 ° 12′50.4 ″ N 105 ° 48′10.8 ″ E.

To get to the airport, you can use any of the following methods. Let’s consider which one is cheaper and faster.


The most convenient and simplest way is to order a taxi in KiwiTaxi. In Russian and at the right price.


Another way is to go to the parking lot and stand in a queue. We always do that. North in the car, call the taxi driver the address of the hotel or show on the map. To do this, we make screenshots of the map and text with the names of the hotel in English and Vietnamese. So you can copy and paste into Google Maps, if required.

In Vietnam, you can pay by the meter or a fixed price. The average trip will cost you $ 15-20 if the hotel is located in Hanoi. The transfer will take no more than 40 minutes. In local currency on the taximeter, you will give about 300-350 thousand VND. This is one of the most expensive, but comfortable ways of transportation.


City bus

The cheapest transfer option. It will cost mere pennies, but it will take not 40 minutes, like a taxi, and not less than an hour. This is due to stops and traffic jams. Opening hours from 05:00 to 22:00, runs every 15-20 minutes.

Buses number 17, 7, 48 can be found near the domestic terminal. Besides them, commercial transport runs to Hanoi, which costs a bit more expensive (up to two dollars).

To the bus station you will be taken:

  • No. 7 – in Kim Ma;
  • Number 17 – in Long Bien.

Each transport has its own route, and not all pass by the tourist quarters. If it is required to the center, then it is most convenient to go to the number 48 or number 17.

Bus stop

In any case, do not be afraid to ask. They doubted and did not know where to go, call the driver your stop or show on the map. Usually happy to help.


Another way to get to the city is the shuttle, which stops near the sign of Hanoi Airport Minibus. The ticket is bought on the spot. If you have a lot of things that need to be removed in the trunk, they are paid extra (no more than two dollars). The final address of the shuttle is: Vietnam Airlines office (1 Quang Trung), not far from the tourist center.

Rent a Car

The airport has a service Hanoi Airport Car Rental, which offers rental cars. You need to find her stand and order a car or book it in advance on Noi Bai’s website. At your service Chevrolet Malibu, Opel Zafira, Toyota Altis and others equipped with air conditioning. You can choose a model with an automatic or manual transmission.

Costing this pleasure is not cheap. The cost depends on the type of car and the rental period and starts from 500 thousand VND per day ($ 22). In addition, you may need a deposit – up to 50-100% of the amount of the lease agreement.

The price does not include:

  • fuel (gasoline costs almost the same as in Russia);
  • deductible insurance.

You can rent a car immediately with a driver, and the price will be about the same. The contract may have limitations on mileage and time of use during the day. So always ask how freely you can use the machine. Additionally, you can rent child seats, GPS-navigator.

Rent a Car

If you have made an order via the Internet, then on the first day you can cancel it free of charge, without debiting the card. For registration of all documents will need a passport and a driver’s license of international standard or local. The latter receive on the territory of Vietnam, but for this they need a residence permit. By signing a contract, you pay the rent and get the keys.

Hanoi is connected to the northwestern provinces of the Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway. So if you drive a car well and study the map, you can safely go to explore the area. If you have never been to Hanoi before, renting a car with a driver would be preferable. He knows not only local roads, but also speed limits, and is also accustomed to driving Vietnamese bikers. Believe me, this is a very important factor.


When you travel a lot, you get used to all these airports, transfers, hotels. And you understand that they are all essentially the same. And the airport of Hanoi is no exception. Find any information you need is not difficult. The staff speak English and even Russian, everywhere there are signs, signs and boards. So you will not get lost.

The only thing is to keep an eye on the taxi drivers. All of them in one way or another try to deceive the naive tourists, choosing the longer route, or winding up the price. However, you can’t fool us – there is an experience of similar actions at Russian airports and railway stations.

Hopefully these tips will help you evaluate everything correctly. And if in doubt, you can always buy a SIM card (this will help our article “Mobile communications in Vietnam“) and track the route from your phone. Have a nice trip! If you have any questions, ask them in the section”Questions and answers“.

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