Vietnamese Pho soup – a fiery hot dish for every day

Soup pho – a classic of Vietnamese cuisine. This dish appeared in the beginning of XX century in the north of Vietnam and gradually became popular all over the world. In each Vietnamese family, they are trained in their own way. But there are also classical recipes that are widely used in restaurants, including abroad.

Soup fo fo bo

Fo bo – one of the most popular versions of soup pho and in fact its synonym. It consists of a rich meat broth, fo-noodles, onions, cilantro, legume sprouts, basil and a variety of spices. Chili pepper, tubberry, anise, cinnamon, cloves – this is not a complete set of seasonings for aromatic soup. Always hot and spicy, it not only sates, but also gives strength for the whole day.

There are such types of pho:

  • northern (pho tank);
  • southern (for us).

The southern one has a more sweet and sharp taste, and also the addition of a hoisin sauce. The northern opposite is prepared with a small amount of exotic spicy ingredients.

At the beginning of the last century in Vietnam, soup-pho was carried by street vendors on special rocker arms. On one side was a vessel with beef and noodles, and on the other – a brazier with coal. Since then, little has changed. Fo Boo is still mostly sold on the streets, where the Vietnamese themselves eat it, starting at six in the morning.

Vietnamese breakfast can be cooked a day, and this is not an exaggeration. Prepare it in large saucepans, because Vietnamese at home almost do not eat and buy food mainly in restaurants or street cafes. A plate of national soup costs only 1-3 dollars, which is available not only for tourists, but also for the inhabitants of the country of dragons and fairies.

Varieties: foro, foreground, background

phở bò – beef noodles soup
phở gà – chicken soup
phở gà - soup pho with chicken
Soup with chicken

The famous pho has many varieties. A classic foo is always made from beef. Pour boiled or half-baked meat, which is cut into thin slices. Soup filled with boiled water carpaccio is ordered less often than with regular boiled beef. There is also a combined option, which is considered the most delicious.

Another variation – fogu – is prepared with chicken. Chicken broth is brewed much faster than beef, in just an hour. At the same time, the chicken fillet is cooked in the oven, which is then cut and added to the soup. In other respects, the recipe is completely identical. The finished dish is also filled with lots of greenery and spicy sauce.

Another type of soup is foca. It is made on traditional meat or fish broth, but in the end necessarily add seafood, in particular shrimp and octopus. The fish variant of pho is very suitable for stems of lemongrass, as well as traditional spices: buckthorn, ginger, cloves, peppercorns. If the soup is made on the basis of fish, then the broth is brewed no more than an hour. Fish fowl is considered the lowest calorie of all kinds of Vietnamese Crown dishes. He is booked with pleasure by tourists who are looking for exotic cuisine and have already tried the classic version – soup fo fo.

Specificity of preparation and use

The main thing in soup is, of course, the ingredients. Meat is selected very carefully, since after cooking it should be soft and easy to cut. For cooking, beef is bought (for example, the thigh or muscles of the hind leg of the cow, as well as the dice).

The main ingredients of soup:

  • beef (350 g);
  • rice noodles (300 g);
  • one onion;
  • ginger root;
  • a bunch of cilantro, green onions;
  • bean sprouts (30 g);
  • lime or lemongrass;
  • spices (cinnamon, saffron, cloves, 3 stars of badjan, etc.);
  • fish, spicy and other kinds of sauces.

A real fau cook with the addition of black cardamom, badyan and, oddly enough, cinnamon, which give a special flavor note to the meat broth. It is believed that the soup must be at least five smells. The more unexpected the combination, the better. In addition to cinnamon, Vietnamese boldly throw fennel, hot chilli (without seeds) into broth, and other eastern seasonings. They are specially fried without oil, as well as onions and ginger to give flavor and beautiful color.

Rice noodles are bought ready. It is called noodles-pho or ban-pho. If you can buy fresh, not dry noodles, which are sold in supermarkets, then the taste of the dish can be much better.

Another unexpected ingredient is sugar. It is used for the southern version of pho and added directly to the broth, and in a rather large volume – up to 50 g. The broth is considered ready when the meat is well behind the bone.

Secrets of serving a dish

Serves a dish in the north and south of Vietnam – the same. First, put rice noodles cooked in a bowl on a plate. It is laid onions rings and chopped meat, and then chopped green onions and coriander. Further, all are filled with boiling broth, after which sprouted beans, spices, garlic, fish and other types of sauces are added.

As already mentioned above, meat is served in soups in two types: well-cooked and half-baked. In the second case, meat is first placed in a saucepan and holds in a hot broth just a minute. After that, they put it in the ready soup.

In the present soup there is not so much liquid – the basis of the dish is noodles, which takes up most of the plate. Vietnamese joke that for them this is the first and the second dish at the same time. Eat such an unusual soup with traditional wooden sticks. Most of the liquid is absorbed into the noodles, and the rest is drunk from the bowl, as from a regular cup.

In the south of Vietnam, ripe lime is always added. It is cut with large slices and served separately to the soup. Sometimes a broth is poured a couple drops of red hot sauce, so that it becomes red. They eat soup in Vietnam very early – hours from 6-8 am. Soup is served in large or small plates, and you can always order an additive.

Recipe of Vietnamese soup fo

Rice noodles
For this pho rice noodles are needed.

It’s not hard to cook soup fo, but you need to spend time looking for ingredients, and for cooking meat broth, which is cooked for at least two to three hours.

After purchasing the products, we will start preparing:

Step 1. Cook the broth. In boiling water, we place beef bones and cook on medium heat. The first broth merges after boiling. Then the water changes, the bones are washed, soft beef is added, which will be cut later in the ready soup.

Step 2. Boil the noodles-pho on the recipe on the package. Then rinse it in a lot of running water. If it is bad to rinse, then the noodles will begin to stick together and ruin the whole dish.

Step 3. Cut onions with rings and fill with water. Finely cut also the green onion and thinly beef (if you plan to add scalded meat to the soup). Add cilantro, mint, basil, red chili (without seeds).

Step 4. Put the noodles in the bowl . Add the onion and all the cut ingredients.

Step 5. Fill everything with boiling meat broth. We add bean sprouts, onions, greens to taste, fish sauce. You can sprinkle the finished soup lime.

The cooking time of the broth is different for each hostess, but the more the meat is cooked on a slow fire, the better. Secret ingredients at this stage: roasted ginger, licorice root, anise. You can also add a couple of spoonfuls of fish sauce to the broth itself, which has a rather specific taste.

Helpful tips for cooking

The Vietnamese have their secrets for cooking soup.

Noodles-for example, boiled in boiling water only to an average degree of readiness. Then it is washed in hot and cold water to make it elastic and shiny.

To make soup, the onions are not fried in oil, as is customary in Russia. The bulb is cut into two halves and is kept on the grill for a minute, and then the charred one goes down into the broth. But the oil is not used at all – this is the rule of cooking Vietnamese soup.

To carpaccio turned out ideal it is actually turned into minced meat, smearing on the cutting board. Thanks to this, the meat instantly changes color as soon as it enters the boiling broth.

Each country has its own specificity of cooking pho. For example, in France it is made with meatballs, and in the US – with chicken. In Russia, instead of rice noodles sometimes use the usual, and in Thailand, the broth is often added to shrimp. To determine which option suits you better, you need at least once to prepare the background yourself.

Gourmet Reviews

Soup Fo is one of the most popular national dishes in the world. The most delicious soup fo, according to gourmet reviews, consists of two types of meat – boiled and half-baked (only scalded with broth). Also highly valued is the soup with the addition of tiger shrimps, which give an unusual flavor to the dish, as well as Thai basil.

You can taste the most delicious soup in Nha Trang in Yen’s Restaurant, Pho Hong Giang, Pho 10 in Hanoi, and in many other places. The national dish is served in every cafe, and finding it is not difficult. If you want to try this pho, which is appreciated by the Vietnamese, then look for small restaurants, and best of all the quarters where the soup is poured directly on the street.

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