Thap Ba Hot Springs: Relaxing Massage and Mud Baths

Vietnam is a paradise for tourists. Extremely warm climate, sun, sea, mountains. Friendly and friendly people. And there is healing mud. What is the usual association of the word “dirt”? Most often the most unpleasant. I want to remove the dirt so that everything is clean. And if it is medical? Which is good for your health? After that, you feel completely peaceful, and your skin becomes silky and soft.


To smear mud, people come here from many countries around the world. For this, they even opened a special sanatorium with baths and pools. Here you can relax and for a while forget about all the troubles of life. So, welcome, the Thap Ba mud bath in Nyachang is a place where you can put your body and mind in order.

To get to Thap Ba, you will have to take a taxi or rent a motorbike.

How to get there

It is a bit difficult – public transport does not go to mud baths. The easiest way – take a taxi, then you will be brought to the source itself. The fee will be about $ 5 (100 000 – 120 000 dong).

It can be easier and cheaper – by public transport to get to Cham towers and already from there – by taxi. The fare will be about $ 1.5.

Extreme lovers can rent a bike. Only this is inconvenient, after a mud therapy session one always feels strong relaxation and drowsiness, and while driving a bike one needs concentration of attention.

The road to the hospital

A special shuttle, organized by the hospital itself, will take you from the hospital to the center. Its cost is 1.5 dollars.

The hotel will offer you a tour to the hospital, which includes the cost of entrance tickets. After visiting Thap Ba, the company will take you back to the hotel.

Price List

The cost of the visit depends on which package of services you choose.

Children under 6 years old are free, up to 12 years old – the price of the ticket is twice lower. This does not apply to VIP rooms.

A Little Bit of History

This hospital is relatively new – hot springs in Nha Trang were discovered only in mid-1994. At first they tried to use water for food and for irrigation of farmland. But the water for this was unsuitable – there were too many minerals in it. However, soon people began to notice that respiratory diseases pass quickly near the sources. Then we noticed that after bathing, their skin condition improves, and overall well-being.

main entrance

News of the sources quickly spread throughout the county and beyond. Scientists have conducted a study of water, found near large deposits of healing mud. After just a few years, a whole sanatorium complex was built around the sources, they landscaped the area. Now this is a favorite vacation spot for citizens and tourists, who often come to this part of Vietnam for a hot spring.

Being here is especially cool in rain season, when on the coast storm and wind. Here it is always quiet. Even in winter, pleasant warmth emanates from the springs, and mud baths pleasantly relax and warm.


Upon entering the territory you will see a small altar with the Buddha. As elsewhere in Vietnam, it is set up in accordance with all the laws of feng shui – to attract good luck and prosperity of the business.

The territory of the hospital is quite small, but it is skillfully equipped. Water is supplied to mineral springs from a depth of more than 100 meters, its temperature never drops below 40 degrees. Approximately the same temperature and dirt – about 38 degrees.

Thermal springs


For visitors, there is a large, equipped recreation area, with pools, fountains, and all necessary infrastructure. You can use the sun beds by the pools all day for free.

When you visit you buy different packages of services – with access to mineral springs, mud baths. There are also simple, the cheapest – they allow you to visit the pool, waterfalls and just walk around the area.

Waterfall in the springs

The price of packages depends on what you are going to use. It should be clarified, since it often depends on the dollar.

The main composition of water – bicarbonate, potassium, magnesium and silicon.

A visit to the mineral and mud baths is charged separately.

You are provided with a locker in the common dressing room, its number is written on the key, which is issued when buying a package. You can stay in the complex for a maximum of three hours. Valuables are allowed to leave the administrator in the luggage storage, it does not require additional payment.


The sources have several common pools with mineral water. One of them is warm, in the other water is specially cooled. There is a shallow pool for children – with small safe slides and fun.

Children's swimming pool

There are also individual pools, but they must be pre-ordered. After each visit, they are drained, washed and refilled for the next visitor. So there is such a pleasure more expensive than the general pool.

The price of the visit may vary, it is better to clarify on the official site of the mud baths.

Also not recommended for a long stay in the water.

Mud baths

As well as pools, baths are common and individual. In general, can simultaneously fit 6 people. Individual – for one. Stay in the bath – no more than 30 minutes. For those who have purchased a ticket to a mud bath for a holiday in Nha Trang, a towel and a small bottle of mineral water are issued. This is included in the ticket price.

Mud bath

Additional services

In addition to mud and baths, you can take a shower Charcot. Also here they make special relaxing massage. On the territory of a sauna, there is a beauty salon. It is also allowed to take photos and video of your holiday.

VIP room

The mud baths in the city of Nyachang also provides an exclusive rest in the VIP-hall, a separate building. In it, you buy a ticket for about $ 100-120, this includes the full package of services. If you buy such a package for two, then the cost will be much lower.

The minimum time spent in the VIP-hall is 3 hours, the maximum is 12 hours, from the opening to the end of the work of the source.

VIP rooms are beautifully decorated, they have spacious and clean marble baths, lots of greenery and flowers. For each visitor, rooms are specially prepared.

VIP hall

In this hall they make special unique SPA procedures, which in Vietnam can only be accepted here. There are 14 rooms in the SPA, 28 people can be served at the same time. The rooms are not communicated with each other, they have excellent sound insulation. Also, visitors can independently regulate the temperature of water and dirt, but it will not rise above the permissible 40 degrees. To buy such a package, you must pre-select the time and register on the site.

There is also an “improved” VIP package.

The package also includes a preliminary medical examination. You may be denied a visit if your health condition does not allow you to stay in a hot spring.

Indications and Contraindications

The use of mud for health is, of course, beneficial. They are hot, while the pores of the skin expand, the body through them is saturated with useful trace elements. A healthy person to be here is a must, you can get a lot of fun. However, it is especially useful to come here when there are long-standing health problems – with nervous over-stimulation, chronic pneumonia, psoriasis. The mineral spring is also useful for people with muscle pain, with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

It should also be borne in mind that dirt has a strong effect on the nervous system. The maximum result they bring when they are on the skin for 25-30 minutes. Further contact has the opposite effect, there will be no benefit.

A single intake of thermal baths is useful, but you will not feel much impact. We must take their course at least from 5-7 procedures.

Lovers of smooth and deep tan should be careful – the local dirt whiten the skin. In Vietnam and China, the whiteness of the skin is a cult, so do not be surprised to meet a large number of Chinese at the source.


Although the hospital claims that its dirt has no contraindications, there are still some.

Reduce your time at the source if you have:

  • peptic ulcer, gastritis
  • thyroid disease
  • pregnancy
  • hemophilia

Hospital pool

Temporary contraindications

  • exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • acute infectious diseases
  • fever
  • critical days for women
  • skin diseases
It is also not recommended to be in the sources of people after drinking, even very light.

Absolute contraindications

  • any oncology – being in a hot spring can provoke exacerbation of the disease
  • cardiac diseases – angina pectoris, arrhythmia, hypertension
  • tuberculosis

Also at the discretion of parents – children under three years of age.

However, you can be near the source and breathe it in pairs for any amount of time.

Some tips before visiting

The place is very popular, there are always a lot of tourists. Therefore, it is better to come here on a weekday, and optimally – if the weather is cloudy or rainy. You should also choose the morning hours, when there are much fewer visitors. Bring a bathing suit and always rubber slippers for hygiene purposes.

Do not jump into the pool upside down – there is shallow, you can get hurt.

That’s all!

We hope you will have a great time, feel rested and rejuvenated.

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