Museum of impressions in Nha Trang: illusions, an inverted room, things of a giant

Right in the center of Nha Trang is not an ordinary museum, which appeared only recently, but where more and more people come for new experiences every day.

Interactive Museum of impressions in Nha Trang is a relatively new attraction of the city. The complex was originally conceived as a museum of illusions, but eventually it became a full-fledged entertainment center for everyone. This attracts tourists of all ages.

How to get there?

Find this museum in Nha Trang is easy. Located in the heart of the city, behind the old airport, this building in the ancient Vietnamese style immediately attracts attention.

Address: Bưu Đoa-10
Phone: +84 165 232 3028
Facebook group:
Ticket price: 150,000 adults /75 children

Given that the museum is located in the center of the city, you can walk to it. The easiest and cheapest way is a free transfer. From several offices of the Russian Information Center in Nha Trang, there are regular buses with a sign “Museum of impressions”. Back the same free buses you can get to the restaurant “Park Gorky” and to the European quarter. The bus schedule can be specified on the spot.

Plus the location of the museum is a short distance to the nearest public transport stops of Nha Trang. So you can get if you want and buses.

Acquaintance with the museum

It is impossible not to notice before the entrance to the museum a bright “alley of desires “, consisting of many colored ribbons. There you are met by Russian-speaking staff, offering to choose any ribbon, write on it your desire and hang in the alley.

The courtyard of the house is decorated with a bridge with dragons and a pond with inhabitants. Also there is a small contact zoo where animals are allowed to be taken in hand.

The architecture of the building and the surrounding area are interesting in themselves, but to get real impressions, it’s worth going inside.

The main objects of the Museum of impressions are, of course, its interactive exhibits. Interactivity is that with each of them visitors need to interact: touch them, get up on them, play with them, be photographed against their background and so on.

Yes, you need to have a camera with you! It can be said to be one of the main instruments for obtaining impressions in this museum.

Museum of impressions in Nha Trang: illusions, an inverted room, things of a giant

We study exhibits

So, inside the museum you can:

  • to visit the dwelling of a giant;
  • to feel like a giant;
  • break the law of gravity and stroll along the ceiling;
  • to be a part of numerous three-dimensional illusions;
  • just to experience the pleasure of the variety of objects and attractions that inhabit the museum.

The house of the giant, as it is easy to guess, is furnished with a lot of really great everyday things. Due to such a scale you will feel like a Lilliputian. You can also see photos of giants who actually lived in the past.

Museum of impressions in Nha Trang: illusions, an inverted room, things of a giant
Giant things

One of the most popular exhibits is an inverted room. Entering it, you are on the ceiling upside down. Although in fact here nailed to the ceiling and turned upside down all but you.

In addition, the house is filled with optical 3D illusions, where the angle from which observation is made is crucial.

That’s why it’s important to go with someone and have a camera with you. Here at your service there is also a room increasing and decreasing people, and a funny mirror that combines the reflections of two people, and a stool with pinned legs, which nevertheless costs.

Children in the museum are provided with a separate room with LEGO-parts and a huge table for design.

A bit of criticism

Certainly, traveling to some place, it is advisable to get acquainted with the reviews of those who were already there. There are a lot of reviews about the Museum of impressions in Nha Trang – both positive and critical.

Here’s what the visitors tell on the tripadvisor resource:

“A pleasant place, a lot of good impressions and, most importantly, photos. Photos from the museum are unforgettable and original “;

“Very tasty kitchen, nice serving. And, of course, free transfer. We received positive impressions and good photos for memory.

Now about the sad: some exhibits of the museum really would not hurt to update or just to wash and clean. “

Unfortunately, this is indeed the case. Do not expect this superhigh-quality tour, however, the museum appeared relatively recently. Over time, the guys will necessarily bring all the rooms in a proper way (which we very much hope for).


In a popular beach resort, you can rarely be surprised by something other than the actual beach-sea pleasures. Unfortunately, the “wow” effect did not work. Everything is quite interesting, if you do not pay attention to the dilapidated walls and old inventory.

In general, the interactive Museum of impressions in Nha Trang is a good place to spend a couple of hours of free time.

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