Lotus in Nha Trang: a cult landmark or a symbol of the city?

Vietnam is an amazing country. The cleanest beaches with clear turquoise water along with eye-catching architecture will not leave anyone indifferent. One of these buildings is the “Lotos” in Nha Trang.

Why exactly lotus?

By the pink flower in this country are treated with particular trepidation. This is due not only to the attractiveness of the lotus. Everything is much simpler and more prosaic. The leaves, roots, even seeds of the plant are used for cooking and in traditional Vietnamese medicine.

Lotus flower

So, for example, rice wrapped in lotus leaves gets a sweetish taste, and the roots of a flower are used as a delicacy. The plant can help with depression, liver and kidney diseases.

However, the main reason for the special attitude of the Vietnamese to the lotus is that it is dedicated to the Buddha. The flower symbolizes elevation above the world, fortitude, wisdom, initial waters, nirvana. It is therefore not surprising that it is chosen as a symbol of the city. It happened in Nha Trang.

Museum – a symbol of the city

One of the country’s most famous resorts, Nha Trang, is famous for cleanest beaches, plenty of attractions and clear water. The building in the form of a lotus is located in the city center and, in its essence, is a museum. In addition, it is considered the point of reference for tourists. Why is that? It’s simple. High-rise building, consisting of pale pink petals, visible from all parts of the city. People come here not just to admire his appearance, but also to get acquainted with the culture of the province. After all, it is here on the six floors that the latest achievements of local artisans and artists are located.

Museum as a symbol of the city

Some historical facts

Officially, the building is dedicated to another plant – aquilaria (incense). It is a fragrant tree, known for creating incense from its oils. However, it is the external similarity with the lotus that made the museum famous.

Initially (before 2004), a memorial to the liberators of Khanh Hoa Province was located on this site. Creating a symbol of the city, it moved.

The construction of the museum was planned to be completed during the year. That’s just for various reasons, it had to be frozen indefinitely. Only after in 2006 the hotel complex assumed the responsibility for the construction of the building. Vinpearl land, construction was completed.


The opening of the museum took place in 2008. The style of the building corresponds to modern Vietnam. Pink waves (they are lotus petals) smoothly turn into the same color of the sail, at night the upper floor of the building is highlighted.

How to get there?

Getting to Lotus is easy. It is located on the first line, opposite puppet theater, just south of the shopping center Nha Trang Center.

At any point in Nha Trang show a picture of the Lotus to the taxi driver, they will immediately understand you and you will instantly find yourself on the spot.

Nha Trang Center, Lotos

Nha Trang – a city that amazes at first sight. Its beaches are considered the cleanest in the country, and clear water attracts thousands scuba divers from all over the world. In addition, reflections of entire eras are combined here. This is a photo gallery of Long Tan, Pagoda Long Son, cable car to Hon Che Island, Cham Towers and, of course, the Lotus Museum (Incense), as a modern symbol of the city.

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