Island of the Swallow – an ideal place to relax from routine and fuss

Arriving in Nha Trang – one of the most popular Vietnamese resorts, you’ll want to find out what interesting places are nearby. One of the local attractions is the island of Swallows, which will be discussed in this article.

In the province of Khanh Hoa, you can meet many foreign tourists. Most of them, after learning about the huge number of positive reviews of local beauties, are sent to the city of Nha Trang. This is due to its very advantageous location – the resort extends hundreds of kilometers along the coast of the South China Sea. The climate of this region is wonderful for recreation – even in winter the air temperature seldom drops below 10 degrees. In summer, it fluctuates between extremely pleasant 22-28 ° C, and the water warms up even more – up to 29 ° C.

Reserve Island of Swallows in Nha Trang (Vietnam)

Variety of Vietnamese beauties

Of course, Nha Trang, as one of the resort centers of Vietnam, boasts a lot of tourist highlights. Among them: the famous towers of Po Nagar , waterfalls of Baho and Young Bay and much more. But, according to numerous visitors to the island of Swallows, it is on him that it is best to relax and relax from the daily bustle.

A short trip to the fairy tale

Excursion tours to the island of Swallows take place several times a week from early spring to mid-autumn. They last, in total, about 12 hours. The organizing company organizes a collection of tourists who bought tickets directly from their hotels, after which the bus departs to the port. The island is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from the city. Therefore, the next one and a half hours you will enjoy a sea voyage, admiring the picturesque scenery of the coast of Nha Trang.

Be prepared for the fact that the tour can be transferred for a day or two, because for the safety of tourists, the boat goes to the island only in calm weather.

Upon arrival, you, first of all, will show the nests of swallows and tell you why they are collected. This is very interesting, because for Vietnamese dwelling birds – this gastronomic refinement. Based on the reviews of the tourists who tried it, it is very tasty and satisfying. And if you consider that this dish contains a lot of iodine, phosphorus, calcium and iron – it is also very useful.

It’s important not to forget the swimsuit

Of course, arriving on a colorful island, you will want to swim, because the warm and clear water attracts. And this procedure is included in the program of excursions as much as two times – before and after lunch. Equipment (life jackets, tubes and masks) is issued on the island, but you need to take care of the swimming trunks and the towel yourself.

Beach of the Swallow Island

Another feature of the island of Swallows is the nearby coral reefs, in which many bright and attractive fish live. It is recommended to take equipment for underwater shooting – frames can be made stunning.

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The strength to swim just enough

Of course, we should pay attention to the lunch mentioned above. Especially since feeding on the island of Swallows is satisfying and varied, you will be offered a themed buffet, which includes Vietnamese fruits, seafood and rum.

Nests of Swallows

Alas, the prepared swallow’s nests can not be tried; in South Asia they are considered a delicacy and cost about 3000 dollars per kilogram! This is not surprising, because if you immerse yourself in biology, the birds living on the island are not ordinary swallows, and salangans are one of the swifts. And only a few species of these birds make edible nests. They prefer to live in caves inaccessible to humans, which complicates the collection of delicacy. This involved experienced climbers.

Silence and peace

It should also be noted that the Swallowtail Island is a protected area of ​​Vietnam and is protected by the state. There it is always quiet and quiet because of a very small number of people. You will hardly meet anybody, except the excursion group, the guide, and also the restaurant workers, and you will feel a special unity with nature.

If you admire the seascapes and swim quickly get bored, then pay attention to the local jungle. They are full of exotic plants and have hardly been affected by humans. And another particularly entertaining corner of the island is the sand spit, connecting its two parts. Its width is only a couple of dozen meters, and on both sides an endless sea stretches.

Relax and enjoy the beautiful views!

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