Dragon Labyrinth and Pearl Beach in Nha Trang

Dragon Labyrinth, Coral Pagoda Cleansing sins and Pearl Beach – not a common tour, but worthy of attention. Suitable for those who want to play on the contrasts, because during the trip, tourists will see hell through the eyes of Vietnamese, and then plunge into the sea in a heavenly place – on the Pearl Beach.

How to get there

Today the excursion to the Coral Pagoda and the Pearl Beach is offered only by the RIC (“Russian Information Center”). However, it is worth checking with your tour operator, perhaps, they also have this tourist route in the assortment.

In addition, to get to the Coral Pagoda Tu Van (Tu Van) can be on the “bike”, renting it.

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Rent a moped will not be very difficult. As a rule, this service is provided in almost every hotel in Nha Trang. The cost of one day of transportation will cost 100-150 000 WND plus gasoline, which will have to be poured independently (22-23 000 WND per liter).

Warning, which should not be neglected: traffic on the roads of Nha Trang is just crazy! And it is not just words. Most of the “vetov” ride exclusively on mopeds, as the most accessible mode of transport for a relatively poor people. And there are practically no rules on the roads.

For example, if a pedestrian wants to cross the road, he must raise his hand and just go – the mopeds will just go around him. But cars are unlikely … The fuss on the roads of Nha Trang is very much – the sounds of horns are constantly heard. Therefore, if you are not sure of your abilities and that you can correctly react and navigate on the road, then it’s better to NEVER take the “bike” for hire. Never! For your own safety.

The pagoda itself and the pearl beach are in the area of Cam Ranh Airport . To go by car it is necessary approximately about an hour from the center of tourist Nha Trang. But it is better to use the services of travel agencies and just go on an excursion.

Pagoda Tu Van

The first thing that tourists see when approaching the pagoda of Tu Van, is a boat. It will stand at the entrance. According to legend, with her help, the Buddha carried righteous people through the ocean of suffering. Curiously, the Purgatory of the Purification of Sins (Tu Wang) began to be built in 1968, and it was handed over in 1995, when the Coral Tower 40 meters high was completed. Two-story structure of mollusk shells is listed in the Vietnam Book of Records as the tallest building created in a unique architectural style.

Pagoda Tu Van

Dragon’s Labyrinth

Also in the pagoda of the purification of sins tourists can see a unique tunnel in the form of a dragon decorated with shells. Although it is called a labyrinth, it is unlikely to get lost there. But the Vietnamese believe that 550 meters, which there will have to overcome – it’s 18 circles of hell. After passing them all, the soul of a person is purified. Usually at the entrance to it, which is from the tail of the dragon, everyone who wishes to cleanse the soul from sins is given a candle. It is not superfluous to take a flashlight with you, because it will be quite dark in the tunnel, sometimes close and low. But passing through the circles of hell, a person comes out of the mouth of the dragon and the language of a mythical creature, like a hill, returns to the “real world”.

Paradise Place

After cleansing from sins, it’s time to go for the paradisiacal pleasures – to the Pearl Beach. From the pagoda it is located about 20 kilometers on the territory of the national park.

Pearl beach

The place is very beautiful and quiet. Tourists there are not many, which for many seem to be a plus. The sea here is calm, but on the shore it is quite comfortable – there are sun beds and umbrellas, a shower and a toilet. And very close – a cafe with quite democratic prices.

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