Ba Na Hills in Danang: a French resort in the mountains of Vietnam

It is hard to believe that on any mountain top you can walk all day, or even stay with an overnight stay. This statement in no way relates to a large entertainment park, built by Vietnamese on the flat top of the mountain of Ba Na Hills. Moreover, these places were once chosen by the French aristocracy, and now any tourist can make a comfortable climb in the cable car.

French resort in the mountains of Vietnam

On top of the mountain Ba Na Hills

A new-fashioned resort and an amusement park erected by industrious Vietnamese on Mount Ba Na Hills are less than an hour’s drive from the city of Danang. However, modern tourists are not the first visitors of this unique Vietnamese complex.

The fact is that the first time this place was “discovered” and appreciated by the French travelers. And it was in the very first years of the twentieth century. Of course, no cable car was even in sight, so the French had to climb uphill with their feet. But, having risen, they appreciated the magnificent nature of Ba Na Hills, a unique climate that literally brings health back to life.

In a few years the colonists built roads and built two hundred luxury villas. Plus, all the necessary infrastructure for aristocratic recreation was created: a stadium, shops, restaurants with various cuisine, hotels. The cultural program provided vacationers with an opera house.

A popular resort has been taking vacationers since the beginning of the century and right up to the beginning of the Vietnam War. In the mid-forties, life on the mountain stopped, and bombings destroyed this pearl of colonial life. And now, walking along the plateau, you can visit the remains of the villas of French aristocrats, go inside the surviving rooms, imagine what life was boiling up to the forties.

Flight over slopes

How to get there

Ba Na Hills is located 30 kilometers from the center of Danang.

Public transport from Danang to the mountain does not go, so you can get there either with an organized excursion or with your own drive. Ba Na Hills is an untwisted tourist place, so many city hotels offer their guests a paid transfer service.

Another option is a taxi, with the driver you can agree on a return trip. Late in the evening, tourist buses and taxis return to the city, and there may not be transport. Although there are cases when the local population is helping out, the Vietnamese can throw the podzaderzhavshih tourists directly to the hotel. But it’s better not to expect such luck.

The easiest way to get as always is to rent a bike. Cheap and more or less convenient. However, weather conditions must be taken into account. In January, for example, in Danang often rains and without a raincoat for a bike it is better not to sit down.

Cable car and prices

Having reached the foot of Ba Na Hills, you need to buy a ticket to the cable car.

 Entrance PriceFunicular Price Wax Museum
Adults600.000 dong70.000100.000
Children (from 1 to 1.3 m)500.00050.000Free
Children (below 1 m)FreeFree

Before entering, pay attention to the abundance of certificates from the Guinness Book of Records. This cable car is considered to be the longest, plus experts have recognized its record holder in height. The line is divided into two parts, you will have to pay only for the first one. Cozy trailers fly over picturesque slopes. Below, magnificent Asian forests swim, a beautiful waterfall can be seen.

When buying a ticket or after landing in the booth of the funicular, you can take a card in English. This will simplify the orientation between the sights of the mountain resort.

Funicular brings tourists to the plateau, from which the journey begins on the resort. To climb to the top and entertainments located there, you can take advantage of a small tourist tram and the second part of the cable car.

Ba Na Hills in Danang: a French resort in the mountains of Vietnam

You can go back by the same cable car. In principle, most tourists have time to see all the attractions of interest for one light-day. But if you want to meet the dawn or continue to explore the local beauties, without spending time on the road, then you can stay in one of the local hotels.

Who in the woods, who to the Buddha

Usually people climb mountains for sharp impressions, beautiful species, unusual nature and team spirit. Yes, and on the Ba Na Hills rise behind the same. It has a beautiful nature and clean air. More French pioneers have found that the air here has a special restoring effect. For this reason, they created a high-altitude resort for French aristocrats.

Buddha statue

Tourists say that, getting to the top of Ba Na Hills, you find yourself in a fairy tale about twelve months. Months, of course, do not change so quickly. But in the morning, vacationers fall into the spring, in the afternoon on the plateau, summer peeps, in the evening, autumn comes to visit, and at night there is a quite winter temperature. These features of the climate should be taken into account when hiking in local forests and long walks, for more than one day.

Developing this fundamental project, which the local population is proud of, the Vietnamese provided entertainment for fans of hiking in the mountains. For this they laid trekking routes to the most beautiful places of the mountain. And here there is something to see! Waterfalls, cliffs, mountain jungles and pine forests alternate with the remains of French mansions. The spectacle is reminiscent of the apocalypse, although, taking into account the military actions, so it was.

Swimming pool on the mountain

To see everything in one day

Amusement park inside the mountain

But most tourists visit the mountain resort with one-day excursions. For families with children the entertainment park “Fentezi” was invented.

Here you can find entertainment for all ages and for different tastes.

Ba Na Hills in Danang: a French resort in the mountains of Vietnam

For fans of slot machines, there is a whole room where you can “get stuck” for the whole day.

Park with dinosaurs is a thematic attraction, in which figures of different representatives of the Jurassic period are collected, which not only stand, but move, and even make sounds.

Children will be able to jump in and get better on a variety of attractions. And for toddlers there are a paddling pool and playgrounds with carousels and swings. And there are several cinemas and a museum of wax figures.

When you are going to visit the Ba Hills, you need to take care of three things: take a camera to take a lot of photos, take care of comfortable shoes for a long trip and not forget a good mood.

The first vivid impression is a fantasy park with designer flower beds, sculptures, lace lanterns and other romantic attributes. Everything shimmers with bright colors, among which the snow-white dresses of brides flashed every now and then. This place is very popular among married couples.

Park with flower beds

Walking in the park can be very long. We must also inspect all the rare flowers and shrubs, “play” in huge chess and count the fish on fountains. And if you are tired – go down to the basement, over which there is a signboard, beckoning to try French wines. Drunkenness here does not suit the battle, on the contrary, at the entrance there is an installation of figures and wine barrels.

At the same level there is a sports section: a tennis court and a speed descent on a sleigh. Here are two pagodas and a huge statue of Buddha. All this is interspersed with restaurants that entice tourists, fountains and places for recreation and photo sessions.

Ba Na Hills in Danang: a French resort in the mountains of Vietnam

Having risen to the level above, you can see the buildings familiar from childhood. At the very top, the Vietnamese reproduced the medieval French city. Judging by the reduced copy of Notre-Dame de Paris, it is a piece of the French capital. The masters paved all the tiles, decorated the area with fountains and invited musicians creating a special mood. A little further there is a Catholic cathedral.

Of course, there are also restaurants with a variety of cuisine here. Among the pagodas and statues you can have a Caucasian barbecue or order a teapot with fragrant tea and get a real tea ceremony as a gift.

The mountain resort of Ba Na Hills is an amazing symbiosis of a beautiful Asian nature with skilled human hands, capable of turning old ruins into a wonderful entertainment center, attracting tourists. This place is worth the time and money spent on visiting.

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